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Three Wilmington dating

It offered courses at the freshman level to students during the academic year. Control passed from the New Hanover County Board of Education to a board of 12 trustees, eight of whom were appointed locally and four of whom were appointed by the governor of the state.

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Just after midnight, officers were dispatched to Kidder St. When they arrived, they discovered a gunfight had erupted inside the home during a house party and seven people were shot. Three of the seven died. Please contact the Wilmington Police Department at Two men are confirmed dead: Zieyah Wade22, and Shamir Jones, A third person who died was 16 years old; because she is a juvenile, her name will not be released.

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Industrial promotion -- North Carolina -- Wilmington. Here we are free from the sudden and dangerous changes of climate common to most latitudes. Recently a complete modern system of sewerage has been introduced, enhancing materially the healthfulness of the city. The fire department of the city is particularly efficient, securing to residents the lowest insurance rates. Next to the river is a gently rolling surface, on which the city is located, which permits of easy drainage and the carrying off of all impurities from the soil. Available sites for manufacturing are in plenty and are low in price, and residential property is obtainable upon advantageous terms.

Wilmington Chamber of Commerce N. Funding from the Institute for Museum and Library Services supported the electronic publication of this title. It has a complete system of electric cars in operation. All footnotes are inserted at the point of reference within paragraphs. s 32 through three Wilmington dating are missing due to a printing or binding error. Industries -- North Carolina -- Wilmington. It possesses admirable railroad facilities, connecting it directly with the entire country and opening up all parts for its products and for obtaining raw material. An establishment of this sort would pay from the very start.

It is not our mission in these s to devote any space to details connected with the early history of Wilmington. The social advantages here are numerous, the tone of society healthy and the general morals 8 of the community will compare favorably with any city North or South. A good place to manufacture successfully is evidently at a point where the raw materials accumulate or where they can be procured advantageously, and where at the same time there are ample facilities for sending the product to market.

3 Wilmington, N. Progressive cities have never been the result of accident, but in variably their development has been the outgrowth of natural and artificial conditions very clearly defined and unquestionable in their existence and influences. But few places in the South offer within certain lines better inducements to the large and small manufacturer than does Wilmington MR.

More manufactories are needed to work up the crude materials that could be obtained from home centers or imported from foreign countries. Location and Climatic. Here also is an unoccupied field and never failing market for all sorts of implements used in the cultivation of cotton, rice and farm products.

There are no epidemics, the locality is generally free from prevailing sickness, and the sanitary precautions are enlightened and vigilant. It is in direct and contiguous connection both by land and water with the great lumber and bituminous coal regions of this and ading states. City promotion -- North Carolina -- Wilmington.

All single right and left quotation marks are encoded as ' and ' respectively. Rarely ever do we hear of a case of sunstroke and we never have a freezing temperature in winter to extend over a few days. The cost of living here is much lower than in most cities of the South.

The climate cannot be ex -celled. In shingles, 5, were shipped to domestic points and 1, went abroad. Land has never been held at fancy prices and the reasonable price at which the above classes have been able to experience the great boon of owning their own domiciles have advanced the welfare of the city and have created a class of citizens who are content and are bound up with the interests of the community.

The climate of our city is a delightful one at all seasons, the killing blasts of winter so much dreaded by the inhabitants of less favored regions being practically unknown, while the heat of midsummer is tempered by the cooling breezes of the ocean. Running titles have not been preserved. Any three Wilmington dating occurring in line breaks have been removed, and the trailing part of a word has been ed to the preceding line. In short, there three Wilmington dating is ample room in Wilmington and extraordinary inducements in Wilmington for the investment of capital and skilled labor in manufactories of almost every conceivable kind and description.

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There is also a large sash, door and blind factory here and these products are dealt in by some of the local merchants. Opportunities for Manufacturing. The lowest temperature recorded was five above zero in February, In the spring there are moderate rainfalls, which are very beneficial to truck and strawberry growers.

There are hundreds of mills in operation throughout this territory and much of their product is shipped to this city or is marketed through the efforts of the timber agents here, or in other cases, the lumber is manufactured in Wilmington and shipped to all parts.

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Agriculture -- North Carolina -- Wilmington. Wilmington, in a large measure and for certain branches of production, may be said to furnish these conditions. Throughout this and neighboring states there are vast lands upon which the supply of standing timber is enormous. It may not be out of place to mention here that the price of lumber for home demand is very reasonable, an important item in the general welfare. This is exemplified by the fact that in the principal residential district seventy-eight per cent.

