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All public institutions of higher learning in Texas require that incoming students document compliance with the Texas Success Intiative through an assessment or a qualifying exemption or waiver. The holistic advising and placement scale is deed to support and accelerate entry into college-ready coursework.

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If there is nothing on your FAFSA that we need to document, we may not ask for any additional information. How does the process work? The student has 45 days to respond to the notice.

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If you wish to reject any part of the aid awarded, please notify us. At Odessa College, we require that you formally accept your financial aid award. Students are awarded in order of the date their records become complete so it is very important that you turn in requested paperwork quickly.

Student Financial Services will use the withdrawal date to calculate the amount of repayment owed by both the school and the student according to federal regulations. Eligibility is lost at the end of the semester in which the maximum of hours is attempted.

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The funds will be refunded to students via direct deposit or by check. Books, school supplies, and personal items may be charged to the grant or scholarship if it covers books at the campus bookstore during that week.

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New students or students who have not attended OC in over a year should complete an admissions application for the Admission's Office and provide official copies of the appropriate academic transcripts. Correcting problems for yourself early on will mean less paperwork that we will request from you and speed the awarding process.

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Students wishing to protest the appeal decision may request a hearing with a committee whose decision will be final. A new FAFSA should be completed for each school year and the same application can be used for every college the student is considering attending. Aid is awarded for the probationary semester and progress is checked at the end of the semester to see if the student has met the reinstatement criteria. Please visit WebAdvisor to declare how you would like your refund. A member of the Financial Services staff will review the appeal and decide whether or not to place the student on financial aid probation or uphold the financial aid suspension.

Federal Title IV regulations require measurable academic progress on the part of students receiving financial aid.

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Change of major or degree does not restart the calculation and all of the attempted credits will be counted toward the new maximum. Who is eligible?

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The following are considered attempted but not completed hours:. Each college has a set estimate of how much it will cost to attend school this year. What satisfactory academic progress standards must I meet to continue to receive aid? What additional paperwork may I need? Once we determine the amount of financial aid for which you qualify, we will send you a written notification.

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If you are awarded early enough, grants, loans, and scholarships will be automatically applied to your tuition one week before the first class day of the semester. If your FAFSA is selected or if the processor found an issue that needs to be addressed, we will send you a written notice to provide paperwork. If a student fails to meet the qualitative or quantitative requirements a second time, financial aid is suspended. When do I get my funds? We will check to see if you are making satisfactory academic progress and make any needed corrections to your FAFSA, which could change your eligibility.

Application information

Application Information. We cannot accept copies of the tax return.

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In general, to be eligible for federal and state aid you must:. These requirements are separate from the refund policy listed in the course catalog. If a student has made an academic improvement but does not meet minimum requirements the student must request an appeal renewal.

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Your financial aid is not awarded until all requested paperwork has been turned in to OC Student Financial Services. Contact Student Financial Services for more information. Per Title 34 of the Code of Federal Regulations Both the student and the institution may be required to repay all or part of the aid received.

Texas success initiative (tsi)

To determine the amount owed by both the institution and the student, the following procedures are used:. A student must maintain at least a cumulative overall grade point average of 2. There is no set income limit and standards vary among programs. Funds left over after all outstanding charges are paid will be released two weeks after the semester starts or two weeks after you are awarded, whichever is later.

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Satisfactory academic progress is measured once per semester at the time financial aid is processed. A notice is mailed showing the amount owed and credit balance if any. The calculation is based on the amount of aid awarded and the length of time the student attended the semester.

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Failure to Meet Standards The first time a student fails to meet the qualitative or quantitative requirements, the student is placed on financial aid probation for the next semester of attendance. The amount that you are awarded may be different than the estimated amount determined by the FAFSA processor. Will I need parent income information and ature?

The processor also conducts matches with other entities such as the Social Security Administration to verify identity, citizenship or other criteria for eligibility. How do I transfer my financial aid to OC from another school? OC accepts applications year round, but processing time could take several weeks and additional paperwork may be required. As soon as you get your SAR, review it carefully and correct any inaccuracies or issues that the processor found. These standards, listed below, are separate from the academic policies set in the catalog for every student attending Odessa College and from the standards set by some academic programs.

TOP Will I need parent income information and ature? Appeal Process If a student loses eligibility due to extenuating circumstances speed dating Odessa id as a medical condition, family crisis, military service or other mitigating circumstance, the student may submit an appeal form to OC Student Financial Services.

How do I apply? Student Financial Services has 30 days to complete the calculation and notify the student. Parent income information and a parent FSA ID and password to use as a ature are needed for the FAFSA unless the student meets one of the following criteria: under the age of 24 married by the application date has dependents who receive more than half their support from the student currently serving on active duty in the U.

Armed Forces for purposes other than training a veteran of the U. Armed Forces a graduate or professional student since the age of 13 both parents were deceased, was in foster care, or was a ward of the court an emancipated minor by a court in the state of legal residence in legal guardianship as determined by a court in the state of legal residence on or after July 1,a high school or school district homeless liaison determined that the student was an unaccompanied youth who was homeless on or after July 1,a director of an emergency shelter or transitional housing program funded by the U.

Department of Housing and Urban Development determined that the student was an unaccompanied youth who was homeless on or after July 1,the director of a runaway or homeless youth basic center or transitional living program determined that the student was an unaccompanied youth who was homeless or were self-supporting and at risk of being homeless has documented exceptional circumstances contact the Student Financial Services Office for more information. What happens if I quit attending my classes?

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For your convenience, requested forms are available to print here.