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Major: International business with a minor in French and Francophone Studies. Stoutner was an incredible advisor for my time as a business fellow. In my journey to law school, Dr.

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He earned his B. See stories by Hady Mawajdeh.

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They shined shoes on the street corner on the weekends, but it was landscaping where he really toiled. Hady Mawajdeh.

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On a return trip to South Africa, Winnie told Brown she would try and arrange a meeting between Brown and Mandela in prison. Brown receiving an honorary degree from N. Jesse Jackson and the mayor of Greensboro. He thought more about it and read the book a third time. We want to offer you a job as a policeman. His wife was not convinced he could cut it in public relations given his lack of experience, but over time, he learned to pitch himself to her.

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While at a bookshop in Greenwich Village, he picked up a book about effective public relations. After finishing high school, Brown received some scholarships to attend Virginia Union, a historically black university in Richmond. Brown meeting with Jackie Robinson and government official John Jenkins. All Streams. Often, he did not have the money and hitchhiked. Grant Holub-Moorman. Show Search Search Query. But Brown learned a lot from this time, especially life lessons and wisdom from his grandma.

The heroin trade was at a peak, and Brown worked on more cases than anyone else in the bureau over the next three years. Play Live Radio. At one point he worked with two federal narcotics agents who suggested he come work as a federal agent himself. Brown took the job and excelled as a cop.

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Humble Beginnings Brown grew up in High Point and was raised by his grandparents. WUNC collaborated with Quilla to craft the theme for…. Brown recalls the daily commute from High Point: If he had the 25 or 30 cents required for bus fare, he would take a bus to downtown Greensboro and walk two to three miles to campus. Frank Stasio. He played a role in the Vito Genovese case, the largest mafia case ever prosecuted. He was ased to work on mafia cases. They lived in the poorest section of town, and life was difficult. He bought it and read it. A week later, still moved by it, he read it again.

Brown waited on the front porch since his mother was too nervous inside. Facebook Twitter LinkedIn .

Hady Mawajdeh is a native Texan, born and raised in San Antonio. They offered to waive the college degree prerequisite because of his excellence. As he was reading the newspaper on the bus ride home, he saw an ad for the High Point police department. Brown continued to be close to the Mandela and served as a financial consultant to the family. Kennedy Robert F. High Point.

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A native of Buffalo, Frank has been in radio since the age of See stories by Frank Stasio. Son, are you in any kind of trouble?

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InFrank Stasio spent time in North Carolina guest hosting The State of Things, and one of the conversations from his early days on the show is one…. He left thinking that he could use the experience to write a great paper for his sociology class.

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There, Brown met King, and their relationship grew professionally and personally. Union membership in the United States is at a record low. Meeting Martin Luther King Jr. This was just one of the many world leaders Brown has met and worked with in his life. While traveling the country as a public relations consultant, Brown had a chance encounter with Martin Luther King Jr. Walker had heard of Brown's public relations work with giant companies like Woolworth's, and he asked him to stop by the office in the afternoon. He looked at the demographics of the company and saw the low of black employees.

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More Stories. Robert Brown second from right meeting with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Brown meeting President and Mrs. Brown being greeted by President Lyndon B. Johnson at the White House. He insisted it had to change. Brown served as a fundraiser for King's work, and after King's death, Brown accompanied Corretta Scott King to retrieve the body. Brown and his brother built a strong work ethic from an early age. Anna Luisa Daigneault, known as Quilla, is the audio muse that makes the Embodied podcast sparkle.

But the petition was granted and Brown spent two hours with Mandela, an exceptionally long visit relative to the customary 15 minute spans Mandela was allowed with family visitors. Brown called Captain Johnson, who then came by the house. His grandma caught him drinking out of the water fountain for white people and told him to drink out of the colored people fountain. She became one of the most important figures of life, despite the others he met in his future.

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He listened to Fresh Air growing up and fell in love with public radio. Brown dismissed the idea because no one outside of immediate family had been permitted to visit Mandela at Pollsmoor Prison.

Brown grew up in High Point and was raised by his grandparents. Logan Valleroy and Casey Valleroy might be teenagers, but their musical prowess makes them seem like professional musicians. He had a pretty humble start in High Point, where he was born and raised. Next Up:. Available On Air Stations.

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The brothers have been…. View the slideshow at the top to see other leaders Brown has met. In June ofBrown received a letter finalizing his appointment as a federal agent in New York. Several days later, Brown returned from school, and his grandma came up to him.