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Barelds showed that neuroticism reduced marital satisfaction [ 38 ]. The findings based on these populations indicated that in both groups, the highest correlation was between marital satisfaction and conscientiousness, and the lowest correlation was between marital satisfaction and neuroticism. In recent years, the of marriages in Iran has declined for a variety of reasons, and divorce rates have increased ificantly.

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The study data were analyzed using the random effects model Mantel-Hansel. They maintained that conscientious people show higher levels of intimacy in their relationships; therefore they are more able to build successful relationships [ 43 ]. Finally, a total of 18 articles were selected. In a longitudinal study conducted in Switzerland, satisfaction in intimate couples was positively correlated with agreeableness and conscientiousness [ 45 ]. In the present study, a strong correlation was found between marital satisfaction and conscientiousness that is consistent with the findings of Claxton et al.

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The I 2 index shows the proportion of observed differences among the reported indices that is due to heterogeneity among the studies. Although there are many different personality traits, today, most researchers agree that the five-factor model can properly describe different aspects of personality [ 14 ]. According to this model, personality has five dimensions: neuroticism, extraversion, openness, agreeableness, and conscientiousness [ 15 ].

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The study indicated that couples high in neuroticism had low levels of marital satisfaction, while couples high in conscientiousness were more satisfied with their marital relationship. Conscientious people tend to be trustworthy and self-disciplined, and show aim for achievement People with different personality traits can have different attitudes toward different aspects of marital satisfaction [ 16 ].

The present study, aimed at examining the correlation between marital satisfaction and personality traits, indicated that marital satisfaction had a negative correlation with neuroticism; this finding is in line with the findings of a longitudinal study by Caughlin et al. Couples high in Neuroticism experience lower levels of marital satisfaction, and couples high in Conscientiousness are more satisfied with their marital life.

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Attitude affects marital satisfaction. Univariate and multivariate methods were used to assess the causes of heterogeneity among the selected studies. A year longitudinal study among couples indicated that negative marital interaction resulted from high neuroticism. In other words, it was found that people high in neuroticism tend to display negative behavior towards their partners that in turn reduces marital satisfaction in both partners [ 34 ].

The present study was aimed at examining the relationship between marital satisfaction and personality traits in the Iranian population. The findings of the present study can help health care officials in analyzing personality traits and marital satisfaction, therefore, taking appropriate measures to strengthen the marital relationship of Iranian couples. Marital satisfaction is a multidimensional concept comprising of different aspects of marital relationship, including adjustment, happiness, integrity, and commitment [ 5 ]. Because these people are more likely to be interracial dating Myrtle MS review and irritable, they are not expected to experience higher levels of marital satisfaction [ 3637 ].

Findings based on article region indicated that in all regions of Iran except for the region 2the highest correlation was between marital satisfaction and conscientiousness, and the lowest correlation was between marital satisfaction and neuroticism. Participants in the reviewed studies were divided into two populations: government employees and the general population.

The relationship between marital characteristics, marital interaction processes, and marital satisfaction. In the initial search, articles were identified, but 18 articles were selected using the inclusion criteria for final data analysis Fig. Correlational studies without any time limitation were used.

Personality traits like emotional instability and neuroticism may keep couples in a persistent state of vulnerability and influence the way they adapt to life stressors [ 42 ]. Taraghijah notes that people high in Neuroticism feel less happiness because they put more emphasis on negative life events [ 23 ].

For many years, it was a challenge for researchers to define personality, therefore different definitions were provided for this concept.

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Agreeableness is related to such characteristics as kindness, generosity, empathy, and altruism. The main limitation of this study was that most of the articles reviewed had not provided adequate information on the subject under study or had only examined the relationship of marital satisfaction with neuroticism, while ignoring the other four aspects.

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People high in neuroticism tend to cope with life stressors less adaptively and are more likely to interpret normal situations as threatening or small frustrations as severe despair. Google Scholar. Some studies have not led to comprehensiveand have only assessed the relationship of one personality trait especially neuroticism with marital satisfaction. Many couples see marriage as a sacred covenant that le to family formation [ 1 ]. In the present study, we aimed to examine the association between marital satisfaction and personality traits in Iranian older adults. J Appl Psychol.

Findings based on article language showed that marital satisfaction had the highest correlation with conscientiousness and the lowest correlation with neuroticism. Metrics details. Heterogeneity was also examined using meta-regression and subgroup analysis. Karney et al. The relationship between personality characteristics and marital satisfaction among employed women in Kazeroon.

In order to examine the methodological quality of the studies, an instrument commonly used in the Iranian and non-Iranian studies was used that assessed 5 aspects, including study de, comparison group, describing the characteristics of participants, sample size, and detailed description of the instruments used to gather data.

Table 1 shows the characteristics of the studies Table 1.

