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It has exciting capabilities and use cases that make many companies anxious to deploy the technology for their own businesses. Many want to harness its benefits to become faster and more user-friendly than ever. However, this creates new problems for mobile operators.

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The National Security Agency is recommending that some government workers and people generally concerned about privacy turn off find-my-phone, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth whenever those services are not needed, as well as limit location data usage by apps. NSA officials acknowledged that geolocation functions are enabled by de and are essential to mobile communications. The officials also admit that the recommended safeguards are impractical for most users. Mapping, location tracking of lost or stolen phones, automatically connecting to Wi-Fi networks, and fitness trackers and apps are just a few of the things that require fine-grained locations to work at all. But these features come at a cost.

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What makes a smart building smart?

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Analysing this data helps the NSA work out which devices are regularly in close proximity and, by implication, exposes a potential connection between the owners of those handsets. The vast majority of the information gathered is said to come from taps installed on mobile phone networks and used the basic location-information that networks log as people move around. The analysis is so detailed that it can be used to thwart attempts to hide from scrutiny by people who use disposable phones or only use a handset briefly before switching it off.

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Germany and Brazil in UN spy draft. The American Civil Liberties Union said it was "staggering" that the NSA could mount such a vast location-logging system without any public debate.

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Published 27 November Published 22 November Published 2 November Related Internet Links. Web inventor in surveillance warning.

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Almost five billion mobile phone location records are logged by the NSA every day, reports the Washington Post. The huge database built up by the NSA National Security Agency keeps an eye on "hundreds of millions" of mobile phones, said the Post, adding that it let the agency map movements and relationships in ways that were "ly unimaginable". The "dragnet surveillance" was condemned by digital rights groups who called for the NSA's snooping efforts to be reined in.

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In response, Mr Smith said, Microsoft was expanding its use of encryption; would fight legal orders that stop it telling customers when their data is being sought and would allow a closer look at the code it develops to show there were no backdoors built in. It added that the vast programme potentially surpassed any other NSA project in terms of its impact on privacy. The new meaning of spyware.

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Brad Smith, Microsoft legal counsel, said government snooping was now as much of a security problem as computer viruses and other cyber-attacks. Washington Post. More on this story. NSA 'plan to shame web-porn users'.

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The news comes as Microsoft plans to use more encryption to thwart NSA spying on it and its customers. Information about the programme was in papers released to the Post by whistleblower Edward Snowden.

What makes a smart building smart?

The spying agency is said to have accumulated so much data, about 27 terabytes according to leaked papers seen by the Post, that it was "outpacing" the NSA's ability to analyse the information in a timely fashion. The data is said to help the NSA track individuals, and map who they know, to aid the agency's anti-terror work. The "dragnet surveillance" broke US obligations that require it to respect the privacy of foreigners and Americans.

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The steady flow of information about the NSA's surveillance work has led Microsoft to take steps to protect itself and its customers from unwarranted scrutiny, it said in a blogpost.