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The California missions began in the late 18th century as an effort to convert Native Americans to Catholicism and expand European territory.

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It was founded more than two hundred years ago as the 7th of 21 missions statewide and features a chapel still standing where Saint Serra once celebrated Mass. Originally built as a self sufficient community by Spanish Padres and Native Americans, the Mission was a center for agriculture, industry, education and religion. Mission San Juan Capistrano has been home to many people over its years of history. Its history consists of memories and stories of its past inhabitants and present visitors. It is a place of historical, cultural, and religious ificance, as well as a place of inspiration and education. Mission San Juan Capistrano was permanently founded by Junipero Serra on November 1,as the seventh of 21 missions to be established in California by the Spanish.

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How can I receive help from someone to make my gift? Will you sell my information to a third party?

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Can professionals IMB teams? Can families with teenage children be appointed as IMB missionaries? How do I make a gift of personal property or real estate? Can I serve? I struggle with pornography.

The mission district

Can someone become an IMB missionary even if they were not baptized by immersion? Do both spouses need to apply and go through the assessment process? What are the dates for the Week of Prayer for International Missions? How do I directly support an IMB missionary?

What are the particular theological positions or persuasions in IMB work? When should I begin the application to go with IMB? Who will be helping to guide me through the IMB application process?

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What is evangelism? Do you have to be a member of a Southern Baptist Church to serve as a Journeyman 2 years? Where do I mail my financial gift? Who is the IMB executive vice president? Are there opportunities for college students to a team? How will I know how my gift was utilized?

How do IMB financials work? I have a disability. Are there opportunities with IMB overseas? Where can I find IMB videos to share with churches? Do potential IMB missionaries need to have a certain level of education? Are there opportunities for a retiree to serve on an IMB team? Can I use it on the field? How does the IMB work with my local church in sending missionaries to the field?

I am preparing local dates Mission a career in healthcare? Can I still serve with the IMB? And what if English is not my first language. What is the role of an IMB trustee? I need an internship. May I contact the missionary in charge of the special project I donated to?

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Full-time Missions How long does the process usually take from initial application to ing a team? What is a church? What should I expect about living in another culture? Are there medical mission opportunities? What is the Cooperative Program? What is the gospel? How can I obtain a receipt for my gift? How does the IMB collect and report s regarding its work around the world?

I struggle with anxiety. How can our church connect to missionaries? How do I equip my church for missions? I want to be able to stay in touch with my family. Does IMB provide resources for churches to train missionaries to go? Can I still serve?

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Can people who have been divorced be appointed as IMB missionaries? Leadership Who is the IMB president? What if I have a food allergy?

To whom do I deate my check when giving to the IMB? How much of my gift is actually directed to ministry overseas? Students Do I have to be a member of a Southern Baptist church to serve as a student missionary? What is a missionary team? How do I deate the IMB as a beneficiary in my estate? Facts How much does it cost, on average, to support a missionary?

How might that affect my ability to serve?

Birthplace of the los angeles region

How is the local church involved in determining if an individual is qualified to serve? Why should I give to the IMB? Will my gift incur any sort of fee? How do I make a gift by credit card or recurring gift? Will I be treated differently on the field? Can you use your career to serve on mission overseas? If there is a surplus of funds at the end of the fiscal year, how will the surplus be used? How do I set up a recurring monthly gift? What can I expect about the food where I will serve? Finances What percent of the IMB budget goes for overseas purposes?

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Will property sales be used to help balance future budgets? How well can I trust the IMB with my gift?

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What is an IMB missionary? Can I serve and still be able to live a sustainable lifestyle? Am I eligible for a gift through an IRA rollover? What types of gifts do you accept?

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May I direct how my gift is used? When do I have to send in my financial gift for it to count in this calendar year? How secure is my gift online? Are all opportunities with IMB fully funded? What are disciples?

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What is disciple-making? Are my gifts to IMB tax deductible? What opportunities are available for me to an IMB missionary team? I have student loan debt.

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What do I need to do to be prepared to go? Are there certain qualifications for ing a team? Find resources at imb. How does that affect my ability to serve in missions? What is conversion? What training is available to me before I go to serve? Is a person in the Field Support role an employee or a missionary?

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How do I raise financial support for my mission trip? Will I be equipped to share the gospel in the local context? How many missionaries were appointed in the past year?