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Lincoln NE essentials date and litchi review

Poor fruit set in litchi Litchi chinensis Sonn. Kingston and van Epenhuijsen,and grapefruit Citrus paradisi Macf. Bustan et al.

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Works referenced in this record:. GOV collections:. Park, Kiyoul, Sanjaya, Sanju A. United Kingdom: N. Copy to clipboard. United Kingdom.

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The decision to adopt a particular innovation is affected by the information the farmer gains, as well as his or her knowledge and attitude toward innovation [ 19 ]. Hence, this behavior requires interaction with other persons and various information sources and systems [ 1314 ].

ISB is an essential component in the diffusion and adoption of agricultural innovations. A cross-sectional survey de was adopted, using a questionnaire as the overarching research strategy. The indicate that most farmers had a moderate level of ISB. The most frequently accessed sources were mobile applications, extension institutions, and progressive farmers. Alotaibi, B. Alhafi Aldosri, F. Muddassir, M.

Kassem, H. Need Help? The present study fills this research gap by gathering survey data from onion farmers in the eastern region of Saudi Arabia. The indicate that the average age of the farmers was More than one-third of the farmers Among the sample, agriculture was the main occupation for Among the respondents, The respondents were characterized as small-scale farmers, with an average onion farm size of 1.

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A total of respondents were determined as the total sample size for data collection. In the era of the knowledge economy and the evolution of information communication technologies over the last 20 years, the agriculture sector has become an information-intensive industry [ 23 ]. Recently, there has been increasing concern about reducing and replacing chemical fertilizers with biofertilizers to enhance soil fertility and maintain agroecosystems and sustainable agricultural production. Additionally, adoption behavior is a function of a psychological process and a diffusion of dynamic technology from cognition to decision, which is affected by three main factors: i the characteristics of individuals, ii the characteristics and relative performance of the innovation, and iii the social and cultural characteristics of the community [ 24252627 ].

Sixty percent of small-scale farmers produced onion on a land size of 0.

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Biofertilizers are classified into three : nitrogen-fixing, phosphorous solubilizing and mobilizing, and micronutrient biofertilizers [ 30 ]. Parmar et al.

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This response can be observed by more N absorption and effective synthesis of more carotenoids and chlorophylls [ 56 ]. The data collection tool was first prepared in Arabic and then translated into English.

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The present study employed a quantitative research approach. The present study considers the implementation of biofertilizers for onion cultivation in Saudi Arabia.

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Biofertilizers provide required nutrients to enhance the growth of onions and improve the quality. Article Menu. The questionnaire was pre-tested on 15 farmers in the study area before data collection to assess whether the intent of the questions was understood and ensure that they were readable. The survey was performed between December and February Face-to-face interviews were conducted using structured questionnaires. The district was selected for data collection due to its fertile land and high rate of onion production in the governorate.

Therefore, farmers should develop information literacy by accessing and collecting relevant information in a timely manner from varied sources to meet their needs and overcome agricultural problems [ 28 ]. Source: Kassem, et al. You can make submissions to other journals here. The questionnaire was developed based on studies in the field of ISB [ 1857596061 ].

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Biofertilizers are described as substances containing live microorganisms useful bacteria and fungi that are applied to seeds, plant surfaces, or roots [ 2829 ]. This type of paper provides an outlook on future directions of research or possible applications.

All articles published by MDPI are made immediately available worldwide under an open access. The second stage is about forming an attitude about the innovation; then the farmer makes a decision, implements it, and confirms it in the last stage [ 20 ]. It has also been confirmed that biofertilizers are now widely employed as remediation agents for pesticide-contaminated soil [ 304344 ]; this is important for the biological reclamation of degraded lands, including soils contaminated by industry and mining [ 454647 ]; and for the enhancement of plant water-stress tolerance, especially in arid and semi-arid areas [ 48495051 ].

Based on the reviewed literature, there have been a variety of studies on the factors influencing the adoption of innovations and the information-seeking behavior of farmers in general, but there is limited evidence on the relationship between ISB and the adoption of onion farmers in particular. Open Access Article. For each information source, the overall scores for the variables of ISB accessibility, credibility, and usefulness were summed to determine the relative importance of each source.

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The developed instrument focused on collecting data on the socioeconomic characteristics, the adoption of biofertilizers, and ISB of farmers. Biofertilizers not only can increase crop productivity and improve soil microbial balance, but may also have the potential to prevent plant pests and diseases by indirect competition with, or direct inhibition of, pathogens through their metabolic activities [ 3839404142 ]. They have a ificant effect on improving soil health, increasing the availability of mineral nutrients for plants, and stimulating plant growth through different mechanisms connected with microbial activity [ 29323334 ].

