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Texas nails dating

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Briefly, a date nail is a nail with the date stamped in its head. For example, a nail with a "41" is from Date nails were driven into railroad ties, bridge timbers, utility poles, mine props, and other wooden structures for record keeping purposes. I concentrate primarily on the nails used by railro. Most date nails are steel, though many are copper, aluminum, malleable iron, or brass.

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What is the history of the area where the nail or spike was found? Photo: flat-hammered tip of a hand-wrought iron spike. Knowing the exact location of the find of a spike one can look at the history of the site. Older hand-wrought nails were often less prone to heavy exfoliating rust and will leave less-dark and less-extensive rust stains in their surrounding material.

Even on large barges I haven't seen spikes that long. Now if this lath scrap is, for example, from an old house I restored at 28 West St. Civil War, perhaps to about Incidentally if you look closely you'll see the saw cut kerf marks faintly visible on this wood lath.

The fact that iron has rusted and broken away in rectangular segments in some areas hints that the iron fibers may be cross-shanked an age clue we discuss above. Hi, I found this in the beach water off Tangier island, Texas nails dating. Can you tell me if it is a nail and anything else you can about it. Example: ask when plaster was first used in the area where your hand wrought or cut wood-lath nails were used.

Earlier nails were often larger spikes used to replace treenails in post and beam or other wood construction; later smaller hand made nails appear even for use in securing wood lath for plaster walls.

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If the nail or spike was cut, are the cut marks on diagonally opposite sides of the nail? Stephanie F. I was hoping you could help me identify this nail. Later European use of the Hudson as a highway to the interior began with voyages by Henry Hudson, hence the river's modern or English language name. Maybe old ship spike.

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Photo above: machine made reproduction of an antique cut nail. Take a look at any stains around the nail where it penetrates wood, plaster, fabric, or other materials. InspectAPedia tolerates no conflicts of interest.

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Where was the nail, spike, tack found: Country, city, building, lake, river or stream For example the the first mass produced nails appeared in Europe in the s; The First Nail Making Machines appeared in Europe around as Slitting Mills. It is just over an inch long and was found in a piece of wood. For example in North America nails were imported to the Colonies from Europe. I clean a bunch of rust off it. Is the shank obviously hand wrought with hammer marks?

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Architecture student here. In turn, nail details can establish the time of original construction of a building and the time of modifications to the structure. The Hudson River has a long history as a pathway into the inner NorthAmerican continent, first by native Americans, the Lenape, who called this tidal river "Shatemuc" a name that meant "the river that flows two ways" because of its strong currents that, depending on the tides 60 miles to the South, can run upstream, downstream, or in both directions simultaneously depending on how close you are to the shore.

You might want to take a look at the age keys that we give in this article series where there are some more subtle clues such as direction of iron fibers and detail of or omission of burr marks on cuts along the long dimension of the spike.

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Vic, From their size I think those large iron spikes appear in the construction of - wharves and docks - ships and barges where large timbers were used in the vessel constuction It's interesting to try to sort out fasteners spikes and nails from iron tools sickles, adzs, punches, scrapes, axes, etc.

After making what use you can of surrounding mud, dirt, debris to understand the nail's context and history, get the crud off to get a better look at the nail. Later as commerce with New York city grew, huge barges were towed or sailed up and down stream.

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Vic, But now let's add context: The iron spike we show above was photographed in Mayon a very tiny rocky island less than 30 meters across adjacent to a larger stone island that houses the Esopus Meadow Lighthouse, in the Hudson River south of Kingston New York. The Esopus Meadows lighthouse was funded inbut construction was not completed until As the piled stones where this spike was found and photographed periodically catch a beam or log that floats down the Hudson River, one can guess that the beam that brought this spike landed some time after - setting the earliest possible date for the landing but not, of course the earliest possible date for the beam and spike themselves.

We have no relationship with advertisers, products, or services discussed at this website. Is the nail shank obviously cut with straight or straight-tapered sides?

Date nails

Keep in mind that nails were often imported from one area to another. Finding this rough spike along the Hudson in this location where we also come across timber remains that float, catch, spend time, and sometimes then move-on at the next storm prompts a guess that this "Hudson river spike" may have been used in the construction of a ship or barge or, of course one of the old docks along the river itself.

