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Internet dating scams Gulfport

A total of 20 defendants are charged in this case. Assistant Attorney General Leslie R. Attorney Gregory K.

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Gulfport, Miss — Two individuals have been extradited from South Africa and one from Canada in a case that includes defendants in California, Wisconsin, Indiana, and New York, to face charges on a nine-count federal indictment filed in the Southern District of Mississippi involving various internet fraud schemes, announced U. Attorney Gregory K.

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US government nabs Nigerian scammers. Later practitioners made their stories more believable by adapting them to current events and lowered their cost of doing business by switching to s.

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Like the French Revolution version, anyone who helped him get out of prison and back to the United States would get a cut. An aristocrat escaping from revolutionary violence had purportedly thrown a chest full of jewels in a lake.

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The victims were out the money when the checks bounced and sometimes even faced bank fraud charges themselves. In the process, she emptied her retirement savings and mortgaged her house. Despite warnings from family and friends, she kept sending money on the promise that the next payment would be millions coming in her direction.

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The government says this particular ring has been operating since The crooks solicited some victims through online dating websites and work-at-home opportunities. Sometimes, however, they do get their just reward.

Southern district of mississippi

Nigerian crooks adopted the scam as their own in the s, sending letters purportedly from Nigerian princes or other government officials asking for help in getting money out of the country. Many of the scams we hear about at the Better Business Bureau are perpetrated by members of overseas crime rings who are hard to catch and prosecute.

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Facebook Twitter. In other cases, the crooks sent counterfeit checks to the victims with instructions to deposit them and wire some of the money elsewhere for some reason.

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He promised to give a portion of the loot to anyone who bailed him out or helped him escape. While there are many variants of the scam, the basic premise is that the victim will receive a huge payout in return for a small initial outlay.

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Some victims of the scam have lost more than their life savings. According to a State Department report, at least 15 people were murdered between and when they went to Nigeria to get their money. His servant came back to retrieve the jewels but ended up in jail. Scams included the receipt and reshipping of goods purchased with stolen credit cards.

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An early version popped up after the French Revolution. The Department of Justice announced in July that six Nigerian nationals were extradited from South Africa to Gulfport, Mississippi, to face federal charges relating to a variety of alleged Internet fraud scams.

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The advance fee will be used to bribe a government official or pay some tax or fee to facilitate the transfer of millions of dollars, with the victim getting a generous cut. Some scammers have been arrested, but many more are still working hard to steal your money.