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Millionaire dates Gulfport

Being single and dating is confusing and frustrating these days.

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It's something I have been thinking about.

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Even my church, my family on Facebook, my relatives out of state, everybody was thrilled. They were just pleased as punch that one of their teachers would go.

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My mother had seen it in the paper, the Times, that Who Wants to be a Millionaire was coming here and looking for contestants for the show. Obituaries Homes Jobs Classifieds. Published Mar. Up next: Legislature lowers Lealman fire tax cap and makes annexation less appetizing.

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I just tried to experience it without thinking about it. I wasn't nervous, it was just passing a test.

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And she had guessed correctly too, she said. When you are home, you just shout things out; there is no consequence. Investigations Narratives Pulitzer Winners.

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The Tampa Bay Times talked to Cooper, 56, a literature teacher with a master's degree in English, about appearing on the show last week. You don't know what the other contestants have done.

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By Sylvia Lim, Times correspondent. But when you are there, you have to commit to the answer. This is just a reading center because we have a big literacy problem in our schools. I don't want to be embarrassed.

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My colleagues were ecstatic. I told them I hope to open some sort of a reading center for children, like how you have after-school care or something like that. Regions Tampa St. Letters to the Editor Submit a Letter.

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About us. I always punctuate my sentences with "cha-ching," so they asked if I was going to say "cha-ching" on the show. Weeks later, I received in the mail a letter saying I was in the contestant pool.

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Careers Advertise Legal Contact. And when you go out there, they give you a run-through.

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I took it one step at a time so I wouldn't freak out. I went to New York with my sister and daughter-in-law and her mother. Then I had an interview with a producer and on-camera interview. My students, they were over the moon. Once I started talking to the producer, it was just like having a conversation.

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And there is money on the line. She told me about it, and I went there with my son and daughter-in-law.

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I called and they asked if I can come next week to be on the show. When you are there, the cameras are on, the audience is there. Then he said I had to go on to do an on-camera interview. I didn't go on the first day but came back the next day. It was nerve-racking, as you are waiting to go.

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We got there in the morning, at the ABC studios in New York, and then the producers went over the procedures. It's an idea, but on a more immediate level, I'll do whatever anyone else does: pay bills and maybe go on a vacation.

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I was also thinking of going back to school and getting my doctorate in English. If not, I would have totally lost it — I would have freaked out.