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The medical career of Dr.

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And while it can look like tap dancing to the untrained eye, there are differences, though now there is much more crossover between the two forms. The show took a monthslong hiatus during the pandemic shutdown but then returned and is currently on winter break.

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InMr. Clifford taught a master class for Ms. He asked her out. Clifford is the youngest of three children of the late Vincent Clifford and Marie Clifford who lived in Charleston, S. Marie Clifford had been a tap dancer, so when her son showed an interest in clogging, she encouraged him.

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It was a social media friendship with little interaction. She always wished him well before he was going on television, for example, but nothing more than that.

The conversation and connect with us:

They settled on the date Jan. Clifford scrolled through past photos on his phone, he saw they had been in San Juan on that exact date the year before. Goodman also became a clogging instructor. Goodman, who is taking Mr. She recently completed a certificate in cybersecurity and is in a yoga-teacher training program. With the blessing of their families, they decided to elope.

Clifford said.

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While she instantly regretted it, in hindsight, Ms. In the coming years, they each met someone, got married, and then divorced. They ate at the same restaurant as they did on their first date, and once again, strolled along the marina. When Ms. Goodman was 15, she shyly asked Mr. Clifford for his autograph; she has a photo of them together from that exchange.

Goodman began clogging at age Soon they ed a team: the Sims Country Cloggers. As they looked at dates and venues for a small wedding, nothing about planning it was easy. The only live guest was an iguana that wandered by.

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Braswell said. Clifford, now 44, is well-known throughout the clogging world and beyond.

Every wednesday is friendsday!

A quick study in both, he realized how martial arts informed the fluidity of his movements in dance and vice versa. Spoiler alert: Ms. Goodman knew of what she spoke. This time, he proposed with a custom-made ring. They got a dog and three cats. He was only 5 when he began clogging, and at age 6, he began karate lessons.

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But Mr. He graduated with a degree in corporate communications and then turned pro, teaching and making instructional videos, and founding the troupe. But as the years went by, Mr. Clifford found himself changing his tune. Four members of All That! The troupe also does corporate functions and cruise ship gigs, too.

Inthey friended each other on Facebook.

Welcome to friendship medical clinic!

His nonschool hours were taken up by competitions and the travel they require. She turned him down. Not so academically-minded, Mr. Clifford put all of his focus in both clogging and karate. Clifford and Ms. Goodman now live. He founded an all-male clogging troupe called All That! After a few dates, Ms. Goodman moved to Myrtle Beach.

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Clifford, who was first inspired by seeing older boys doing it. Although she had waited years for this moment, he was her celebrity crush, not someone you go out with in real life. While in its early years it was performed to fiddle and banjo, now routines are regularly choreographed to pop and hip-hop. The Wedding The couple had a ceremony with Bible verses woven in as friends and family watched on Facebook. In the United States, clogging originated in Appalachia.

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Her adolescent crush would actually stick, though it would take more than 20 years. By the time he was 8, he was on his way to being star in the competitive clogging world.

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They both were competitive cloggers, a style of folk dancing. Goodman, now 35, was 12 when she saw Mr. Clifford perform for the first time.

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After they were pronounced married, onlookers let out a cheer. He is also a third-degree brown belt, just short of a black belt. They had been on a cruise in January,and had fallen in love with Puerto Rico. This time, Ms. Goodman said.

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In Augusthe suggested they go out to dinner for the first time since the shutdown. Clog dancing takes influences from Wales, Irish line, African folk and square dance.

How do you fondue?

Finally, indespite still harboring the memory of being rejected by her years earlier, Mr. Clifford once again asked her out. Braswell, the former teammate of Ms. They soon moved in together, first into an apartment, and then, later, bought a home.

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Goodman, who went on to compete in clogging in the Junior Olympics, in and In those early days, at competitions, Ms. Clifford in particular.