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The 40 year old Montgomery speed dating

What happens when we unexpectedly see an attractive potential partner? studies in laboratory settings suggest that the visualization of attractive and unattractive photographs influences the perception of time.

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Therefore, when a woman perceives a potential partner as physically attractive she pays attention to several other characteristics of that man in order to make a reasoned choice e. Physical attractiveness is a cue to female fertility Buss, ; Miller, which seems very important in both short-term and long-term relationships.

Finkel et al. The major aim of this research is to study time perception and attraction in a realistic social scenario, by investigating if changes in subjective time measured during a speed dating are associated with attraction. Their showed that duration estimates of attractive male photos were ificantly longer than corresponding estimates for attractive and unattractive female photos. However, these authors have conducted their studies only with a sample of female participants, and thus sex comparisons were not possible.

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In addition, there are no studies in which participants rate the potential partner in terms of physical attractiveness before and after the speed dates. This result can be explained by memory models, which state that the amount of information — or contextual changes — encoded from one interval is used for making inferences about the elapsed time during that interval Ornstein, ; Block and Reed, ; Block et al.

There are some factors studied involved in time perception accuracy, such as emotion Droit-Volet and Meck, ; Droit-Volet et al. Among other measures, participants also rated the potential partners in terms of their physical attractiveness before and after the dates and reported if they would like to exchange contact with them. In recent years, speed dating methodology has been used by different researchers Berrios et al.

showed that, in a real speed dating situation, when there is a perception of the partner as being physically more attractive, women tend to overestimate the duration of that meeting, whereas men tend to underestimate its duration. Our first hypothesis is that temporal perception in a speed dating event is related to the attraction that the participant feels toward the potential partner Arantes et al. Maner et al. Consequently, they may estimate the time that passed as being shorter.

Therefore, it seems important to study the relationship between attractiveness and time perception in a conversation in a more naturalistic scenario. However, we expect this relationship to be different for males and females. The effect of sex on time perception has shown conflicting over the years MacDougall, ; Block et al.

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One such more realistic method that provides a naturalistic context to observe how prospective partners interact and that has been used in recent years by social scientists is speed dating Fisman et al. After the event, the participants report whether or not they are interested in exchanging contact with each potential partner Finkel and Eastwick, Speed dating quickly became an element of pop culture, spread to metropolitan areas of the United States, United Kingdom, and Australia and emerged in different countries, such as Japan and South Africa Eastwick and Finkel, a.

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The authors concluded that when both male and female participants perceived a partner as physically attractive, immediately after the conversation they estimated that the time engaged has been passed quickly because they based their judgment on the degrees of involvement. Learn More. Studying time perception in these settings is important because, as mentioned ly, physical attractiveness is a crucial variable in attraction, and seems to influence temporal perception when people see a person of the opposite sex.

showed that participants judged female unattractive faces to last for a shorter time than neutral and attractive faces of the same duration. Nevertheless, there is no research using speed dating to understand the effect of characteristics of the potential partner by asking the participant to rate the physical attractiveness of the partner before and after the meeting.

“time slows down whenever you are around” for women but not for men

Findings from these three studies are consistent with the hypothesis that the timing system contains adaptations which provide flexibility in situations related to reproductive fitness. In this paradigm, people interested in meeting potential romantic partners have, approximately, 10—25 brief meetings with a series of partners Fisman et al. studies in laboratory settings suggest that the visualization of attractive and unattractive photographs influences the perception of time.

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In the majority of studies using real contexts such as speed dating, physical attractiveness was measured by external observers e. The major aim of the present study is to investigate the potential relationship of physical attractiveness and temporal perception in a relationship initiation using a speed dating methodology. Humans may perceive the time as passing more quickly or more slowly than the reality Ogden et al. Some studies found that when people perceive a conversation partner as physically attractive, they tend to form a positive first impression Dong and Wyer, There is much evidence that the sight of a physically-attractive person engages the appetitive motivational system, resulting in physiological responses associated with positive affect Hughes et al.

In addition, many questions remain unanswered: Will similar be obtained in a realistic scenario, such as a speed dating? So, when men have a meeting with a potential partner they perceived as physically attractive, they do not use a lot of resources evaluating other characteristics of the partner and they may feel more motivated to talk and experience this conversation as being enjoyable.

The development of research in romantic attraction had its apogee in the s and s Finkel et al. Odgen conducted a study with female participants exploring whether the attractiveness of a female face — presented for a short interval of time — affected the estimated duration of that stimulus. The secondary aim of our study is to analyze the influence of meeting a potential partner on an attractiveness judgment.

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Try out PMC Labs and tell us what you think. Among others, research using the speed dating methodology has studied variables such as physical attractiveness Eastwick and Finkel, c ; Luo and Zhang, ; Back et al. Studies using the speed dating methodology have also shown that physical attractiveness is a very important factor in attraction for both men and women Eastwick and Finkel, c ; Luo and Zhang, ; Back et al. Luo and Zhang analyzed many variables to try to find out which of them were related to perceived attractiveness, including demographics, interests, values, political attitudes, personality, affectivity, attachment and self-esteem, finding that physical attractiveness was the most important variable in determining attraction in both sexes.

