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Nature Camp is a morning science program deed for children ages 4—9 to participate in games, crafts, and nature walks at Idaho Botanical Garden. Each class meets Monday through Friday from a. The campers are divided into two classes by age.

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All of us, the same kids and several cousins of mine in town and everybody went out and thinned beets because they didn't have enough workers, of course I'm not sure how much damage we did to the beet crop, but we were there and, and Life Magazine uh covered us, we have wonderful pictures of it, but we were aced by some very much more important thing in the world.

Jim : You talked about Pearl Harbor and how that changed things.

For Idaho Falls in those days, I was 17, it was the middle of my senior year in high school, and suddenly my father was elected governor. Jim : You grew up sort of on the, on the edge of the depression. Did you feel a connection back then, did it grow, was it just always there? When you moved to Boise from Idaho Falls, you were kind of a celebrity; I mean people knew who you were? But the main thing was all my friends there said you've been in the Potomac for so long, everybody gets Potomac Fever you can't go home again. When I've asked people about that time period usually the first thing, and it happened with you and I wasn't, I wasn't going to say it, I was waiting to see if it happened, I mention those years and there's a smile that crosses your face.

Idaho Falls was a potato place, a quiet little farm community. Take me back again to what that was like when you heard that it had been bombed, what that meant to you? But my dad, my dad had this terrifically optimistic view — when the banks crashed and we lived in uh Mackey he put all of his money that he had into helping people who had no, no security because you didn't have any federal insurance.

Jim : Well they're generous when it comes to you, I definitely got that.

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The only thing we never talked about was sex. Jim : How would you describe to people what Idaho Falls was like back in those days before you came here?

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My dad — when you think of how long ago that was and I'm 83 now, so you know it was a long time ago — my pop would talk politics, he would talk religion, he would talk about everything that was happening in the community, what needed to be done for people, what needed to be done for the community. But just all got together — we'd have popcorn, we'd talk and I had a, a unique upbringing, upbringing.

Once after I, I'd been going with a basketball player and, and things sort of came apart and of course I was going with Frank and all of his friends too because they'd come to the house on Sunday night and we'd talk politics. Jim : Probably just as well. I just had a great time and, and our house was right across from St. Margaret's and it, it was just sort of the center of everything. Bethine : Yeah it was, it was very, it was wonderful. Bethine : Well you know you really knew almost, there were people of course you didn't know, but you kept running into people you'd, people who you knew in stores like Falk's, like The Mode, C.

Anderson's and they were all sort of part of an established part of the city. One of the things that they said was that when you came to Boise and Frank was there that regardless of what else was going on, he set his sights on you and never took 'em off. Bethine : Well you know it was funny, everybody said that we were boyfriend and girlfriend, but we were Idaho blossom dating asian countries more like just really best friends. So that's how I first met Frank. I came over here when I was in grade school, when pop was in the legislature, and then there were places like the Cherry Blossom and the Mechanafe and everything, but there was still these old buildings downtown and there was still, there was still a feeling of real, real close community.

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It didn't have the INEL, it didn't have any of the big push from anywhere outside of the state, and so coming to Boise was just like uh well maybe like years later going from Boise to Washington, D. It seemed to me I was always uprooted. Bethine : That's exactly it. Then we moved to Idaho Falls and he started his law practice all over again.

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Bethine Church grew up in Idaho Falls and moved to Boise when she was in high school. I remember loving it. She never said we can't afford it, we should take it back; she always said thank you. Bethine : It was really a wonderful place to live. I never left home in that way, my mind never left home. What, what did you think when you, when you got to Boise and this was, this was like, the difference between going from here to D. Bethine : Well, you know I was covered by the newspapers.

