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It was Mayand he was in the middle of interviewing a middle-aged woman from New Hampshire.

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Crafty scammers spoof area-code federal-government office s to make the calls look like the real thing, then use a scam to perpetuate a scam, telling their targets their Social Security has been hacked, and they need the Social Security to reinstate it before benefits are lost, Brauer of the National Council on Aging said.

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This is a space for friendly local discussions. Don't return calls that claim to be from the IRS, the Social Security Administration, your bank or a local police or sheriff's department. See below for tips on what you can do right now to protect yourself and your relatives.

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Con artists are targeting aging residents in NH and across America. Con artists are targeting aging residents in New Hampshire and across America to defraud them of billions of dollars. Don't press any s to stop calls. Con artists bank on their victims' silence due to embarrassment in a growing of online romance scamstoo.

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Overall, the top10 scams on elderly Americans are:. If the government needs to take action right away, or it's free, engage your inner skeptic. In another version of the scam, someone pretends to be the loved one — ing for the change in voice by claiming a broken nose.

Serial con artist swindled victims and abandoned her children

Be transparent. Review the Patch Community Guidelines. Thank Reply 3 Share.

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Though delicate and difficult, no one looking after an aging parent or grandparent should put off the conversation, Stokes said. Photo credit: Shutterstock. Aging Americans are con artists' targets of choice, partly because they're seen by scammers as vulnerable, but primarily because of a perception "they're sitting on piles of money," said Randy Brauer of the National Council on Aging.

Find out what's happening in Nashua with free, real-time updates from Patch. Specifically, the survey showed 4 percent had been victimized in an online relationship, and another 14 percent said they had been targeted. Facebook has privacy settings, but in the beginning, "people went to Facebook in droves and never buttoned down their information, so it's there for any scammer to exploit," Stokes said.

The "grandparent scam" is "simple, yet very devious" in that it "exploits that relationship a grandparent has with a grandchild," Brauer said. Let's go! There are some easy ways to spot a scam callbut the most important thing people can do is hang up immediately and then call back at the on an statement or in a phone book. Replies 3 Show 3 replies.

Scammers scare, extort millions from your aging parents in nh

We need to flip the narrative — 'this happened to me and I'm empowered to tell my story so others won't feel the same embarrassment. That will likely increase the of robocalls you get, aling to the scammers they've reached an active .

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Keep it local and relevant. Stokes has a script for her own mother in the event she gets a call about the grandparent scam — or any one of several that try to emotionally rattle elderly Americans into giving up Social Security or Medicare s by telling them their benefits are in peril.

The terrified grandparent may think, "this is the new digital age; this is how I'm supposed to do this," he said. Above all, don't "yell at your mom for falling for a scam," said Stokes, who noted the AARP staff is "trained to listen Nashua NH dating scams calls about elder scams] with empathy and use empathetic words, to remind them they are the victim, this is a very sophisticated kind of scam and that it occurs across demographics.

The Federal Trade Commission fielded almost 15, complaints about the scam inbut the true of older Americans preyed upon is unknown. The FCC also has tips on how to stop unwanted and illegal robocalls. Clever identity thieves pose as representatives of banks, credit card companies, creditors or government agencies and try to get their targets to give up sensitive information like s, Social Security s, mothers' maiden names, passwords and other identifying information.

The rules of replying: Be respectful. State residents made three complaints to the Senate Special Committee on Aging Fraud Hotline inbut that figure does not represent reports that might have been made to state attorneys general offices and other watchdog groups.

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Never give out Social Security, Medicare or financial information over the phone. Change your voic message so it doesn't reveal your name or other personal information. If you want a legitimate caller to know they've reached you, go ahead and put your phone on the message.

here about what's being done to stop robocalls. Make sure your replies stay on topic. Don't confirm any personal information. That comes from decades of society treating elderly people reeled in by scammers as feeble and incompetent rather than as crime victims. The "grandparent scam," for example, tries to trick elderly residents into believing a grandchild or other loved one has been thrown in jail, kidnapped or faces some other immediate peril that requires an immediate wire transfer of money or even an iTunes gift card.

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Reply to this article Reply. This scam may "play on the loneliness of a person who lost a spouse," she said, pointing to research that showed a common theme among people who reported being targeted had experienced some negative event, be it the loss of a spouse or job or a financial setback.

Stokes's mom is armed with more knowledge about fraud than most aging Americans by virtue of her daughter's job. Another one scares victims into thinking they won't get their Social Security check.

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To request removal of your name from an arrest report, submit these required items to arrestreports patch. These scams are a booming business.

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What Stokes has done is good advice for anyone looking after elderly relatives, though convincing her mom to admit she needed a plan wasn't an easy sell. Instead, look up the legitimate phone. Scammers get this information by scouring obituaries, online and offline documents, or "even just dumpster diving to get information on people," Stokes said.

No racist, discriminatory, vulgar or threatening language will be tolerated. Use your real name, and back up your claims. The problem with reporting, Stokes says, is that victims risk heaping on more emotional abuse if they report it. In general, avoid answering calls from s you don't recognize. If you think the message is legitimate, don't return the left on a voic. In New Hampshire, the top scams targeting the elderly are unsolicited phone calls and debt collection scams. Get a phone to call back and verify the whereabouts and safety of the person the call is about.

Avoid saying "yes" to any question, as calls may be recorded and the answer can be used as consent for a purchase you didn't request. Con artists change tactics at a dizzying pace.

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It may seem like common sense that "if your kids is really in trouble, they're not going to get an iTunes gift card to get out of jail," Brauer said, but the ruse works when con artists press the point and pass gift cards off as the quickest way to get the child out of harm's way or as an official form of government tender. Several of his colleagues' parents or grandparents have received these calls, Bauer said, and they were able to keep scammers on the line while verifying the safety and whereabouts of a younger relative supposedly in a bind.

Register both your landline and your cellphone s on the Do Not Call Registry.

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Report robocalls and other unwanted calls with the FTC, by phone at oror online. There's a strong chance your parents or grandparents have already gotten a call or two trying to scare them into forking over their money. Clever con artists use sophisticated technology that includes recordings of the supposedly ransomed grandchild's voice, making the calls seem frighteningly real.