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Looking for a friend in Tennessee

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We get busy and occupied with the details of our own lives and sometimes folks have nothing left to offer after the demands of jobs, spouses, children and all their extra curricular activities, sick elderly parents, and yard work, housework, PTA, church groups etc. I think if we had younger neighbors, it would be easier but everyone on our street is either over 90 or middle-aged single men.

In nashville or else, improving your social skills is the way to go

Notice how I say "have to. I do not work or drive.

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On the other hand, any time I've needed anything, someone has always been willing to help. I probably have people over about 4 times a year. Some forums can only be seen by registered members. You gotta get involved with something. Hang in there, stay positive and giving, and just like love, friendship will find you when you stop looking for it so hard. That is being needy. Strange, isn't it?!

Maybe the kids really did have to weed the garden Part of being in a relationship is give and take and friendships work that way too. Needy people are selfish people and most have negative attitudes. In my circle, we're all just tired from working and parenting and like to have most of our free time with our families. Offer to help people when they express a need. The fact is some people just don't have much generosity of heart, and location has nothing to do with it.

How & where to meet people in nashville, and make new friends

As we noticed another one, yesterday, I turned to my husband and asked him to remind me to keep drinking the water. Meaning got married and had kids,So keeping in touch with em went from slim to none Knox can be a pretty hard town to make friends Alot of people here are reserved and closed off to "strangers" Most people here have there little circle of friends And thats all they need and care about If you wanna make friends here.

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Show that you have something to offer, rather than a need. Most of our neighbors are over 80 and well-beyond. I see it as a poor timing issue. Everywhere I had lived before where it was easy to make friends were places where I either had family or was going to school. I am so sorry you are having so much trouble. Second, not everyone is as good of a fit as you feel they are for you. View detailed profile Advanced or search site with Search Forums Advanced.

Try not to take it so personally when you are rejected the first time you suggest a get together.

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Snapdragon, Reaching out one time and being rejected does not count for all of Knoxville. I mostly hang out now with neighbors, people from work, and less so with people from church and my daughters' school. We stay in contact through e-mail and Facebook. I was in the same mindset as the OP and other who are saying that it is difficult to find friends here in Knoxville, but then I realized why my thought process was so flawed. I've had that problem myself a few times I grew up in Knox. I must admit that, although I have no children at home, I am busier now than ever and I don't have a whole lot of time or energy to invest in a "let's do everything together" type of friendship.

Friend tennessee

But when I do go out actively trying to meet folks, I will probably a group such as the Knoxville Track Club or a young professionals group. So, in essence, I was forced to meet friends in those places.

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Also know that if people are unfriendly, it probably has nothing to do with you, but that life right know is very hard for some people, and they are stressed. I don't have time for needy people in my life. I've had the same experience of being told "I have all the friends I need" here in CA and in other parts of the country.

How to find friends in nashville.

I moved a few times and i found myself coming back here and most of my friends had settled down. I haven't even moved to Knoxville yet and I already have a friend there. Didn't know a soul here except my husband.

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We can't go knock on the doors in the neighborhood and ask if folks can come out to play. I'm sorry you guys have had a some bad experience. Finding a friend is like finding a life partner, it gets harder as we get older. Some of the people I consider really good friends have never asked me over.

I don't look at friendships as what it can do for me, but what I get out of the exchange. Note the convenience factor with all these friendships. My realtor is such a sweetie and I really can't wait until I live there to spend time with her family.

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We met on a visit to look at the housing market and hit it off. I'd say my situation really puts me behind the eight ball.

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My spouse and I have reached out to help people and will continue doing that. Thanks Pam for your words of wisdom.

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Firstly, people ARE busy, so it might take 2 or 3 invitations before you find a casual get together that is convenient for both of you. We're not huge on get togethers at my house.

Where to meet people in nashville

Rather than being ing a gym like i did to meet new people,Or start going to church and try to make friends that way Me personally i wouldn't try and meet people or make try and make friends at a bar Usually thats not a smart idea How i got to meet new people was working in retail You meet and work with alot of people in retail everyday That can be a pretty easy way to make friends as well Other than that,I would just look for groups of people that shared some of the same interests as you do and ask if you can be apart of there "little group" as well Most of the time that works too.

I was a transplant here 4 years ago. A friendship will not form or grow if one person is unrelenting and demanding. In my experience I run the other way from neediness. I don't really have any advice to offer, I just wanted to let you know that I empathize and wish you all the best. Part of friendships is gelling with the other person and fitting in comfortably in that persons life.

I think most people are that way. I had casual friends but not that easy sort of friendship where you agree on most things and still get along when you don't. I believe most people have such limited free time that it is difficult to find any extra time to invest in friendships. A friend should add something to the other persons life.

It sounds like you're doing all the right things. To have a friend, be a friend.

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I've got tons of "close acquaintances" since moving to K'ville almost 5 years ago but no close "friends". I think Knoxville Native hit the nail on the head. I'd say that some are more crippled then I am. Yet I have made friends and a life here.

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Location: The Conterminous United States. I have never seen so many very old, skinny men pushing lawnmowers in my life. Knoxville Native. Here, I have to learn how to be more outgoing in meeting friends by, as other have already said, getting involved.

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I know that I am the kind of person who has only a small handful of good friends, and most of those I've known for years.