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Tribal-operated gaming is available at Isleta Casino and Resort. Walking guided tour times: a.

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The public is invited to several dances during the summer, a September fair and Christmas festivals. Visitors can view majestic buffalo grazing in their natural habitat. Please refer to the Cultural Etiquette before you visit the pueblos, for information on visiting tribal lands. Pojoaque Pueblo is located 15 scenic miles north of Santa Fe on Highway The Pueblo of Pojoaque's Tribal Council established the Poeh Museum and Cultural Center in as a permanent tribally owned and operated means of cultural preservation and revitalization within the pueblo communities of the northern Rio Grande Valley.

Interpretive exhibits introduce visitors to the history, culture and experience of the Jemez people.

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Monday-Friday Admission: No admission to view the pueblo. Picuris potters are known for their unornamented pottery, which has an interesting texture and a subtle glitter from small chips of mica in the pottery clay. Additional funds generated via the tribally owned Cities of Gold Casino, with Las Vegas-style gaming, and Cities of Gold Hotel have been used to create the Pojoaque Wellness Center, which houses a gym, pool, library, CHR program, senior citizens center and boys and girls club for tribal and non-tribal members. These artists and many others also weave and make jewelry, stone sculptures and black or red pottery.

To see what public events are taking place at the pueblos, please visit the events calendar. Isleta Pueblo produces red-clay pottery decorated with red and black des on a white background. Some dances are open to the public throughout the year; of particular importance is the Buffalo-Deer Dance, which takes place on San Ildefonso's feast day. Buffalo, Basket and Cloud Dances with beautifully dressed dancers are presented several times a year. A lake and natural waterfall are located 2 miles east of the pueblo; facilities include a picnic area, fishing, camping, hiking and motorless boating on the lake.

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The pueblo has existed at this site, about 45 miles west of Albuquerque off I, since as early as Traditional pottery-making was revived in the s, and today's Laguna painters and jewelers work with innovative des and techniques. The Walatowa Visitor Center provides visitor information about feast days and group tours, and it has a gift shop featuring Jemez pottery. Tribal operated gaming is available at Sky City Casino.

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Fifty miles west of Albuquerque, Acoma Pueblo is impressively situated atop a foot sandstone mesa. A museum houses artifacts and offers arts and crafts for purchase.

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Tribal-operated gaming is available at San Felipe Casino Hollywood. At Casa Blanca Village, a shopping center just off I, visitors can purchase pueblo arts and crafts. Cochiti is well-known for its handcrafted, double-headed drums. Restaurant: 9 a. Cochiti Lake offers fishing, sailing, swimming and other water sports.

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Innovative pottery and some jewelry forms are produced by pueblo members. San Felipe Pueblo is situated 30 miles northwest of Albuquerque off and about 10 miles north of Bernalillo. Nambe Pueblo celebrates its annual feast day on October 4, in honor of the birthday of St. Frances de Assisi. Group rates available.

The pueblo's feast days are December 11 and 12, and January 6. Traditional arts here include woodcarving and pottery. Visitors may attend several festivals during the year at the pueblo. Visitors are welcome to Sandia Pueblo's annual feast day on June The Pueblo owns and operates three enterprises: 1 Sandia Lakes Recreation Arealocated 15 minutes from downtown Albuquerque, with fishing, picnicking, nature trails and a bait and tackle shop.

Hours: Winter hours November 1-February 29 9 a.

Pueblos and reservations

Although most present-day Acomas have residences in nearby villages, several families still occupy the old homes on the mesa known as "Sky City". Sunrise Lake on the reservation is a popular vacation location. Tribal-operated gaming is available at Ohkay Casino and Resort.

The Pojoaque Pueblo Tourist Center displays and sells locally produced Native art and other souvenirs. It is one of the smallest pueblos.

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Many Cochiti artists also work in watercolors, ink and oil paint. The Jemez people are known for their pottery, storytellers, figurines, sculpture, basketry, embroidery, woven cloths, moccasins and jewelry. Many fine pieces are for sale in the Visitors Center at the base of the mesa, which also houses a museum, a restaurant and the information center where tours of the pueblo are arranged.

Advance notice is required. Visitor attractions include a trout-stocked fishing lake, a picnic area, an overnight campground and archaeological excavations. The present pueblo was founded during the early 18th century and today still retains its traditional customs. Jemez Pueblo's village of Walatowa is 55 miles northwest of Albuquerque approximately one hour's drive and has been occupied since the 16th century.

Laguna's many festivals draw large crowds — including other tribes — to enjoy sporting events and to trade in arts and crafts, produce and other goods. Hours: Monday-Friday 8 a. Jemez Pueblo has a closed-village policy, and visitors are welcome into the village only on feast days. Guided hikes are available. Many pueblo buildings date back to the period following the Pueblo Revolt of Jemez is the only remaining pueblo to speak the Towa language, an unwritten language. Groups welcome, but guided tours are unavailable. San Ildefonso has been located at its present site, 20 miles northwest of Santa Fe off NM, the road to Los Alamos, since the late s.

Groups: Group fees are available for groups of 15 and over.

Hours: 8 a. Advance notice required. Cochiti Pueblo is midway between Albuquerque and Santa Fe. The Storyteller, a seated adult with a of children sitting around her, is one of the most popular pieces of Cochiti Pueblo pottery. Seats Open 9 a. Prior to the arrival of the Spaniards in the early s, its population was estimated between 2, to 3, Since the mids, there has been a revival of traditional religious activities. Drums play a ificant role in pueblo ceremonials.

Sandia Pueblo, located 14 miles north of Albuquerque, is visible from I but must be accessed off NM Sandia has been in existence at its present site since as early as A. Pueblo land elevations range from 5, feet in the Rio Grande Valley to 8, feet in the foothills of the Sandia Mountains.

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Laguna Pueblo actually comprises six major villages, with tribal offices in Old Laguna. Beautifully situated on the eastern bank of the Rio Grande, San Ildefonso is very well known for its black-on-black pottery which commands the respect of fine art collectors worldwide. Gaming, a full-service restaurant and a snack bar are available at Dancing Eagle Casino and Travel Center at Exit Nambe Pueblo Nambe — mound of earth, land in a circle is tucked away at the base of the breathtaking Sangre de Cristo Mountains just 23 miles north of Santa Fe.

Local artists continue to make traditional micaceous pottery, which is a recently revived technique. Inthe San Juan Pueblo changed its name back to its original name, Ohkay Owingeh, which means "place of the strong people. If you have any questions, please contact dmoya poehcenter. The delicately decorated pottery of Acoma is among the most prized of Indian crafts.

Outsiders are generally not encouraged to visit, but the pueblo does welcome visitors to the Annual Feast Day on May 1.

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See Maps: Indian Pueblos and Reservations for location information.