Globally, agricultural information and knowledge are a source of power and the most important capital among other types of capital for improving and sustaining agricultural production [ 45 ]. Furthermore, biofertilizers increase volatile organic compounds due to the normal metabolic activities of microorganisms which play a key role as als in plant—microbe interactions and stimulating plant growth [ 353637 ]. Additionally, few studies have attempted to evaluate the adoption of biofertilizers, particularly in the context of Saudi Arabia.

Onion seeds are cultivated in nurseries from October to November, and are then transplanted to land for four months December to the end of March [ 54 ]. Google Scholar. This process of interacting with information sources is called information-seeking behavior ISB [ 9 ]. Feature Papers are submitted upon individual invitation or recommendation by the scientific editors and undergo peer review prior to publication. The aim is to provide a snapshot of some of the most exciting work published in the various research areas of the journal.

Editors select a small of articles recently published in the journal that they believe will be particularly interesting to authors, or important in this field. In cluster analysis, the overall scores for the variables of ISB were summed for all information sources and converted into percentages.

The Feature Paper can be either an original research article, a substantial novel research study that often involves several techniques or approaches, or a comprehensive review paper with concise and precise updates on the latest progress in the field that systematically reviews the most exciting advances in scientific literature.

Introduction The production of goods and services in the knowledge-based economy is based on knowledge-intensive activities that contribute to innovative ideas, information, and practices [ 1 ]. The socioeconomic characteristics of the respondents are summarized in Table 2.

Biofertilizers are one of the most popular innovations applied to ensure sustainable agricultural production in recent years. Given that knowledge of biofertilizers is information-intensive, the lack of information-seeking behavior ISB might be the primary constraint for farmers adopting biofertilizers.

Exploring the relationship between information-seeking behavior and adoption of biofertilizers among onion farmers

Around half of the respondents In addition, a small proportion of respondents Thirty-seven percent of onion farmers in the study area during the — agricultural season depended fully on onion production, while the others cultivated other crops such as palm, onions, tomatoes, okra, eggplants, rice, and grapes [ 53 ]. It was concluded that understanding the relationship between adoption and ISB could assist policymakers in focusing on knowledge diffusion when deing extension programs and advisory services to facilitate better usage of biofertilizers. However, less than half the farmers As to onion income as a percentage of total family income, in the largest group For only 8.

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Get Information. Seventy percent of onion production comes from smallholder farmers, mainly in the Al-Hasa Oasis. Bader Alhafi Alotaibi. Furthermore, information opens windows for new markets for providing experiences, adopting best practices, and finding sources of financial aid [ 67 ].

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The study was conducted in Al-Umran district Al-Umran district is located in the eastern part of the Al-Ahsa Oasis, the largest oasis in the world, with a total area of ha. Keywords: adoption; information; behavior; biofertilizers; farmers adoption ; information ; behavior ; biofertilizers ; farmers.

Feature Papers represent the most advanced research with ificant potential for high impact in the field.

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Feedback Please let us know what you think of our products and services. Percentages, means, and standard deviations were calculated to describe the variables.

Fruit yield and quality as related to flushes of bearing shoots in litchi

Onion Allium cepa L. The total annual production of onions was around 70, tons — seasonwhich made the country rank 80th among the largest onion producers in the world [ 52 ]. The quantity of onions produced is not sufficient enough to meet the demands for both domestic requirement and exports [ 53 ].

SPSS v. Cluster analysis was used to define groups of farmers with similar ISB. Table 1 presents the definitions of variables in the adoption model. ISB is a fundamental human process for lifelong learning and problem-solving [ 1011 ]. No special permission is required to reuse all or part of the article published by MDPI, including figures and tables.

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Get Support. The largest onion cultivation area was 7 ha. According to Petrovic, et al. According toWalkiewicz, et al. For articles published under an open access Creative Common CC BYany part of the article may be reused without permission provided that the original article is clearly cited. In the first stage, the farmer gains knowledge about an innovation from formal sources training, research, and extension institutions or informal sources neighbors, relatives, or friends [ 21 ]. Support Find support for a specific problem in the support section of our website.

Fahd O. Muhammad Muddassir. In agricultural production, ISB enables farmers to access reliable and timely information, get advice on how to use innovations, improve the quality of decision-making, and network with other actors in the agricultural knowledge and innovation system [ 31516 ].

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