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Vegetarian dating Phoenix

Vegglythe top dating app for vegans and vegetarians, now has more thanmembers in over countries.

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With its scorching plus degree weather, Phoenix, AZ may not be the first place you think of for a summer vacation.

Years old I'm 46 years old
I understand: English
My figure type: My figure features is quite fat
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Victor is a 52 year old, spiritual male. Health through food, exercise, hydration, sunshine, sleep, emotional maturity, belief systems, vibrational and frequency medicines and devices are a passion of mine. Honest and sincer.

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I consider myself "Old Fashion" with old fashion values and principls. Fresh flowers. First of all "hello" and thanks for viewing my profile! I believe in a balance of body, mind and spirit and personal growth is very important.

My name is Ross and I am a 50 year old male living in Tucson, Arizona. Grew up in Tempe AZ. Retired from private business sector. I have been very interested in health and healing emotional, mental, spiritual and physical for the last 30 years.

Vegan dating app hits ,user milestone

Music of the 60's and the Standards. I like hiking,going to the gym,reading a lot of spiritual books and discourses, go to the movies if thete is any great movie,gardening and traveling. Very gentle and patient with incredible inner strength and warmth. Working together on projects, making dinners and meals together.

I believe everything is alive and has energy and do my best to honor all of it to the best of my ability. Chrystal is a 45 year old, spiritual female.

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We have this great thing at our disposal that allows people to get to know each other in the comfort of our home. Consider myself a Conservative. We seldom squabble. I also love books, knowledge, mountains, rain, blue, plants, children,Tai chi, Badminton. I make people feel comfortable, as I have lived many lives, and we all have our story.

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I am not a mainstream woman. I love adventure and have jumped off a few cliffs figuratively speaking in my lifetime and always landed on my feet. You can be quite different here and not stick out like a sore thumb.

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I have been a vegan for nearly 30 years now, and have finally decided that my strong beliefs into this issue make it so that in order for me to attain the type of long lasting relationship I seek, Vegetarian dating Phoenix must search out other's who share my ethical beliefs. Sadie and I enjoy the usual activities: going for walks, playing with tennis balls, greeting friends, taking naps, and being in the moment. What would be great is if I can meet someone that wants to video chat. You can call it "video" or "Chatter" or "Bumblebee" When I've video chatted with friends, it's almost as good as being there.

Good listening comes naturally, as does honest, fairness and respect for others. I'm an activist for social justice and conservation, a self-employed consultant and a community college instructor. I love deep connections and conversations with people and prefer not to have superficial conversations or people in my life.

I also am active and physical, enjoying hiking, biking, tennis, yoga and working out to stay fit. But home can be somewhere else too…. Due to my healthy eating lifestyle as well as my activity level, I truly feel blessed that I haven't felt any older physicaly for a very long time.

I love hugs, cuddling, holding hands and touch in general. I always thought the love of my life would find his way to my town and I would meet him. I do not watch mainstream media. Living in SedonaArizona Raw food diet. Living in TucsonArizona Vegan diet.

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I prefer harmony over conflict. It feels like home. My affinities for dance and music include contra, cajun, zydeco, waltz, swing, bluegrass and folk.

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Living in Apache JunctionArizona Vegetarian diet. Lots of energy. Rocco is a 58 year old, male. I also am very interested in Eastern spirituality, as well. Exceptional man of character, wisdom and integrity who wants to change the world.

My body is my temple and I honor it by the life choices I make. I take out spiders and insects and set them free instead of killing them. I left the Corporate world just before my 45 th birthday. I keep a dream journal. I am very open minded and a good listener. Broadway shows, musicals. I live in the beautiful town of Sedona, AZ and was not willing to move.

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Living in PhoenixArizona Vegan diet. Big ASU fan, enjoy Football, softbal and baseball. I am an easy person to be around with. Large dogs are wonderful companions for me. I have had the great opportunity to travel the world, and I plan to continue that throughout my life. Living in TucsonArizona Vegetarian diet. FunLovingMuse is a 63 year old, spiritual female.

My food has consisted of raw food since the summer of I was vegetarian for 12 years before that. I am a moving centered person so I like to be active. I'm intelligent, passionate when so inspired, playful, sentimental, communicative, unpretentious and friendly. Candel light dinners.

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I understand that what I react to externally is for me to heal internally. I also like downtime but my body does best with activity every day.

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If you don't fine me at LA Fitness, can will find me either hiking one of the many hiking trails in Arizona or kayaking one of the many lakes or rivers. Nice person. The outer reflects the inner. About me: I am kind, considerate, loving, humorous love to laugh and smiletrustworthy, loyal and very affectionate.

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Who I am: I am a unique representation of all that exists experiencing life through my human form. I am a practicing massage therapist, and a working musician, enjoying a balanced life doing what I love. In I did a water fast for 3 weeks. My female friends compliment my deep voice and my irreverent sense of humor. I am just a down to earth person. I make delicious raw food and decadent desserts but mostly eat very simply for myself.

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Josh is a 47 year old, Pantheist female. I'm athletic, confident, love affection and holding hands, hiking, running, calm picknicks in the park, part geek and unique. It's great. A person can create a Facebook just for video chatting and it can be called something that doesn't expose any personal information. Mike is a 66 year old, Unitarian male. Excersice is my way of life. We get up and make food and we still can hear each other even when we're out of sight of the camera.

David is a 31 year old, Buddhist male. Enjoy spontanious trips, sun sets, talking, sharing feelings and thoughts. Go Devils. As such I meditate and you will find me both passionate and peaceful, intelligent and humble,warm and compassionate, supportive and open minded, great listener and explorer of ideas and worlds including your world. I prefer alternative media especially regarding health and events happening in the World.