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Halloween can be a fun and festive holiday for both children and adults. But it also can be a spooky time when one can have unexpected encounters with the supernatural, or paranormal. It seems that wherever one travels, each destination will have its fair share of folklore, local legends, or even ghosts.

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Have you been hearing bumps in the night? Have you seen flickers of light in the sky? How about shadows in rural forests? Americans have been seeing odd phenomena and coming up with scary stories and legends to explain them for centuries.

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Several of our students are believed to have heard the footsteps and voices of the Civil War soldiers that haunt the building.

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in on the fun and share your own spooky stories with us on our social media post. You're not alone.

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Here at the University of South Carolina, we love spooky season, and seeing that UofSC is years old, we have plenty of ghost stories to tell around the campfire! Do you have any to add?

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Dating back toa disfigured man with a third eye has been reported to be stalking through underground utility tunnels in the city, often referred to as the catacombs, even terrorizing students and spooking campus residents for years! Just across the Horseshoe on Greene Street, another campus building also upholds its seriously spooky reputation. In fact, every year our university ambassadors lead campus ghost tours for students and Columbia residents, but since things look a little different this year, keep reading to hear all about the ghosts around our campus.

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Create the exceptional. Longstreet Theatre, which most students pass by on their way to classes, holds more history than one would expect!

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One wing was also used during the Reconstruction Era as a federal military prison. And living among the buildings are several mysterious tales. No Limits.

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Fortunately, many of these tunnels are now sealed off so that students can no longer access them. Office of Undergraduate Admissions SC. Challenge the conventional. DeSaussure College, another building on the Horseshoe, is currently used as an upperclassman dormitory and office building, but it has taken on many other purposes in the past.

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The Horseshoe, a u-shaped cluster of buildings at the heart of our university, holds the Caroliniana Library, student housing and the McKissick Museum. Where else would we start our spooky stories than the oldest part of campus?

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One not-so-ghosty and supposedly completely fictional, by the way story on campus is the legend of the third-eye man. How to make the most of your campus visit Undecided on a college major?

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Bye, bye, Mr. Third Eye. Do you believe these stories are true? Those who work in the museum report hearing footsteps at night and feeling cool breezes indoors. The building, now used for UofSC theatre and dance productions, was also used as a hospital and makeshift morgue during the Civil War. Strange sightings, eerie noises and doors randomly slamming shut have scared countless witnesses.

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