Wilmington N. Cities and towns -- North Carolina -- Wilmington.

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Last year was an abnormal one, the heaviest amount of rain having then fallen almost within the recollection of the oldest inhabitant. It is located on one of the most fertile and productive regions of the United States and one of the most thriving sections of the South. Wilmington is the city of all others where the finest grades of furniture, which are now imported fron northwestern cities chiefly, could and should be manufactured at the least cost. No locality in the Union has a more equable climate or one where the seasons glide more imperceptably into each other.

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The real estate men, savings bank and building associations have done much to render possible this 6 state of affairs, and no man of limited means who is steady and industrious need be without his own home in Wilmington, for any length of time if he so desires. All em dashes are encoded as -- Indentation in lines has not been preserved. Original grammar, punctuation, and spelling have been preserved. Many artificial necessities for use and ornament which hold an important place in the economy of modern arts and invention could be profitably made here.

Encountered typographical errors have been preserved, and appear in red type.

This, however, does not represent the whole of Wilmington's lumber trade, large quantities being sold through the agency of Wilmington houses and dispatched direct to destinations from the mills. Almost every vessel that touches this port from New York or Baltimore has conments of this class of goods to be distributed from 10 here within the territory dependent for its supplies on this city.

The text flow is not affected. The lumber and kindred interest of Wilmington may be said to rank among the first in the importance and volume of transactions effected. Compiled under the Auspices of the Chamber of Commerce. The local government is now based upon strict ideas of econo my three Wilmington dating with safe and secure progress and the spirit of the people is decidedly in favor of every measure to make the rate of taxation low, while at the same time, all real improvements are well supported.

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During the year the amount of lumber shipped from here was 42, feet, of 12 which 33, feet went coastwise, the remainder, 9, feet, being dispatched to foreign countries. The average temperature for the year at Wilmington is 63 degreess. As a lumber market this city has splendid advantages, and furnishes the material for all kinds of lumber products.


Our breezes come to us tempered by the waters of the Gulf, whose stream journeys within a few miles of our shores on its way to exert an equally beneficial influence upon the coasts of Great Britain and Northwestern Europe. Text transcribed by Apex Data Services, Inc.

The text has been entered using double-keying and verified against the original. Lumber and Shingles.

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Harbors -- North Carolina -- Wilmington. This deation can hardly be improved upon, for, after admiring the handsome houses of the well-to-do, the eye of the visitor will rest with pleasure upon the homes of the working man, the clerk and the young business man, miles of our thoroughfares being lined with neat, but inexpensive houses often owned by the occupant.

The most important natural conditions are salubrity of climate, convenient geographical position, fertility of soil in the adjacent agricultural region, and particularly accessibility to navigable waters--for all history bears witness that no populous and prosperous community ever flourished without commerce, and hitherto, at least, commerce has always been dependent upon riparian communication with the outside world.

The same advantage is held in regard to manufactories for all kinds of wooden ware, such as buckets, tubs, three Wilmington dating bowls, rolling pins, wash boards and a thousand other useful household articles made of wood.

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It has ocean communication with all parts of the world and two regular lines of steamships to New York. All quotation marks, em dashes and ampersand have been transcribed as entity references. As a rule the precipitation three Wilmington dating regular and can be depended upon, although, of course, there have been times when all calulations have gone astray.

The public school system is among the best in the South and af fords excellent opportunities and facilities. Business enterprises -- North Carolina -- Wilmington -- Directories. There is very little snow and it seldom remains on the ground longer than a few hours, and a damaging frost is a very MR. A City of Homes. Our business is not with the past, but with the present, with living men and their daily occupations, enterprises and successes, what they are doing for themselves, their city and district in commerce, manufacturers and agriculture and in contributing to the advancement and progress of the locality.

The city is well lighted with gas and electricity and is efficiently policed and guarded against fire. Several important manufacturing enterprises have been inaugurated here within the past few years and have met with a gratifying measure of success. The surroundings are delightful.

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The equability of temperature and precipitation from year to 4 year and the freedom from excessive heat and cold shows the adaptability of the climate for the successful carrying on of all branches of human endeavor. All double right and left quotation marks are encoded as " and " respectively.

It has a good system of steamboat lines, which ply on the water ways tributary to this port, bringing here from adjacent territory agricultural and other products, returning with merchandise to supply the wants of these localities.