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Setting a Davenport IA date

The city of Davenport sits in Scott County in Iowa and has a population of overinhabitants. Dating back to its founding inDavenport is nestled next to the mighty Mississippi River and is known for being a green city that has over 50 local parks. As such, biking and walking can be easily enjoyed here, and there are also a of annual outdoor festivals hosted in Davenport.

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Stretched along the mighty Mississippi River, Davenport, Iowais a modern city with strong German roots, a rich art scene, and outdoorsy citizens. The city parks are buzzing with activity regardless of the season, and there is always a game going on, whether it is golf, baseball, or ice hockey.

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When s are erected giving notice that a bridge has a specific weight limit, no person shall operate a vehicle with a gross weight in excess of that posted for the bridge. No person shall operate any vehicle upon a boulevard except upon a duly authorized permanent or temporary driveway. A person operating a motorcycle or motorized bicycle shall ride only upon the vehicle's permanent and regular attached seat. However, commercial vehicles engaged in the making of deliveries or the furnishing of services at premises fronting on the prescribed streets, or portions of streets, or at premises reasonably contiguous to said streets may be operated on said streets for such limited purposes only where it is necessary to travel over all or portions of said streets to make deliveries or furnish services to said contiguous premises.

No person shall operate an all-terrain vehicle in any of the following places:.

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At any other location within the City between the period from p. It shall be unlawful for any driver of a motor vehicle to willfully fail to bring the motor vehicle to a stop or otherwise elude or attempt to elude a marked official law enforcement vehicle driven by a uniformed police officer after being given a visual or audible al to stop. Persons shall not operate motorcycles or motorized bicycles more than two abreast in a single lane. A person shall not operate a motorcycle or motorized bicycle with handlebars more than 15 inches in height above that portion of the seat occupied by the operator.

This prohibition shall apply to private property except for those proscriptions concerning unlawful riding. Upon the immediate approach of a funeral procession, the driver of every other vehicle, except an authorized emergency vehicle, shall yield the right-of-way.

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Chapter No person driving or in charge of a motor vehicle shall permit it to stand unattended without first stopping the engine, or when standing upon any perceptible grade without effectively setting the brake thereon and turning the front wheels to the curb or side of the street. No person shall drive a vehicle across or upon a driveway, parking lot or similar type area whether such be public or private, in an attempt to use the same as a thoroughfare.

On a street, highway or alley, except when permitted by state law and only under those specified conditions. However, the use of a non-motorized vehicle is permitted on recreational pathways and in other areas within City parks which have been deated for such use by the director of leisure facilities and services or his deee.

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No person shall drive any vehicle in such manner as to indicate either a willful or a wanton disregard for the safety of persons or property. A person operating a motorized bicycle on the highways shall not carry any other person on the vehicle. The penalty shall be civil in nature, and as such, will not be reported to the State Department of Transportation. A person shall not operate or ride on a motorcycle on the highways with another person on the motorcycle unless the motorcycle is deed to carry more than one person.

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The motor vehicle laws apply to the operators of motorcycles and motorized bicycles to the extent practically applicable. No person shall throw or deposit upon any street any glass bottle, glass, nails, tacks, wire, cans, trash, garbage, rubbish, litter, offal, or any other debris. No person riding upon any bicycle, motorcycle, moped, sled or any other device shall be attached to any moving vehicle upon a roadway.

On a sidewalk, bike path or lane. Headlights On. A person shall not operate a or later model year motorcycle or any model year motorized bicycle upon the highways without displaying at least one lighted head lamp of the type required by state law.

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No person shall engage in any motor vehicle speed contest or exhibition of speed on any street and no person shall aid or abet any motor vehicle speed contest or speed exhibition on any street, except that a passenger shall not be considered as aiding and abetting. No passenger in a vehicle shall ride in such position as to interfere with the driver's view ahead or to the sides, or to interfere with his control over the driving mechanism of the vehicle.

The provisions of this section do not apply to motorcycles or setting a Davenport IA date bicycles when used in a parade authorized by proper permit from the City. No person shall travel upon or operate a non-motorized device anywhere within the following areas which include the referenced streets:. A vehicle shall not be driven or moved on any highway by any person unless such vehicle is so constructed or loaded or the load securely covered as to prevent any of its load from dropping, sifting, leaking, or otherwise escaping or its load covering from dropping from the vehicle, except that sand may be dropped for the purpose of securing traction, or water or other substance may be sprinkled on a roadway in cleaning or maintaining such roadway.

The motorcycle shall be equipped with footrests for the passenger unless the passenger is riding in a sidecar or enclosed cab. An operator of a motor vehicle which is part of a funeral procession shall not be charged with violating traffic rules and regulations relating to traffic als and devices while participating in the procession unless the operation is reckless.

City of Davenport, IA. If you do not agree to the Terms of Use, please do not use eCode Pin open the table of contents Table of Contents. No vehicle shall be driven over any unprotected hose of the fire department when laid down on any street, private road or driveway to be used at any fire or alarm of fire, without the consent of the fire department official in command. However, this subsection is subject to the exceptions with respect to parked vehicles as provided in this chapter.

The provisions of this section do not apply to all-terrain vehicles used in a properly-authorized parade. Causes the vehicle to unnecessarily turn abruptly or sway. The motorcycle operator shall not carry any person nor shall any other person ride in a position that will interfere with the operation or control of the motorcycle or the view of the operator. Every person riding upon the vehicle shall be sitting astride the seat, facing forward with one leg on either side of the vehicle.

