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Do they so desperately want to leave the Philippines? Pamela Brown, an official with the Department of Immigration and Ethnic Affairs, insists that the issue is taken extremely seriously, and says new measures announced by Immigration Minister Nick Bolkus last year have made it much tougher for undesirable sponsors to operate see box, But she adds that the problem "is smaller than we first thought It seems that a lot of the stories about individual men get repeated over and over again.

After some time they sponsored her sister, who in time became his girlfriend. Selling a dream. Very few are deported, according to the Iredale Report, although some vanish into the community and become "illegal". After many hours of conversation, it becomes apparent that their vulnerability has as much to do with grief as humiliation - grief, from discovering how exploitable they're considered to be.

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A few years ago in Manila, an Australian reportedly described Filipino women as "little brown f Serial sponsors are men who have sponsored a wife or fiancee from overseas on more than one occasion, and have abused or exploited at least one of those women. The abusive sponsor feels little responsibility towards supporting his ex-spouses or children, and the government picks up the tab. When the marriage or relationship falls apart - or in many cases, ends abruptly when the "fiancee" is thrown out - the men usually return to the same country for a replacement.

Initially, we're not sure we have the right address. The hot, harsh wind and the red earth, littered with holes from opal mining, only reinforce the sense of isolation. In the Philippines, frangipani blossoms are used for funerals. Bong Ramilo tells us that. Two years ago, Senator Bolkus was quoted as saying that he was unprepared to limit the of women one man could sponsor.

Other women, sponsored on "fiancee visas", discover they've been brought to Australia to act as housekeepers, cooks and sex partners. We get close on our journey, talking to women it has taken weeks to find, gradually realising a second story is brushing our heels, one that runs like an undercurrent beneath the first.

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One notorious Adelaide man hands out instructions to his friends on how to bring in Filipino women on visitor entry visas. In time she also left, and he sponsored a younger, "more compliant" Filipina in her early 20s. We have travelled here to find a year-old man who, it's rumoured, has just arrived back from the Philippines with his third Filipino wife - his seventh wife altogether. To celebrate Good Weekend's 30th anniversary, we have selected 30 of the magazine's best features of the past three decades.

For many, it's the only way to escape lives of economic hardship, and to help their families in the Philippines by sending money back to them. After a period they left him, and he sponsored a third sister in the same family.

Maternal contradictions

One Mission women dating australian men the Filipinas he sponsored he allegedly beat her when she would not have sex with him claims he told one of his friends, "It's cheaper to get someone like her on a visitor's visa for six months than to see prostitutes. The report says the Philippines appears to be the major source for repeat sponsors, followed by Fiji, and increasingly by Thailand.

Welfare worker Joan Dicka warns of the potential abuse by mentally ill serial sponsors. But it's the Filipino women who dominate the tales we're told, ahead of other groups such as the Thais - although cultural reticence may have a lot to do with this. He moved between the two women, one upstairs, the other downstairs. Dicka knows of one man, a former patient at Glenside, an Adelaide psychiatric hospital, who has had five wives - at least one of whom was a Filipina. In one documented case, a man who had ly sponsored two women from the Philippines changed his name by deed poll to evade questions at the Philippines Consulate.

He also tells us about the flights he has been on, full of drunken Australian men going to Manila. The frangipanis will never be able to provide her with the same kind of pleasure. Tess's husband recieved a two-year prison sentence for assault. He knows we are coming. It was the Iredale report that defined "serial sponsors", and revealed that over the past five to 10 years the prevalence of Australian men repeatedly sponsoring spouses from overseas has increased. The maximum of women sponsored by any one person in the study was said to be seven.

Serial sponsors know all about the dream - and the way tourism and a diet of Western television have taken hold of the romantic imaginations of Filipinos. This is how she relaxes, watching the sea and the people coming to eat at the outdoor cafes nearby. I can't draw the line after three or four marriages and say, 'That's it, you can't have any more. The link between racism and exploitation has strong implications for Australia's image as a multicultural nation - let alone raising disturbing questions about immigration policy.

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A South Australian man now in his 70s is believed to have sponsored at least five Filipino women - one of whom was aged 23 when he dumped her outside the Migrant Resource Centre in Adelaide a few years ago, telling workers there that she was no longer "good in bed". Sometimes she uses her walking-frame to get herself to the edge of the pier.

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The fact that the term "serial sponsor" even exists should be ringing alarm bells all over the country - especially given the obvious implications for Australia's reputation in Asia. However, even the Filipino women, who are known to be outspoken, are fearful of talking. Other times she fishes from her wheelchair, casting her line into that flat, jade sea.

Inwhile sentencing a NSW man to 18 months' jail for bigamy, a Fijian judge condemned Australian men for what he said was their "ruthless" exploitation of Fijian women. This article was originally published on May 6, For the full list. Serial sponsors, like all Australian citizens and residents, are protected by the Privacy Act, as well as by the Australian Government's concern with the right and freedom of its citizens to marry the person of their choice a right enshrined in various international conventions and covenants.