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Each aspect received a score from 0 to 3, and the total score ranged from 0 to Based on methodological quality, the articles were divided into three : poor 0 to 5average 6 to 10and strong above 10 [ 1819 ]. Extraverts are more likely to be positive, assertive, and gregarious. However, reviewing other articles and checking reference lists of the selected articles helped us make sure that the related studies conducted in Iran were collected and analyzed as much as possible. Therefore, this systematic review and meta-analysis is aimed at examining the associations between marital satisfaction and personality traits in the Iranian population.

The relationship between personality traits and marital satisfaction: a systematic review and meta-analysis

A total of 18 correlational studies, without any time limitation, with a total interracial dating Myrtle MS review ofwere reviewed. Life satisfaction has many ups and downs that require patience and forgiveness from both partners, but people high in neuroticism tend to get stressed out and moody in the face of these problems, therefore jeopardizing not only their marital relationship but also their social and professional life. Couples personality traits can be one of the factors associated with divorce and marital satisfaction. Openness is related to such characteristics as curiosity, loving art, and wisdom.

Peer Review reports. On the other hand, people tend to impose their behavioral and performance characteristics to their partner; therefore, their personality can act a stressor in their marital relationship [ 13 ]. Any disagreement between the two authors was resolved by asking the opinion of the third author. Studies that had not reported the correlation of all personality traits with marital satisfaction were excluded. This is a systematic review and meta-analysis aimed at reviewing the relationship between personality traits and marital satisfaction reported by Iranian studies, without any time limitation, based on the Preferred Reporting Items for Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analyses PRISMA statement [ 17 ].

Other reasons for lower levels of marital satisfaction in people with high neuroticism include negative interpretation of ambiguous events [ 39 ], negative interactions with partner [ 40 ], negative interpersonal behavior during conflict and higher aggressive externalization [ 41 ], and lower levels of sexual satisfaction [ 35 ].

Two authors of the present study independently reviewed the collected articles based on the inclusion and exclusion criteria. The negative effects of neuroticism on marital satisfaction may be through creating anxiety, tension, pity-seeking, hostility, impulsivity, depression, and low self-esteem [ 32 ]. Gattis et al. Different factors, such as socioeconomic status, education, age, ethnicity, religious beliefs, physical attractiveness, Intelligence Quotient, and personal values and attitudes influence marital satisfaction, and can predict higher levels of marital satisfaction in couples [ 10 ].

A couple experiences marital satisfaction when their marital relationship is consistent with what they had expected [ 2 ]. The Chi-Square test with 0.

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Using the normal distribution, the standard error of the mean was determined for each study. Published in Persian and English and availability of the full text of the articles were among the inclusion criteria. People high in conscientiousness refrain from showing aggression and are capable of controlling their impulses in marital relationship [ 30 ].

Claxton states that long-term and ideal romantic relationship requires that people, in assessment of their partner, go beyond physical characteristics, and consider personality traits [ 9 ]. Given the mutual relationship between personality and interpersonal relationships [ 47 ], healthcare providers, including psychologists and marriage counsellors need to pay more attention to these variables and the relationship between them, because evaluation of personality traits of both partners may have a considerable role in partner selection and also in avoiding marital maladjustment and marital satisfaction, and improper partner selection can lead to personality problems through creating marital maladjustment.

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Marriage is a bond between two people with different personalities [ 8 ]. J Couns Dev. The other limitation was the lack of access to PsychInfo as a popular database. Marital satisfaction is a multidimensional concept comprising of different aspects of marital relationship [ 6 ]. Iranian studies on this subject have reported inconsistent. Despite the fact that half of the first marriages in the United States end in divorce, the decision to divorce does not necessarily mean that people do not want to remarry and have a happy life.

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The goal of the present study was to review Iranian studies on the correlation between personality traits and marital satisfaction. We first collected all articles on the relationship between personality traits and marital satisfaction. They first screened the articles based on titles and abstracts, and then reviewed the full text of the articles. Personality traits are among the factors influencing marital satisfaction. Ahadi maintains that individuals low in conscientiousness resort to alcohol and physical aggression as a response to marital stressors, and this gradually reduces their marital satisfaction [ 32 ].

The total sample size was mean: Al the selected studies had average methodological quality. Individuals high in neuroticism often experience such feelings as sorrow, anger, and dissatisfaction with self, feelings that can reduce their overall happiness in life. Considering that people go into marriage with different personality traits, it can be said that marital relationship is a bond between two different personalities [ 12 ].

Due to the fact that attitude depends on personality, it can be concluded that people with different personality traits have different attitudes towards marriage and this can influence their marital satisfaction. The data were independently extracted by two authors, and when there was disagreement between them, were examined by the anothe author.

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Engel et al. In a longitudinal study by Fisher and McNulty with 72 couples in Ohio, United States, high levels of neuroticism predicted low levels of marital satisfaction 1 year later [ 35 ]. After converting the Z scores, the effect size pooled was obtained using the random effects model.

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J Women Soci.