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Candidates in their last semester of program coursework may opt to request licensure recommendation through the Office of Education Enrollment and Certification. The following guidelines are provided to help candidates navigate this process.

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Prior to the enactment of N. Officers also received periodic compensation for overtime, court attendance, rescheduled duty tours, clothing and equipment allowances, and off-duty asments.

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See N. In the absence of any statement to the contrary, we assume the arbitrator used the term "base salary" as directed by the Legislature. As amended, N. Commencing on the effective date [May 21, ] of P. Adding to the resulting ambiguity is the fact that the employee's contribution is made "through the withholding of the contribution from the pay, salary or other compensation.

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Pursuant to P. This level of employee contribution shall be inclusive of, rather than in addition to, any statutory obligation towards an employee's requirement to make contributions toward the payment of health insurance. Den Bleyker, on the brief. Although base salary was not defined in either the statute or the award, it was defined in a subsequent statute that was applicable to the award here.

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Hillsdale PBA Local v. Moreover, it is susceptible to multiple interpretations.

Office of education enrollment and certification

Warnock Dodge, Inc. Courts "look first to the plain language of the statute, seeking further guidance only to the extent that the Legislature's intent cannot be derived from the words that it has chosen. Under the agreement, officers paid deductibles for medical care, but did not contribute toward the cost of their health insurance benefit.

Defendant also sought modification or correction of the arbitrator's award to clarify that "it shall withhold 1. Therefore, and for the reasons that follow, we agree with defendant's interpretation of the interest arbitration award and reverse. The trial court held that defendant could not assert a counterclaim to "modify the award" because it failed to appeal the arbitrator's decision to PERC and because defendant failed to establish grounds for such modification pursuant to N.

The court found the award was "still subject to confirmation.

The court's "task in statutory interpretation is to determine and effectuate the Legislature's intent. The judgment, which enforced an arbitration award pursuant to N. When construing a law, a reviewing court conducts "a de novo review" and does not "accord any special deference to a trial court's interpretation. After the arbitrator's award was issued, defendant began withholding 1. We therefore turn to "extrinsic evidence from which [we] hope[] to glean the Legislature's intent. There is, however, a procedure for appealing the decision to PERC.

Licensure applications and directions

Plaintiffs filed a verified complaint to confirm the February 17,compulsory interest arbitration award pursuant to N. Defendant filed an answer and counterclaim, alleging that it had withheld 1. The arbitration award recognized the applicability of the amendment to N. Noting that neither party "made a proposal regarding employee co-payments toward health insurance," the arbitrator nevertheless took "official notice of an act by the New Jersey Legislature requiring the payment of 1.

Defendant calculated pensionable salary as base salary wages plus additional items of compensation, including longevity, educational incentives, and night and detective differentials, but not overtime pay. Craig S. Gumpel, on the brief.

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Because the parties were unable to negotiate successor agreements, their CNAs expired on July 31,and they submitted to compulsory interest arbitration pursuant to N. Hearings were conducted by an arbitrator in October On February 17,the arbitrator issued an Interest Arbitration Decision and Award, which established the terms of the CNAs between the parties for August 1,to July 31, The arbitration award set a new salary schedule and modified the longevity schedule, but continued the provisions of the prior agreements regarding educational incentives, and night and detective differentials.

Kleinbaum, of counsel and on the brief; Marissa A. McAleer, on the brief. The Committee recommended forty-one reforms to public employee pensions, health care benefits, and other employee benefits, which it found were long "overdue.

Praxis (ii) subject assessment exams information

With regard to health care costs, the Committee recommended that the Legislature require all active public employees and future retirees to pay some portion of the cost of their health insurance premiums. Hough, N. See Manalapan Realty, L. We first review the nature of the award that was the subject of interpretation by the trial court and now, in this appeal. After defendant filed a notice of appeal, we granted defendant's motion for a stay.

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Brian W. Kronick, of counsel; David K. Broderick and Brett M. Pugach, on the briefs. The trial judge agreed with plaintiffs and entered judgment in their favor.

Paterson police police pba local 1 v. city of paterson

On February 8,the Legislature introduced Senate Bill s 2, 3, and 4, which were passed and ed into law on March 22, State of N. The law at issue here, which provided changes to the health benefits program, was introduced as S.

The two other bills provided changes to public pension benefits S. In the Final Report, the Committee noted that its investigation of "health benefits issues revealed a system plagued by the skyrocketing costs of health care that have dramatically increased the cost of health benefits for both current and retired public employees. See ibid.

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Borough of Hillsdale, N. Arbitration conducted pursuant to the Reform Act is subject to a statutorily mandated procedure. The judge later issued an order that granted a stay as to retroactive excess deductions, but denied a stay of the prospective deductions. The arbitrator's decision is final and binding upon the parties. In our view, the relief sought by defendant was not a modification of the award but rather, a clarification that use of the term "base salary" in the award was consistent with applicable law.

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It is authorized to "assist local government in the solution of its problems, and plan and guide needed readjustments for effective local self-government. LFN highlighted important elements of the law and included Frequently Asked Questions FAQs in which it defined "base salary" as the "salary on which pension contribution. The resulting legislation was "deed to improve the fiscal strength of State and local governments, reduce taxpayer burdens, and ensure the health and pension systems remain viable for current and future employees.

Mark C. Rushfield, of counsel and on the brief. Although none of the parties appealed, they were permitted to seek enforcement of the decision in the Superior Court. Plaintiffs initiated this action, contending that "base salary" meant base contractual salary and excluded additional items of compensation such as longevity, educational incentives, and night and detective differentials.

The new Article 31 in the award explicitly referred to L. Therefore, to understand the meaning of "base salary" within the award, we must determine the meaning of that term in the statute.

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Rutgers, N. As noted, "base salary" is not defined in the statute itself or in any administrative regulation promulgated to implement the statute. Defendant argues that the trial court erred in interpreting the term "base salary" as meaning base contractual salary, rather than "base pensionable salary," and thereby improperly excluded such additional items of compensation as educational incentives, detective and night differentials, and longevity pay from the calculation of base salary.

Defendant interpreted base salary as an officer's base pensionable salary and made deductions accordingly. The arbitrator must "decide the dispute based on a reasonable determination of the issues, giving due weight to [enumerated statutory factors] that are judged relevant for the resolution of the specific dispute.

Kearns, Jr. Weng, on the brief. Defendant sought to comply with the dictates of N. Accordingly, it deducted 1. No administrative regulations defining the term "base salary" were promulgated under the amended statute. The resulting award required, in part, that police officers "shall make contributions toward health insurance coverage in the amount of 1.