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Sugar daddy dating free Atlantic

In recent years the rising cost of student debt has given birth to an odd phenomenon: a population of ostensibly generous older men who appear poised to solve the higher-education crisis, one student at a time. But that description could be, shall I say, sugarcoating it.

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The controversial practice involves selling companionship for cash.

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How sugar daddies are financing college education

When she first ed up for Seeking Arrangement, Sarah, another sugar baby who recently graduated from college, was surprised by how many men sent her messages. The large of college women on the site helps preserve this illusion, for both the daddies and the babies.

Maybe it really was about the conversation and companionship, not just the sex. This made the website seem safer, and less like prostitution.

Where the sugar babies are

When a friend of mine started to think about ing Seeking Arrangement in our senior year, she told me the site was extremely popular among college students. The Atlantic Crossword.

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This is a trend that the website encourages—if babies register with a. On Seeking Arrangement, the most important part of the profile is the at the top of the : net worth.

From the magazine: sugar babies

When we consider what it means to be a high-end prostitute, we generally think about Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman—a desperate young person willing to trade some of her dignity for the chance to avoid working on curbs at two in the morning.

It must be more socially acceptable somehow. In almost every message Amanda receives on Seeking Arrangement, sugar daddies comment on how intelligent she sounds in her profile.

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She describes herself as an intellectual with pretentious glasses and curly brown hair. He wanted her at his New York City apartment. Instead, she waits until the sugar daddy is comfortable enough to give her a credit card in his name. After a few months of making far less than her friends on the site, she decided to stop asking.

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In Subscribe. All of them are well-educated, the majority are business executives.

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The women I talked to found that avoiding a conversation about money actually led to more of it. Sarah has a curvy figure and is originally from Southeast Asia. She started waiting for the daddy to bring up the money issue and was immediately more successful.

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They prefer giving me a credit card because it feels more informal. Popular Latest. She said tons of girls at Columbia and NYU had profiles to help pay tuition bills.

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The illusion works the other way, as well. Only one sugar baby I interviewed said she discussed her fee upfront, on the first date. And yet, Sarah got a lot of attention on Seeking Arrangement. InSeeking Arrangement announced that approximately 44 percent of its 2. By actively seeking out college students, and publicizing the high s already in its ranks, Seeking Arrangement makes it easier for smart, young women with bright futures to rationalize the decision to Seeking Arrangement: If so many college women are ing up for the site, it must be something different.

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Amanda has met more than 50 men through the site. After dinner at a fancy restaurant, sex, and some post-sex apartment decorating, Amanda was back in the limo. On Seeking Arrangement, intellect is important—maybe even more important than looks.

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A college education seems fundamentally at odds with that image. When she first ed up on the site, Rebecca, a sophomore at NYU, asked potential sugar daddies about money right away—sometimes even before the first date. While some men on the site use it exclusively for sex, the majority want sex and something else.

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Most importantly, they want someone who will help them pretend that the relationship is not a transaction. So did Sophie, a year-old graduate student in New York City.

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Like Rebecca, Amanda never directly asks for money. When she got back to Princeton, she had just enough time to change her clothes, grab her books, and run to class.

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They want someone to come along on business trips, go to company events, and meet their friends—someone who understands and appears interested in what they have to say.