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For the subscriptionPatria offers, "Coffee on repeat like your favorite song. Or you can choose their Minor Monuments blend, which is roasted specifically for espresso drinks with milk. So support a local roaster and may every cup be, like Twin Peaks agent Dale Cooper himself, damn fine.

Still not satisfied? Each bag of beans comes with a card explaining its geography, flavor notes and brewing recommendations. Stereoscope also hosts virtual tasting classes and is planning to open a cafe in Echo Park later in You can also opt for weekly deliveries and longer subscription periods.

Multiple boxes and five-pound bags are also available. Consider yourself lucky. Cognoscenti's coffee club, called Longitude North-Southoffers a global coffee journey in two bags of seasonal beans from featured coffee producers. They name each week's coffee on their website with a release and date, sharing the origin of the coffee beans and tasting notes.

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Started by a group of friends who were born and raised in the San Fernando Valley, House Roots roasts high-quality, affordable beans while giving back to the Their Valley Blend currently pairs beans from Guatemala and Ethiopia. They describe the Guatemala Finca Santa Sofia, another popular coffee, as having tropical notes of vanilla, cacao and watermelon.

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If you're stopping by in-person, Patria is one of the site-specific locations for the Hammer Museum's Made in L. You can order up to five pounds per month. You can order 8. To support our non-profit public service journalism: Donate Now.

It's a. Some of Elissimo's current beans come from the state of Chiapas in Mexico, the Kayanza province of Burundi and the Lintongnihuta region of Sumatra. Absolutely delicious. The grinder? You wake up groggy and stumble to the kitchen, desperate for the jolt that only coffee can provide.

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The bean subscriptions come in two : Classic and Rare. Customers are welcome to make specific requests or stick with their favorite coffee. We Explain L. The Brief. Stereoscope Coffee Co. The prized varietal originated in Ethiopia's Gori Gesha forest and is now grown throughout Central America. They share info about each coffee on their website with photos and videos of the farms from coffee-sourcing trips.

How To New LA. Hear our news on-air at our partner site:. They currently have more than two dozen coffees and they offer Light, Dark or Mixed Roast subscription packages.

Each week, they roast fresh-to-order for subscription boxes that include tasting cards, stickers and the occasional surprise gift from a partner brand. Want to try their coffee before committing? Their beans are served at Neighborhood on La Brea, among other L. Their customizable subscription lets you choose the kind of beans, the of bags and the frequency, and you can change it up at any time.

But really, I just want to roast and share coffees that people at every level of their own coffee journey to love and enjoy.

With locations in Garden Grove and San Diego, Dark Horse Coffee offers a tiered subscription -- one, two or three bags sent once or twice a month. But where are the beans? He found a space next to a few hair salons and put together a small-batch roasting set-up in the back room of his coffee bar. For their Coffee Club, you get one ounce bag of freshly roasted coffee with various freebies such as t-shirts.

He now roasts at his Fashion District HQ, where his knowledge of beans from around the world informs his ethos. Think of Be Brightan online-only retailer that sells coffee beans as individual bags or subscriptions, as a dating service that aims to match coffee drinkers with their ideal cup. Founders Tony Konecny and Sumi Ali started Yes Plz to offer subscription-based coffee optimized for making coffee at home.

They've built relationships with dozens of Southern California roasters, many of whom don't offer their own subscriptions. For the former, you choose how much coffee you want and whether you want to receive it once or twice a month. The latter gives you a front row seat to their favorite coffees, such as Cup of Excellence award winners Guatemala El Socorro Gesha and El Salvador Anaerobic Natural Pacamera, which are shipped in jars and a custom wood box.

Some have multiple cafes while others sell directly to customers without a brick-and-mortar space.

You'll get a ounce bag or up to five pounds per month. At Black Ring Coffee Roasters in Long Beach, once you fill out an online form noting how much coffee you want and how often you want to receive it, you'll get an describing their beans and setting you up with a customized plan. About two-thirds of subscribers are locals who get their coffee delivered each week by bike.

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What even is a cup? Become a sponsor. Now that he has a larger Probat Roaster, Martinez has been able to increase production.

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With two locations, one in Santa Monica and one in Culver City, Goodboybob offers a full menu of food and wine as well as coffee. You can prepay for three to six months.

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LAist logo. Pairings have included a fruit-forward coffee and a rich, deep one or one natural and one washed coffee.

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For their weekly or monthly coffee subscriptionsowner and roaster Max Gualtieri focuses on variety. For those who like variety and want a chance to support local companies, their subscription should be a good fit. Online, they offer beans you won't find for sale in their stores, such as espressos and decaf. At their headquarters in Vernon, Go Get Em Tiger roasts the beans for their online store, their retail partners, all of their cafes and their coffee subscriptions.

You can get a free sample for a small shipping fee. For the Home Clubyou'll get as many bags as you want of their seasonal, single-origin medium or dark roast either weekly, biweekly or monthly.

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What began as a home roasting project focusing on sustainable, transparently traded coffees has evolved into a micro-roastery. They offer single-origin and blended roasts. Club members get invitations to GGET events, coffee news and brewing tips. This modest, employee-centered company has been roasting coffee in Los Angeles since They are committed to zero waste by using compostable bags and donating roasting byproducts to community gardens for composting.

Depending on which option you choose, you'll receive one, two or four pounds of beans sourced from nine regions around the world. Started inthe name pays homage to particular move in a chess match Tartakower vs. After a few years of roasting and selling subscriptions, Geoffrey Martinez opened Patria Coffee in Compton.

For subscribers, Common Room Roasters chooses two complementary coffees each month.

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One club features a rotating selection of local roasters, including several that don't offer their own subscriptions. From Granada Hills to Newport Beach, we have one of the most diverse and active coffee communities in the world.

The rest are shipped throughout Southern California and the rest of the United States. Support for LAist comes from. They can be sent weekly or monthly. Our news is free on LAist.

Live Stream Schedule In Person. Roscoe Aquilo and Tim Hasta of Seven Syllables call their subscription service Trustfall and it offers exactly what the name promises -- up and trust them to send you delicious coffee. Their current offering, an Ethiopia Warqa from the Sidamo region, was developed for making filter coffee and has tasting notes of lime, honey, vanilla and kiwi. They also offer single-origin options. The subscription plan highlights their single-origin roasts, which come from all over the globe. From affordable to exclusive, we found nearly two dozen independent companies in Los Angeles and Orange counties offering coffee subscriptions and clubs.

For their subscription, choose from their rotating single-origin beans, their Hold Fast Espresso blend or decaf.