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Take a look at this little antique cut-nail - it's twisted so you may be fooled but this is a machine made but small cut nail. Upstream in Hudson New York is a village where early whaling ships were dry-docked and repaired.

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top photo: sprites. Hi someone know what this is? Is the nail shank roughly rectangular but not square - common in nails from to present in wrought and cut nails. Many thanks. Here is the spike head. Cut nail shanks that widen and then become more narrow again towards the point are dated by various sources as - .

As you'll read in the article above on determining the age Texas nails dating old iron spikes, nails, artifacts, giving details of the context in which the object was found is essential in making a reasonable guess at the object's purpose and age. More help: see these articles on tool and saw marks and other lumber age details:.

So you may find a machine made nail in an area where there was no nail making machinery at all. Be sure you also review that article when looking at your own found nail or spike. Below in an excerpt of a photo by Michelle Young and that appears at untappedcities. Along shore and on some of the few islands in the Hudson River one sometimes still finds large timbers that sometimes are still partly-intact, over years after the construction of barges, docks, wharves.

Illustration: splits in this antique nail probably indicate direction of its iron fibres - parallel to the shank dimension - discussed below. Antique cut-nails provided by an InspectApedia. Is the nail shank round?

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The type of cutting can set the nail age. On by inspectapedia. I found a big nail from the box hill sae said uk 16inch gram.

Date nail resources

Rollin, That's certainly an impressive Spike, and one of the biggest that readers have posted here. Sketch excepted from Nelson cited in references. But what else can we say about it? Earliest hand-wrought spikes and nails appeared principally in wood frame construction; later nails were also used for decorative purposes, nailed in patterns, for example. A look at saw cuts and tool marks on woodfor example can date when the lumber was manufactured.

This article series describes antique and modern cut nails focusing on tree nails, wrought nails, and cut nails used in wood frame construction or interior finishing or carpentry work. In addition to nails, building material, wood saw cut marks, and other hardware details can further assist in determining building age.

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The earliest-date of different styles of nails, hand-wrought nails, cut nails, machine cut nails, and machine made round or wire nails depends on the country where the nails were manufactured and for large countries like Australia, the U. Nelson NPS and other nail chronologists point out, however that a wealth other details can describe the date of production and use of each of those three general nail types.

A physical examination of old or antique nails and fasteners and other building hardware combined with questions about the country, city, and building or other location where the nails were found can offer clues to the Texas nails dating age and original purpose of the old nail or spike. If the nail was found in a building, what is the age of the building and when were renovations or additions made to the building?

It was found underwater during low tide on the beach. Is the point on your nail symmetrical or irregular suggesting hand-sharpening? The river runs North-South; my friend Steve Vermilye who grew up on the Hudson river explained that in sailing races, locals who could put together the time of day, the tide tables, the wind direction, the changing current directions between middle and sides of the estuary, and the wind changes that one encounters gaps between hills lining the west side of the river, gained a winning advantage over visitors who thought they knew how to sail.

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Found this massive timber nail jetting out the side of a rotting harbor connected to the original rail system in Newton Creek in Brooklyn NYC. It measures exactly Can anyone offer a more experienced opinion on how old this nail is and who possibly manufactured it? Visser, U. The point or sharp tip on early cut nails and hand-wrought nails was often made by filing.

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It includes useful dates for the manufacture of different nail types. From the length it's almost certainly one that was used exactly as you pose, on a deck or structure. Also what type of building was it: home, barn, commercial structure, deck, wharf, ship, boat, or even an antique aircraft? Early small nails: - Blanchard Tack Making Machine - Is the head round and flat modernround and hammered antique to modernor obviously irregular and hand-wrought?

Note the variation in shank diameter is irregular - the nail tapers below the head, then gets wider, then more-narrow to the nail tip. On by mod - to guess age of an Iron spike or tool found at the Inverness Canal, Scotland: add context information. In this collection, Issues 40, 42, and 48 should be of particular interest when researching iron tools found in northern Scotland.