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Palmdale City Manager J. The declaration will be present

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Rivera began contacting the Palmdale girl through an anonymous webcam chatting app in August, according to Deputy District Attorney Jon Hatami said. But sex okay as long as it is with under 18 if your under 18? Not kidding.

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See below. Funny how the same age person can be treated as an adult and as .

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Man, people on this site seriously worry me. If a young girl, who has been taking part in this illegal activity, has a baby by these illegal acts, who gets custody of the child?

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This is definitely an example of the magic that happens when you turn From a kid birthday in Augustto being called a pedophile in less than a month. A Jeffrey Epstein wanna be.

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A few months ago the CA Supreme Court found that a 10 year old was mature enough to waive his Miranda Rights when questioned by police, without his parent present. Wait, old enough to military at 18, uh…. If he were a 17 year old and she 12 then this would all be acceptable. But… sex at 18, alcoholic beverages at 21 and now? Even if either person was 17 it would still be illegal.

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A 17 year old may the US Armed Forces, with parental permission. Drive at 16…. Joel Rivera entered his plea to one count each of meeting minor for lewd purposes, distributing or showing pornography to a minor and contact with minor for sexual purposes. A 16 year old may get married, with parental permission at which point sex is a requirement, the way I understand it.

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I know right? Anyone have more info?

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The act itself is prima facie evidence of guilt when one participant is incapable of legally consenting. Even if the other person is under 18 themselves.

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Rivera exchanged sexually explicit images with the child for nearly a month through various messaging apps, the prosecutor said. A person under 18 is always prosecuted for any criminal offense, and a 14 year old can easily be charged, prosecuted and sentenced as an adult, LWOP totally an option until very recently. No, in California anyone under 18 even two 17 year olds are not legally allowed to consent to sex.

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Can someone tell me what the age restrictions are down there? related story : Rhode Island man charged with arranging to meet year-old Palmdale girl for sex. All that.

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Even if the person was 17 and the child 12, it would still be illegal. In some jurisdictions such as Californiaif two minors have sex with each other, they are both guilty of engaging in unlawful sex with the other person. The child momher parents? Also the search notes that you will likely be prosecuted for any relationship under I think someone parents, teachers forgot to tell all the pregnant middle school girls that what they are doing is illegal. That makes most high school kids sex criminals.

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And if making serious arguments based on knowing the law and research and facts makes me a pedo, a pedo be I. It is the law, and it is the height of hypocrisy. If links are allowed, here is some recommended reading:.

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California Penal code Even if the person was 18 and the child 17, it would still be illegal. Do we know if the 12 lied about her age yet.

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A 16 year old may hold legal employment and operate a motor vehicle. Serious arguments this websites resident pedo community make. I love how this magic age thing is in our world…. What, you can be ready for sex at 18 but smoking or alcohal only at 21….

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