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Outfits for a first date in the Waco TX

At some point in their lives, most people will have to appear before a judge.

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I love it when clients tell me that my work captures so many emotions. The Dale Family.

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It was so wonderful spending time with all of them together! When I decided to re I immediately felt a huge weight was lifted off my shoulders and I could now breathe freely. This particular session was important because some of their children were going to be moving away to live with their mother in another state. She had two plus one Maid of Honor. I love creating wall art for families that will be treasured for years to come. Meet the Carpenter Family! This included Mackenzie and David of course, as well as David with his mother.

But I did not love the schedule. I absolutely LOVE being a photographer! But we did it! The Carpenter Family. Florist: Rosetree Floral De. Makeup and Hair: D. The other day I was talking to my favorite person my grandma Jo on the phone and we ended up talking about the career paths we chose. It was amazing to watch them interact with each other throughout the evening. Two big milestones for the Leonardelli family!

Clothing with overly expressive patterns and take away from the overall effect of the portrait. September 21st, was a beautiful Texas summer day that was absolutely perfect for a beautiful wedding at Tucker Hall in Waco, Texas! Never give up. You can easily do this by switching out shoes or jewelry - or even adding a fun, stylish hat!

Shorter hemlines are a great look for warmer weather as well.

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But most of all I love meeting new people and connecting with them! This also included Mackenzie and her son - which was full of surprises!

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The Lopez Family. After a few years I opened Smith Family Photography and the Carpenter Family hired me to take newborn portraits for their first grandchild, Saira. I was shocked because I totally thought they were already married! The location might not seem like it matters when choosing outfits, however it does. The location should have a strong influence of what you decide to wear.

Mackenzie and David both have children from relationships and now they are an official blended family. I love nearly everything about it - besides paying taxes. InJessica and Matt asked me to photograph their upcoming wedding in August. I just knew the wedding would be phenomenal and I was looking forward to it!

The leondardelli family

She was a nurse for most of her adult working years and I was an elementary school teacher for five years until I decided to re and begin my photography business. Choosing outfits that complement each other while allowing you both to express yourself can be tricky, but there are way to make it work. I love making my own schedule. The Wier Family. Jacob is comfortable in a short sleeved button up shirt, while Hannah is wearing a flowing dress with light material.

Hannah created a look which showcased her personality with stylish shoes and a fun hat that complemented them. After the ceremony and the portraits it was time for the first dances. I first met the Carpenter Family several years ago even before I began my photography business.

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In I was fortunate yet once again to spend time with them during another family session! Mother and Son Dance. As I thought, I honestly couldn't think of any other career choices I would have made. Mackenzie and David, I wish you and your family the very best - you all definitely deserve nothing but the best! Choose your favorite colors that showcase your personal style. I love to capture them year after year and create beautiful wall art that showcases their family!

She told me there have been times when she thought about doing something besides nursing, but looking back now she couldn't imagine doing anything else. Then she asked me what I career I would have chosen if I could start all over again. They all got along extremely well shared many laughs between all six of them! For this reason I have decided to begin a series which focuses on my loyal clients over the years titled, "Over the Years.

Engagement portrait sessions

Their outfits complement, not match. To start with, make sure your outfit choices are appropriate for the season.

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An engagement session is all about you and your fiance. I was honored, but shocked! I loved that no two days were ever the same. Meet the Leondardelli Family! I loved the students and coworkers. You can about their stunning wedding on the blog. Our kiddos went to the same school and played on some of the same sports teams.

Spring and Summer are the most popular times for engagement sessions so choose breathable clothing that you will feel comfortable in. On this day Mackenzie and David became Mr. Mackenzie and David grew up knowing each other as family friends. Jacob and Hannah chose a location in a wooded park with plenty of paved walkways. The venue was decorated with bright colors that included fuchsia, teal and coral.

Pray together. After all, you want to look your absolute best! Venue: Tucker Hall, Waco, Texas. Their daughter, Jordan, had an upcoming quincenara and their son, Jose, would be starting his senior year of high school. I loved having to adapt and be flexible throughout the day as different situations arose. Count your blessings. Years later they reconnected through social media and the rest is history. Tana and Layla. I was so excited for the both of them, as well as their entire family.

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Forgive each other. I first met this amazing family in at a bluebonnet family session. Take special care not to match. Check the weather and make sure your outfit will be comfortable so you can have the best portraits taken as possible. Bear each others burdens. David has a large family and one challenge that they warned me about was getting all of them into one photograph. This will give you ample time to put several outfits together to determine what works best.

I loved teaching, but I didn't love the confines of teaching. The Craven Family. It was so much fun spending time with each of them on a more personal level. InI was asked to photograph two of their children for very special events. Your outfits should help you feel comfortable at the chosen location which in turn complements your personalities and style.

Their first date was filled with great conversation and laughter as the two caught up with one another at the winery. I felt very confined. They are all so carefree, loving and genuine.