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Porter Seattle dating

Kevin is turning 22 years old in ; he was born on May 4, He earned the title of Washington Mr. Basketball in as the top high school player in the state.

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He also wore No. The story was that it was a wrong-place, wrong-time situation. Ayanna did not want him to remember Big Kevin that way, lifeless, lying in a casket. He did not become nationally known until a game early in his senior year, when he executed a slick crossover before taking off for an angry dunk on a helpless opponent. He played the dad card and promised to stay out of trouble. Bethea had a good relationship with Kevin Sr. But nothing shocked Bethea after so many years in South Seattle, and he knew Big Kevin had some demons. Kevin was crying again.

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To protect that, those who loved them both would be selective caretakers for what was relayed. The story of Kevin Porter Sr. She giggled recalling their first encounter when she was Kevin Porter was a talented football and basketball player at Rainier Beach High who would visit the gym at the alternative high school Ayanna attended. Like Kevin Sr. But Ayanna did not want her son to go to Rainier Beach, a school known for gangs, drugs and porter Seattle dating lockdowns as much as hanging basketball state banners.

That morning, as dawn broke, Ayanna had to tell her three children that their father was not coming home. Ayanna met with Bethea to find out why he was being so hard on Kevin Jr. Ayanna acknowledged that Kevin Jr. He had not been involved with gangs and drugs. After the game, his longtime mentor, Kenan Oliver, found him on the court.

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He never brought nothing home. Bethea rode Kevin Jr. He suspended him numerous times. Ayanna was 17 and Kevin 18 when they welcomed their daughter, Keayanna Porter, in May The couple would name their son after his father, which said something. The police and medics had already arrived. Ayanna searched for positive male role models.

USC lost again, with Porter scoring just six points. Ayanna and Kevin started dating. Kevin was crying. That definitely stood out. That highlight would go viral, spreading across a basketball universe that suddenly knew the name Kevin Porter Jr. For many reasons, Porter Jr. In AugustKevin Porter Sr. According to a report in the Seattle Times, witnesses said Porter turned to a trembling girl seated in the backseat of his car, told her he was going to shoot her and then allegedly pulled the trigger.

Now he was gone forever.

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One day, around the fifth grade, Oliver put Kevin through a goal-setting exercise. The mystery and confusion surrounding the player who draws comparisons to a young James Harden only intensified. I want to be able to feed my family and my mom never have to work again. Fighting it, he thumbed through his phone and called his mother. They have a tough exterior but a softness inside. Michael Porter Jr. In July before his senior season, Kevin committed to USC, one of the first schools to show interest in him, back when he was a lesser-known prospect.

She made a decision in regard to her youngest.

The story was that he had been trying to help a friend who was in trouble. She pulled him close. At a certain point, Ayanna chose to figure it out on her own, and she did things to survive that she wishes she could forget. Big Kevin had been shot five times. Porter absorbed it all, feeding his fire. Without it, he could not help but seek it. For instance, Ayanna never told Kevin Jr. When Ayanna looks at her son, she sees his father.

Who is michael porter jr. dating?

Little Kevin was not going to attend the funeral. At Rainier Beach, Kevin Jr. I always wanted to give my mom a good rep because she was the best mom I could ever ask for. When I was younger, I had a hard time dealing with that. They are so much alike, sometimes it hurts her. His year goal was to be in the NBA. From his own experience, Oliver knew how hard it was to make the NBA. Flowing with stubborn confidence, Little Kevin acted out in school and on the court. In the years before she met Kevin, Ayanna had been homeless, fending for herself to take care of her little brother.

Whatever happened on the street was the street. Almost fearlessly, they would raise Kevin Jr. But Kevin Sr. Ayanna had started a day care business in their porter Seattle dating, and Kevin Sr. Early in the morning on July 17,a phone call awoke Ayanna. That night, Crawford was in the house to watch his pupil work. Her parents had been using drugs her whole life, and her mother went to prison.

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Instead of turning his back on her and disappearing at the first hint of responsibility, Kevin brought her closer. She ended up in the system, landing with an aunt who did not provide much stability.

About michael porter jr.’s girlfriend

Fortunately, Ayanna Porter had driven down from Seattle to attend the loss that night to Oregon State. He said the gun accidentally discharged. His five-year goal was to play at Rainier Beach like his dad and get a college scholarship.

It gave him a sense of purpose, living up to the idealized image of this man he had only started to get to know.

Questions emerged about his NBA readiness. In November, Kevin Sr. He told the judge that he was handing the loaded and cocked semiautomatic gun to the girl, who had asked to see it. By virtue of his name alone, Kevin Porter Jr. And, as the years passed and he gained his own footing as an athlete, it was not rare for him to be walking down the street and be stopped by a stranger who compared him to Big Kevin.

Crawford mentored many local youths, and he actually had known Big Kevin back in the day.

Certainly, he had no problem being noticed. Kevin Sr. She rushed to the bar where the incident occurred, hopeful he was still breathing.

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I pay attention to it a lot, actually, what people say about me. Little Kevin, however, was not going to hear it. Kevin and Kenan became like brothers, but it was clear that there was no replacing Big Kevin.