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Salinas CA brides dating

Amazing work!

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We're here to make pricing your wedding straightforward by laying out the total cost for you.

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We instantly clicked, knowing our chemistry was something unreal.

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Often people joke that Celine and these two are triplets because of common interests and looks! They have spent a lot of time making snow trips up to Boreal, and hanging out between the many places they lived in at college. Created on The Knot, deed by Shutterfly for Shutterfly. Collin and Alec met at San Jose State.

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Jill has fond memories of her acting days with Jessica on stageby her side! Michael Carrizosa - Best Man. Mac and Alec have been friends since elementary school and became best friends in college! Hannah Colijn - Maid of Honor. From tailgates, to working at Konjoe together, they have created memories that will last a lifetime. They are two of the same! Jill is so happy to have her stand aside her on her big day! Collin always makes the effort in being the best friend he can be despite living in Southern California.

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Cheyenne Chavez - Bridesmaid. They have become super close since Mac brought Celine Into his life a few years ago! Jill can always count on Bailey for a fun time, and she is someone that has always supported Jill through it all! Collin Zadra - Groomsman. Eric and Alec have been in school together since elementary.

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View Accommodations. Eli can always be counted on, and will always be a great friend to Alec.

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Alec can always count on Mac to make him laugh and shake his head. As you can imagine, we are beyond ready to tie the knot!

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Bailey Hughes - Bridesmaid. Create your wedding website for free. Josh and Jill always butt he like a typical brother and sister do, but now he has a future brother to butt he with too!

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They have made tons of memories together such as attending multiple college parties and some of their first bars! She never fails to put a smile on our faces!

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Josh Olivarria - Groomsman. She has the biggest personality, and is sure to steal the show!

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Jill can easily call Celine her best friend and sister! Josh came into the picture two years after Jill was born, and has always stolen the hearts of his friends and family!

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Jessica Folk - Bridesmaid. With countless support from both our friends and family we both graduated with degrees, and started our first jobs!

The ceremony starts at 4pmwe ask for guests to arrive by There are two gates that you will have to surpass once arriving to venue. They lived together for most of their college years, and Alec was fortunate enough to stand next to Mac as his best man on his wedding day!

While we have enjoyed the last years of our life together, we are thrilled that this has all been just the beginning of our story. Eli is Alecs oldest friend going all the way back to pre-k!

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As we could never imagine we suited each other perfectly, we finally found our other halves. Unfortunately our original wedding date was postponed, but our lives together never stopped. Getting married? Jill and Cheyy have many memories together, from running school functions in ASB, cheering side by side, and enjoying their trips and night life since both turning 21!

Hannah and Jill have been best friends since freshmen year of high school! Jill can always count on Cheyenne for having the best time! They can all bond over Diet Coke and bachelor Jill has created such special memories with sona in just this short amount of time. Patty became an instant friend, for they both had a ton in common.

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Our time dating since we were 17 has been full of great memories and becoming a part of each other's families. Jill is so happy that her and Bailey were still able to get together even when they both went separate ways for college!

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They have the best memories together, including being little cows in their first play as kids! Cheyenne and Jill have been great friends since they cheered together sophomore year of high school!

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As we started dating, we realized quickly that we were polar opposite. We went onto college together Go Spartans! Salinas CA brides dating the boys will have an extra cheerleader on the side lines, someone Vance can call a sister. Alec will always remember the days he spent as a kid playing whiffle ball in the backyard with Vance.

Jessica and Jill met when they were both in Elementary school! Vivianna is a makeup guru and the girls can always count on her to make them look their best! Looking for gift ideas? They fight like brothers, and love each other like family. Celine Carrizosa - Matron of Honor. Patrick Besile - Groomsman. As we began post college life together, we took the next step and got a tiny apartment then saved for our first home together. View Wedding Details. This matron of honor is a pro wedding planner and will give the best support Jill seeks to have!

Viviana Serrato - Bridesmaid. We made countless memories traveling across the world, and being with one another through our highest highs and lowest of lows. Armando and Alec have been friends since they were little kids. Eric Sotelo - Groomsman. Sona Rawat - Bridesmaid. They became close when they went to San Jose State together. Armando Castenellos - Groomsman. Need a place to stay during the wedding? They became close in college, and made memories together.

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This little girl instantly lights up a room. Vance Irwin - Groomsman.

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Vivianna and Jill became friends their freshmen year of college when Eric made things official! Our story began in January in Salinas, California. View Registry. Celine and Jill are two of the same, and constantly are finding more and more in common. They have played sports together throughout their lives.

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Hannah is like a sister to Jill, and she can always count on Hannah to be her one cheerleader and hype woman! We officially became home owners during the beginning of the Covid Season! Alec can easily consider Armando and his family his own!