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It seems odd that genital intercourse is automatically excluded in theological views of heaven — since Christian hope envisions the fulfillment of all things and, therefore, the redemption of our bodies. Do you personally believe that there will be sexual intercourse in heaven in a physical, sensual and pleasurable way, as we understand it here on earth?

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Available as a Google eBook for other eReaders and tablet devices. Click icon below Available as a Kindle Edition. Offers a new theology of desire and delight based on the Christian hope for bodily resurrection. This work is part of a growing chorus of theological voices raised in support of erotic desire. Although most theologians have concluded that there will be no experience of sexual desire and delight in the world to come, Patricia Beattie Jung critically examines the historical traditions and biblical rationales for this teaching.

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Jesus says no one will marry or be given in marriage but we will be as angels.


Investigations Narratives Pulitzer Winners. The prospect of sex in the hereafter has cropped up across other traditions, including Christianity, says religion professor Alan Segal from Columbia University's Barnard College. Which of your spouses will you be reunited with in heaven? Manage my subscription Activate my subscription Log out.

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But aren't the 75 percent of Americans who believe in an afterlife concerned that there might not be any sex in their heaven? Not so in Islam. Subscribe Manage my subscription Activate my subscription Log in Log out. And while the motivations behind suicide bombings often hinge on a desire to help a family, to die for a cause, and to make a difference, the 72 virgins are used as an inducement, said Payind.

Careers Advertise Legal Contact. Segal points out that the virgins are used to appeal mostly to teenage boys.

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The passage is open to interpretation but scholars say these are not earthly girls who died but heavenly creatures, and, it would appear, they can be deflowered and then automatically reflower. So do angels do it? To many Americans, eyebrows raise at the very idea of suicide bombers believing their heavenly reward will include sex with beautiful virgins. Milton asked the question in Paradise Lost and the angel Raphael told him when angels embrace, it is "easier than air with air" - not exactly a clear answer.

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Segal said while modern Judaism focuses more on this life than the next, early Jews introduced the notion that martyrs would be bodily resurrected in the hereafter. Mark Twain thought about this. The Koran describes a lush garden-like heaven in which each man can be married to a bevy of beautiful dark-eyed females called houri. Fred regains strength as tropical storm over Gulf of Mexico Aug.

After years of suspicion, reckoning for R. How do we handle the hopelessness? Connect with us.

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Log in. Many articles in the U. Yes, it's a male-dominated vision, he said, but that's woven into the fabric of Middle Eastern culture. Published May 12, Up next: Katrina blew Dagwood's our way. Plato and Aristotle taught that the body dies but a conscious soul lives forever. Obituaries Homes Jobs Classifieds.

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Regions Tampa St. Letters to the Editor Submit a Letter. There would be no sex for the Greek philosophers, but they could continue to do what they really loved - to learn, to teach and to think.

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About us. Ask the scholars. In the end, the desire for our sexual selves to live beyond our short time on Earth may make up part of human nature.

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Column Aug. Fred expected to be a tropical storm when it passes Tampa Bay Aug. ing manager who handled USF health care funds embezzled millions Aug. One of the inflammatory Danish cartoons played on this idea with a voice from the clouds yelling to would-be suicide bombers to stop because they're running out of virgins. Is there sex in heaven?

Sex in heaven?/ feeling need for forgiveness

If you're a grown man faced with the prospect of 72 heavenly wives, he said, "you'd want some of them to be experienced. Early Christians believed that after the end of the world they'd all get their bodies back in heaven, and this led inevitably to questions about sex and marriage. Whether anyone gets to hook up in heaven depends on whether you believe in immortality of the soul or a full resurrection of the body, said Segal, who is author of Life After Death: The Afterlife in Western Religions. In Letters from Earth, he writes of humankind: "He has imagined a heaven and has left entirely out of it the supremest of all his delights - the one ecstasy that stands first and foremost in the hearts of every individual of his race - sexual intercourse!

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Scholars say it's misleading to harp on the virgins. On pondering resurrection of the flesh, St. Augustine decided we'd keep our sex organs for esthetic reasons but we wouldn't use them. In the New Testament, a man asks Jesus what happens if you've been widowed and married several times.

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