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No person shall board or alight from any vehicles while such vehicle is in motion. It is unlawful for a person, except a person operating highway maintenance equipment or an authorized emergency vehicle, to do any of the following on a fully controlled-access facility:. No substance likely to injure any person, animal or vehicle upon such street shall be thrown or deposited by any person upon any street. No person shall drive any vehicle past barricades placed upon public streets by authority of the City with the intention of closing such streets to traffic except where specifically authorized by an appropriate.

On any parking lot or area. An all-terrain vehicle means a motor vehicle deed to travel on three or more wheels and deed primarily for off-road use but not including farm tractors, construction equipment, forestry vehicles or setting a Davenport IA date and grounds maintenance vehicles. Except for persons operating such vehicles two abreast, a motor vehicle shall not be operated in a manner depriving a motorcycle or motorized bicycle operator of the full use of a lane.

The operator of a motorcycle or motorized bicycle shall not overtake and pass in the same lane occupied by the vehicle being overtaken unless the vehicle being overtaken is a motorcycle or motorized bicycle. No person shall move or remove such barricades without proper authority from the City. The provisions of this section shall not apply to vehicles loaded with hay or stover or the products listed in Section For the purposes of this section, "funeral procession" means a procession of motor vehicles accompanying the body of a deceased person during daylight hours which is being escorted by a vehicle continually displaying its emergency al lamps flashing simultaneously and using lighted head lamps and identifying flags, and keeping all other motor vehicles with lighted head lamps in close formation.

When operated on a highway, a motorized bicycle shall have a bicycle safety flag which extends not less than five feet above the ground attached to the rear of the motorized bicycle. A driver who operates a motor vehicle while any passenger of said vehicle is riding the vehicle in violation of Section A person commits careless driving if the person intentionally operates a motor vehicle on a street or highway in this City in any of the following ways:.

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No person shall ride in or on any portion of a vehicle that was not primarily deed, manufactured and intended for use by motor vehicle passengers. On any public property or park. Simulates a temporary race. Creates or causes unnecessary tire squealing, skidding, or sliding upon acceleration or stopping. The bicycle safety flag shall be triangular in shape with an area of not less than 30 square inches, and be Day-Glo in color.

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Motor vehicle speed contest or exhibition of speed are defined as one or more persons competing in speed in excess of the applicable speed limit in vehicles on the public streets. The penalty for such offense shall be that as set by the state for simple misdemeanors.

No person shall travel upon or operate a non-motorized vehicle on any City-owned facilities and grounds, including but not limited to parks, parking lots and parking ramps. Across or upon the lawn or private property of any other person. This section shall not apply to employees, 18 years of age or older, actively engaged in the necessary discharge of a duty that requires the employee to ride within the enclosed body of a truck or an enclosed or unenclosed bed of a pick up truck; or upon private property within the City; or while such vehicle is participating in an organized and permitted parade or special event within the City.

This section shall preclude persons from riding within truck bodies in space deed, manufactured or intended for hauling goods or merchandise, enclosed or unenclosed pick up truck beds, luggage setting a Davenport IA date and similar devices or areas. No vehicle with a d weight in excess of seven tons shall be operated on any of the streets deated by the City Council by ordinance. No driver of a motor vehicle shall drive between the vehicles comprising a funeral procession.

Any person who drops or permits to be dropped or thrown, upon any street any destructive or injurious material and other material as defined in Section Any person removing a wrecked or damaged vehicle from a street shall remove any glass or other injurious substance dropped upon the street from such vehicle. No person shall drive a vehicle across or upon the lawn or private property of any person except in an emergency situation when a vehicle is disabled and the driver is attempting to move same from the traveled portion of a public street.

The driver of any vehicle other than one on official business shall not follow any fire apparatus traveling in response to a fire alarm closer than feet or drive into or park such vehicle within the block where fire apparatus has stopped in answer to a fire alarm.

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Motorized Bicycles. No person shall drive a vehicle when it is so loaded, or when there are in the front seat such a of persons, exceeding three, as to obstruct the view of the driver to the front or sides of the vehicle or as to interfere with the driver's control over the driving mechanism of the vehicle. Use of Traffic Lanes. Causes any wheel or wheels to unnecessarily lose contact with the ground.

The additional passenger may ride upon the permanent and regular seat if deed for two persons, or upon another seat firmly attached to the motorcycle at the rear of the operator.

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Subsection D notwithstanding, a private property owner within an area set forth in subsection D may allow the use of a non-motorized device upon his property by registering the property with the deputy City Clerk. No person upon a non-motorized vehicle shall go upon any street except while crossing a street within a crosswalk and when so crossing such person shall be granted all the rights and be subject to all of the duties applicable to pedestrians. A motorcycle or motorized bicycle shall not be operated between lanes of traffic or between adjacent lines or rows of vehicles.

If a police officer cannot apprehend or identify the driver of a vehicle that has eluded or otherwise attempted to elude a marked law enforcement vehicle giving a visual or audible al to stop, but can identify the plate and provide a brief description of the vehicle, then the registered owner of said vehicle shall be guilty of a municipal infraction. The operator of a motorcycle or motorized bicycle shall not carry any package, bundle, or other article which prevents the operator from keeping both hands on the handlebars. Each driver in a funeral procession shall drive as near to the right-hand edge of the roadway as practicable and shall follow the vehicle ahead as close as is safe.

Sitting Position.