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We call it Switch Point Stories — instead of using the more conventional language of intersectionality — to call to mind the criss-crossing stories continually passing through an old-fashioned telephone switchboard. Panelists will tell stories from a variety of disciplines, speaking in a variety of genres including memoir and spirituality. Building on insights from preceding conferences at Santa Clara and Ohio State Law Schools on sex, race and sexuality, Switch Point Stories explores new approaches to inequalities in sex, race and sexuality by presenting a range of discourses that seek to address problems occurring at switch points among identity .

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She is about 20 and serves as a spicer-upper for DonnaRay. Rumor had it that she had been true blue while her hubby was working up north, well, mostly, she had fucked the young youth pastor at the community church a few times before regaining her senses.

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Owl and Rogue can do that as we know. Sometimes she was direct, like sticking her hand inside his fly to fondle the wedding tackle but usually she was less forward. She didn't shave it off. She kept her panties on even if her bra vanished from time to time. Donna hadn't batted an eyelash when they told her though.

Now she was feeling her oats from time to time as a 40ish MILF. The two of them had acted like pimps for Japanese girls at University of Kentucky wanting "A-mel-i-can say-la-man cock" this past summer. She tended to take a middle distance view of life and freedom. One of her lines was "freedom to fuck! There was nothing for her in that back valley except stress and trouble. The chieftess of this house of rollicking women was DonnaRay, usually called Donna.

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Two, believe it or not, had brought along their mothers for a fucking by the boys. That was a mind blower for both Sefa and Sadwi. In fact DeeDee said that one cold winter night with snow howling around Owl had been stuck sleeping on the sofa because the road was too dangerous for him to go home after a supper.

She had found safety and good company among the women there. Cutting to the nub, Sefa had won a week for two, including coupons for meals, gas money and seven free nights at a nice hotel on the beach. After a long string of loser boyfriends that got locked up on a regular basis she had latched on to Sid. Sid was the new deputy in the county. Sadwi and DeeDee said that Donna and Owl had broken her bed at least once. They had fed more than two dozen girls to Owl and his pal Rogue.

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Sefa is DonnaRay's shirt-tailed niece that escaped a nasty assed home-life in rural Western Virginia. Cousin Sadwi acted like a virginal angel most of the time but Sefa had seen her doing blow jobs, titty fucks and jerking off guys from time to time, usually for a bit of cash.

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He still sent mail but wasn't around nearly enough. Then Donna had come down and taken him to her bed for the rest of the night. Sefa had escaped from a bad situation over near the Virginia border and had come to her cousin Sadwi in the house three creeks off the state road about 15 miles out of town in south-central Kentucky. She gave advice when asked but kept her nose out of your business unless asked. There had been some rollicking hot parties but "No" had been accepted as "No" and it was good. By reputation DeeDee had fucked every cock in her high school class before she was Meeting Owl had slowed the cycle but just barely.

Sefa loved this woman. Donna was fun. Donna was always ready to help.

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She had arrived on the scene about two years after Sadwi had arrived. The two of them fucked like minks times a week either in DeeDee's room or in the back of Sid's pickup. Three or four had brought along sisters and cousins. Sadwi only trimmed her bush though.

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Bella Dawn was Donna's sister-in-law and DeeDee's mom. He was a dude with a future and a real job.

Switch point stories: tales of sex, race and sexuality

Donna would also put the brake on anything really stupid and probably keep Sefa out of serious trouble. Donna was shy until she got the wind up and then she would pick a dude and charm the pants off him. Once she was divorced from her two, three or maybe four timing husband, he had finally taken up with a young man if the story was right, and the farm had been leased out, she had bolted.

He was also a captain in the National Guard. Lately she had taken up with the new high school teacher in town but there was nothing of substance with him. They are both friends of Night4Owl or Owl. The sun was warm and the sky mostly sunny with a wispy cloud here and there.

They stayed out of each other shit and were best of friends because of that. He had actually graduated from college and the state police academy. They had even shared dudes from time to time rather than fight over them. DonnaRay is a matron in her late 40's or early 50's. She was a quiet one not given to gossip.

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She worked in town and didn't come home one night a week when she got the itch for an overnight lark. She was everyone's Auntie except Bella's. Why they were there is a long story. The guys that came visiting were all gents.

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They were planning to get married which was a definite step up for DeeDee. She had her eye on the main chance and that meant more school and no real entanglements for now. The women wouldn't tolerate rubbish. Sadwi could be an instigator though. Well, sometimes she would go buff to tease but never to please.

Several had come back on their own for more. Besides, after nearly a year of living around her, Sefa knew that Donna understood what was what about freedom. Betty was Sadwi's mother and a relative newcomer to the house. Betty had gotten out of a hectic scene in a back of God's back valley where pot was the cash crop and murder was rife.

Not often but the itch was there sometimes when Owl wasn't around. Note: You can change font size, font face, and turn on dark mode by clicking the "A" icon tab in the Story Info Box. Please consider leaving feedback on issues you experience or suggest improvements.

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It was a learning experience. She had thought about how to use it and settled on taking Donna with her. Donna had a semi-steady named Owl. They had been best of pals for several years but then Owl's life went a different direction and Donna had gotten pulled the other most of the time. That night DeeDee and Bella had fucked him on the sofa after everyone was in bed.

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She can still turn guy's he when she is of a mind. Sid had slowed the carousel to a bare crawl. Usually it was Wednesday nights after the church prayer meeting. DeeDee seemed to be happy to be around him.

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Some time ago Donna had introduced her to Owl. They had done the bed-time tango several times. The saga of her escape and resulting change in life's prospects may be a story sometime in the future. A boy would have been OK but what do you do with him after the first night? DeeDee was a bit of a .

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She had a couple semi-steady dudes but no one main squeeze. That's why they are called cougars. In the main Sadwi could be very naughty as long as she kept her panties on. They hadn't seen each other much. Pull up your socks and get on with it" was Donna's response. Her semi-usual squeeze was the RFD man that worked the rural parts of the county.