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It's a sad fact, but women lack free will. Although they appear as complex and individual as any male often much more soit seems women are slaves to inherent biological " programming " which means they will be physically intimate with any man who employs a specific set of behaviours and phrases. This claim may seem far-fetched, but it is a widely held belief.

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Most men have no idea what it takes to become successful with women because what these men lack is the actual truth about picking up women and what it takes to really succeed. You have to choose to live in reality instead of fantasy. The word hope is what is stopping you from getting success with women. The word hope is what is preventing you from taking action whenever you spot a cute girl who you would like to go meet and talk to. And the word hope is what will KEEP you single, lonely, and living a very miserable and mediocre life.

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Think outside the box. And if you live or travel in a place without attractive girls, then you move somewhere else. What do you tell yourself when you reflect upon your own life? Make it happen. You still need to get adequate sleep, a decent diet, some exercise, and to get work done.

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But you win long-term if she made you realize that you need to become better at the skill of seduction. Or in this case, work on your mindset to pick up girls, and get into shape mentally. Your success must depend on it as if your life depends on it.

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Forget your excuses. The real problem is the excuses you make.

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Going out is fun. Learn, experiment and take seduction notes like a student cramming for his exams.

The winning mindset to pick up girls

There is no box. Sometimes you can both lose and win at the same time.

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Be the guy in the community who is known for putting in massive action towards his dating goals. I keep on trying with other girls. The guy who stays out late at night until he pulls. And if you avoid my question, while taking a puff of marijuana, for the 2nd or 3rd time this week. You go on dates when you have time. No matter what — they are beneath you.

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But say it with confidence. Moreover, maybe some people are trying to treat you like shit. Try setting the goal of pulling two or three instead.

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Forget the losers, the opportunists, the pothe, and the scumbags. And hopefully, society wins. You win.

You learn new social skills, and you become more attractive. You end up achieving your dreams, not in spite of the losers, but because of them. Do what it takes to be a winner. You face your fears. The obstacle in your head is not the real problem.

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The winner gets to know one or two more girls, whether it le somewhere or not. And I put in the work required to succeed. And as the slogan goes:.

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Instead, I remained calm and got on another train. You make an effort to approach daily. She wins. Everything that happens to you will work out in your favor. Your spirit soars above all obstacles. If I do nothing, I stagnate. Dark tri may try to drag you down to their level by doing you in. Afterwards, I feel grateful that my metro card stopped me from taking the earlier train.

When I try new things, I grow. Be fluid like water, in your approach. Try different things, different methods e. Then you go out, and you meet women. You open doors for yourself eventually. Excuses are like stumbling blocks keeping you from meeting more girls.

While exiting this train, I randomly stumble upon another strikingly cute athletic girl. The girl I was with, went in first, and thus could go on to her train leaving me behind. And somewhere along the line, embedding your DNA inside of her. But at the same time, it can feel like hard work to succeed with women. Thus, I had to walk a few hundred meters to go recharge my card.

I climb day by day, even if I only make small progress. Nobody said girls are going to fall into your lap. Commit to your success.

How to pick up any woman, immediately: the foolproof 8-step askmen guide

The Winner is the guy who was willing to be seen as a fool but went for that sexy girl, anyway. Go out and approach cute girls. Say anything. And be a well-rounded player, not forgetting the importance of work and education. I get her and we make love that same night, and the next. The guy who goes in, rejection after rejection, like a motivated beast, until he succeeds.

Do you want to pull one girl this weekend?

Plus, seeing a cute girl, approaching and getting to know her. A war broke out, his country lost, and all the soldiers got killed. I make my success happen. For example, you lose short term when a girl declines you sex. Or — if needed — while adjusting your technique along the way. Game in different cities, try different formats of game, using various techniques until you get consistent .

Face the pain. Find what works for you. Suddenly, you find an inner fire of motivation swell up inside of you that you would not otherwise have had. The Winning Mindset is the difference between being a shy incel, and that confident guy picking up girls daily, wherever he goes. Step into your future self. Pain gives you a thick skin — the ultimate approach anxiety antidote.

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You partake in social activities. You can keep this weight around you, or you can practice daily to get into shape. If I get rejected, I become better.

The bird of paradise

Everything works out for me. Life unfolds to my own advantage. Welcome the pain you feel in your seduction journey. If I get rejected once, then I can go out into the field immediately again.

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Pain is the solution because pain turns into strength. Pain is Strength. I can win by sleeping with new girls.

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You approach and follow up s.