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Their hidden agendas for the women they import include housebound slave-labour at least one woman was expected to dig drains and concrete and on-call sex these men frequently import much younger women. The influence of sex tours - the perversion of '80s tourism - cannot be discounted either.

Serial sponsors are the kind of men who have difficulty finding partners in their own culture many are divorcedbecause of their unyielding views of women in general. One of the worst cases in the Iredale Report involved a man aged 50, who married and sponsored a Filipino woman in her 20s.

We rang him the day after a local policeman advised us not to arrive at the house without warning. Good Weekend was told of one Australian man, who had ly sponsored two Filipino wives, who was currently looking for a third wife - this time from Vietnam.

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The Department of Immigration and Ethnic Affairs was sufficiently concerned three years ago to commission the report, Serial Sponsorship: Immigration Policy and Human Rights the so-called Iredale Reportwhose authors, from the Centre of Multicultural Studies at the University of Wollongong, identified men who had sponsored more than once.

He watches, too, as another category of Australian men operates on the fringes, where the pincers are waving. Serial sponsors hold a winning hand because of the social and economic circumstances of countries such as the Philippines, where women are dogged in their pursuit of foreigners to marry. Many serial sponsors spend their money generously, dress well, and generally act in a manner which their mates back home mightn't recognise.

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Most of them end up in refuges or in social security offices. Many of these men are outright tyrants, who use violence, including sexual violence, and threats of deportation to keep the women in a state of stress and insecurity. They may represent the extreme end of the marriage-migration market, but they haven't come from nowhere. However, migrant welfare workers such as Elly Wilde, the administrator of the Riverlands Shelter in South Australia - whose suggestion to department officials that the Adelaide Women's Emergency Shelter submit the names of the worst offenders was turned down - say the human rights of the women are also at stake here.

Of these, 53 had sponsored on two occasions and 57 had sponsored at least three partners. He was granted a visa in his new name, and sponsored a third woman as a fiancee - whom he then sexually assaulted before the wedding.

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It's like the influence of Hollywood. Often, they're dumped before any marriage takes place.

The sydney morning herald

The first impressions of a young woman arriving here from the Philippines can only be imagined Credit: Scanned from original Good Weekend story. We can see only a low, dusty hill and a long wall of corrugated iron. Coober Pedy is at the end of the world. Emilio Chignola with seventh wife Jocelyn - he says his marriages have been mercy missions, rescuing women from lives of poverty. There are stories that scuttle away in the darkness like crabs, waving their pincers to keep you from getting too close. They're a consequence of the conscious or unconscious attitude of many Australian men towards Asian women - which is the undercurrent mentioned earlier, the second story running beneath the first.

Eighty of those repeat sponsors were known to have subjected at least one of their partners to domestic violence. A frustrated Cheryl Hannah, the chief migration officer at the Australian Embassy in Manila, describes the Philippines as "an extremely determined out-migrating country How badly can be seen in the more extreme cases, where young, attractive Filipino women marry much older, ill-educated men who are hopeless social misfits. We meet Rose in Darwin, a pretty, wise-cracking, year-old Filipina, who escapes the heat in the late afternoons by driving herself down to the pier in the harbour to go fishing.

Cheryl Hannah, commenting that "it's a form of racism" to suggest that women from countries such as Mission women dating australian men Philippines are less capable of making informed decisions about the men they're marrying, adds, "Plenty of Australian women make similarly appalling marriage decisions. Ramilo, the Darwin representative for the Centre for Philippine Concerns, Australia CPCAwatches the huge tide of women from his country marrying Australian men - most successfully, many disastrously. Serial sponsors go shopping for wives and fiancees in countries which they regard as bargain bins of docile, domesticated, disposable women, sexually submissive and easily controlled.

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While it's made extremely difficult for other people to enter Australia - boat people, for instance - serial sponsors appear to have carte blanche in bringing in women they may not even intend to "keep" for more than a few months. Iredale also comments, "The flow-on to the social security system is a serious problem. The pincers recede only a little in Darwin the first afternoon, in air made fragrant by frangipanis.

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The former Filipino wife of one serial sponsor says her husband told her he married Filipino women because he could push them around in a way he couldn't do to "women". This is the shameful story of serial sponsors, Australian men who traffic in Third World women under the guise of pursuing happiness. Wilde, like many of her colleagues, believes the woman's right to safety should outweigh the sponsor's right to privacy if he has a history of violence.

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Rose was diagnosed as a quadrepglic in December11 months after a final, brutal episode in which her husband deliberately dropped two large, heavy pot plants from an upstairs balcony while she was kneeling on the ground. Filipino lobby groups stress that many of these women are educated and had good jobs in the Philippines claims which can only fuel the cynicism which already exists in some quarters about the motives of the women themselves - some of whom, inevitably, do exploit the men who bring them here.

Joan Dicka, a well-known Filipino welfare worker in Adelaide and a former anti-Marcos activistaccelerates the argument by pointing out the potential for abuse by serial sponsors who are mentally disturbed.