What happens when we unexpectedly see an attractive potential partner? More specifically, research has shown that the more demanding the task is for example, when a task requires the individual to pay attention to several things during the interval to be timedthe longer the perceived duration Khan et al. The duration of the dates was variable and participants had to estimate the time that passed.

Humans, like other animals, can estimate time Fergunson and Martin, ; Block, ; Wearden, This ability is very important in terms of survival and, on humans, time estimation is always regarded as a part of life necessary to carry out everyday chores Pande and Pati, ; Droit-Volet et al.

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However, these experiments were conducted in a laboratory setting, and important cues of attractiveness, such as eye contact, smiling and body language Muehlenhard et al. However, subjective duration often diverges from objective duration and when this occurs time feels distorted Sackett et al. Such changes may reflect evolutionary adaptations which make the human cognitive system more responsive in situations related to reproductive fitness.

An important variable that determines duration estimates is the cognitive load, that is, how cognitively demanding a task is Block et al.

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Women preferentially desire, as short-term mates, men who possess cues to good genes, but value social stability and economic security above traits relating to fertility and physical appearance for long-term relationships Regan, ; Li and Kenrick, Physical attractiveness is one of the most relevant variables studied in speed dating context e. Nevertheless, most studies have showed that women tend to underestimate time estimations compared to men, suggesting that females may perceive time to be passing by more slowly than males Hancock and Rausch, ; Glicksohn and Hadad, Recent studies have investigated the effect of attractiveness on time perception Arantes et al.

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We hypothesize that in a speed dating context, when participants stay interested and want to exchange contacts with a potential partner to keep in contact in future, the perceived attractiveness the 40 year old Montgomery speed dating increase, and when they do not want it, it will not change.

In light of evolutionary psychology, research suggests that physical attractiveness is a large indicator of good health, high reproductive value and good genes. These hypotheses can be understood in the light of the evolutionary psychology Buss, More specifically, our first hypothesis is based on Trivers parental investment theory, which assumes that women are the more investing sex.

However, most of these studies were conducted using participants who have never interacted with the target of their attraction and who did not actually have the opportunity to form a real intimate relationship after the study. Tian et al. Speed dating enables researchers to access a large battery of background information about individuals before they meet one another, to introduce them to one another and to follow them after the event in order to examine relationship dynamics over the ensuing days, weeks, and beyond Finkel et al.

Romantic attraction is a complex and multidimensional construct Gerlach and Reinhard, Typically, it refers to positive reactions that can be divided into four components: cognitive positive thoughts and beliefsaffective positive feelings and emotionsmotivational a desire to approach the otherand behavioral standing or sitting closer Wurst and Back, Cross-cultural studies on attraction have demonstrated that the bases of relationships are not random and are strongly linked to basic mechanisms of attraction Eastwick, ; Zarubko et al.

Despite some authors suggesting that implicit cognitive processes may be involved in mating and that cognitive resources might be attuned to stimuli related to mating opportunities Maner et al. In particular, they found that, for both sexes, the duration estimates of attractive opposite-sex faces were longer than for unattractive opposite-sex faces, but that women perceived the duration of attractive same-sex faces as being longer than for unattractive same-sex faces.

Moreover, there are no studies using speed dating which attempt to understand what happens when people meet a physically attractive potential partner in terms of their time perception.

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On the other hand, Arantes et al. Before the conversation, each participant received an attractive or unattractive photo that they thought was of the potential partner, but which was in fact manipulated by the researcher.

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Many studies showed that knowing characteristics of a person changes the perception of attractiveness Tartaglia and Rollero, ; Gerlach and Reinhard, For example, both laboratory e. More specifically, we hypothesize that: i For women, when they perceive their potential partner as very attractive, they will estimate the duration of the date as being longer; and ii For men, when they perceive their potential partner as very attractive, they will estimate the duration of the date as being shorter.

As there are methodological problems involved with retrospective reports, like systematic memory and selection biases, a real social scenario seems to be a better way to study the genesis of romantic attraction Sprecher et al. Physical attractiveness is related to falling in love quickly Sangrador and Yela,and researchers have studied what makes bodies Pazhoohi et al.

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The raw data supporting the conclusions of this article will be made available by the authors, without undue reservation. The only five studies Arantes et al. The use of these cognitive resources would make the perceived duration of the date longer Ornstein, For men, we derived the opposite hypothesis, because according to the parental investment theory, males tend to be less selective than women and they may feel attracted to potential partners based mostly on their physical attractiveness Trivers, ; Todd et al. Will men and women allocate different mental resources to evaluate characteristics of the potential partners that are important to them, and thus duration estimates will be different when they fell attracted to their potential partners?