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John Trumbull Oil on canvas, c. Born in Lebanon, Connecticut in to Connecticut Governor Jonathan Trumbull and Faith Robinson Trumbull, John Trumbull graduated from Harvard in and hood injury to one of his eyes may have given him a desire to focus on details during his prestigious career as an artist.

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Some of the features on CT. Find a vaccination site near you at ct. Howell entered pleas to six counts of Murder in New Britain Superior Court, where he was sentenced in November to years in prison, or six consecutive life sentences.

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She was accused of witchcraft in and hanged in Hartford in May of that year, with her husband surviving her. Rockland, ME: Picton Press, West Indians in Hartford.

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Taylor, John M. The Witchcraft Delusion in Colonial Connecticut, Tomlinson, R. Witchcraft Prosecution: Chasing the Devil in Connecticut. The majority of those executed as witches, both in Connecticut and elsewhere, were poor women, sometimes single mothers, living on the margins of society.

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She was born around and was a resident of WindsorConnecticut, married a man named John Young, and gave birth to a daughter Alice. Witchcraft in Connecticut Facebook.

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While witchcraft had been practiced around the world for centuries, there was no formal mention of it in the colony of Connecticut until it became a crime punishable by death in Historical interpretations and general theories as to why people targeted others as witches tend to focus on the difficulty of life in the New World.

Mather, Cotton.

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E-News Subscribe. Connecticut State Library. Legislators and religious figures were, by definition, all men, and it was women who bore the brunt of social and religious intolerance. Although Alice did not hang, the historical records are sketchy as to what punishment she actually received. Some of these elements factored into the case of Alse Youngpurported to be the first person in colonial America executed as a witch.

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Her period of travail dragged on for years, during which time authorities tortured her by whipping and a local minister tormented her until she finally confessed. For its part, patriarchal views of women as second-class citizens sometimes manifested itself in accusations of witchcraft. He is also the author of two books. Woodward, Walter William.

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Settlers from England had, byexperienced a great deal of hardship that fed feelings of hostility toward the natural world, as well as to anyone within the community who did not strictly conform to harsh social and personal mores. Burr, George Lincoln, ed. Though the vast majority of those accused of witchcraft were women, two men in Connecticut also hanged as witches: John Carrington and Nathaniel Greensmith, both of whom died along with their wives. Connecticut State Library, State Archives.

Perhaps more important, though, were the relations with local indigenous peoples which sometimes fueled violent encounters and promoted fear and anxiety within colonial settlements. Female sexuality was especially contested terrain and it was around the expression of any degree of independence and sexual freedom by women that many of the charges of witchcraft arose.

Disease epidemics, starvation, and winters colder and longer than those experienced in England were just some of the problems settlers faced. There is some evidence that accusations of witchcraft against women were also, at least in part, founded on greed. Detail from the book, England's grievance discovered, in relation to the coal-trade It was one of the most shameful episodes in the long history of Connecticut.

Although men committed the overwhelming percentage of crimes moral and otherwiselegislation pertaining to moral crimes largely directed itself at policing the behavior of women. Ina Connecticut servant named Mary Johnson was accused of being a witch. The Connecticut residents who died as witches, however, set both a legal and moral precedent that led, in part, to the more famous Salem Witch Trials of Bridgeport native Andy Piascik is an award-winning author who has written for many publications and websites over the last four decades.

This was witchcraft and witch-hunting in 17th-century Connecticut.

Narratives of the Witchcraft Cases, Hinman, R. First Record of Connecticut. Our Programs. Witchcraft as a Crime in Connecticut While witchcraft had been practiced around the world for centuries, there was no formal mention of it in the colony of Connecticut until it became a crime punishable by death in Grant, Matthew. It was a period when superstition, patriarchy, and religion-fueled repression were bedrock features of colonial life.

Other CT Humanities Programs. It lasted several decades and preceded the more famous cases in Salem, Massachusetts, by almost fifty years. We could not locate your form. Those three killings brought an end to the disgraceful episode in Connecticut history, as shortly thereafter Governor John Winthrop Jr. After that the executions ceased.

Thirty years later, her daughter, Alice, stood accused of being a witch in Springfield, Massachusetts. The execution of the Greensmiths came amid the Hartford Witch Panic in which authorities killed three people as witches in a span of a month in the early s.

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Mary Johnson.