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I remember one year I was out with friends who had been at Ann Arbor and were staying in New York for a summer and we had an altercation by mail and that's the only time we sort of came apart. Jim : Was it the kind of place where when you walked around downtown there were a lot of strangers or did you know everybody, or what was it Idaho blossom dating asian countries Jim : You know I've talked to some of the folks that you went to school with and I wanted to go over a couple of things that they said about you, and it's all good stuff don't worry.

Frank's friends that used to come over and raid my kitchen on Saturday night, we'd talk politics and everything and you know when, when Pearl Harbor happened uh I remember Pearl Burke and Frank Church were lifelong friends from grade school, came rushing over to my house to tell me how it was going to change their lives, how they'd be in this war and how it would change everybody and you know when you start thinking about it from a personal point of view you know what a change it made in everybody's life.

For example, even when we came over here in '41 pop as governor had started to build the basement of the museum over at Julia Davis Park, the History Museum and he had to stop because the money ran out, everything was going into the war effort. But when I sort of broke up with this one guy I sat on the steps at our house and told my father, "He ruined my life. You know, I guess it just depends. And I went home and it's been the best decision I ever made. Bethine : I think it must've been to lots of people.

So when he came home he thought that I was involved with someone else, which I had been, and he, he sort of gave up.

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So I used to take all my friends up to Lucky Peak picnicking and you know it was just wonderful. I was in the marching band for the Idaho Falls High School. But my mother was one of these people that we always used to laugh — she used to make what we called Ice Box Stews, everything that was left over went into a casserole and, and but it was wonderful.

As a result, you may encounter broken links or information that may not be up-to-date. My father was always giving my mother presents he couldn't afford and my mother — I give her the best credit in the world — she never said when she was worried about when the, where the next meal was coming from. I wasn't around back then, but I read history and you read the books and it talks about how hard it was, how horrible it was, how awful it was for everyone; I've gotten a completely different view when I talk to people.

It, we marched over by the. I said you just watch my dust.

So it was a very personal life I was leading, and suddenly, boom. I've got the picture hanging in my house to this day of the three of us — there was so much magic in it, it was like uh changing from Cinderella and going to the ball.

Bethine : Well, in Idaho, in a way you did get a different view. I've been gloriously happy here. Bethine : Well, I had left Idaho Falls when I was 17, I was really connected here, we had a house on Idaho Street that after Pop was defeated as governor he became a federal judge and we stayed with that house, when pop died Frank and I helped my mom keep the house and be there, she was 96 when she died so I used to fly back and forth to be at Idaho Street house and to be in Boise and I had always just wonderful friends.

Pop was a lawyer and a very good one and managed to come back after the crash, but I think for lots of people it's like now, there are people who have just fallen off the, the record, maybe they say the economy is doing well, but think of all those people down at the bottom of the economy who have fallen out of terribly good jobs, had too expensive of house, had too much to pay for and are just out of it. Jim : Did you feel that as teenagers?

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When I decided in '89 to come home I'd been 33 years in Washington and I had waited about five years after Frank died because I just didn't feel comfortable not coming home without him, coming home without him. He wrote me, I have all of his letters, they're really wonderful. Stan Bird says you can't, if that's who you want you've gotta call her and tell her and then we were engaged practically that night. Bethine : Oh I remember so many things. We didn't have the kind of dinner table conversation that left all the, the problems out; we talked 'em over so I was always part of it.

But I have to tell you at a movie one night they used to have drawings and we were trying to figure out what we were going to have for Thanksgiving dinner and I drew a turkey so I was the famous one. From the time I was in grade school I remember being involved.

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Jim : Well and, and it has been interesting. It wasn't like the dust bowl where people just had to put everything on the wagon and haul out. I keep thinking I should publish them because he was so articulate about being a young soldier at 19 and the China and Burma Theater and he wrote me all through that.

And because my pop and my mom didn't have any time I was one of the few people in, in school with a car because they didn't have time to get me anywhere. For more information. I think it's one of the few things I ever, ever won, but it was really nice. The people I knew in high school were families that had been here, most of them, many years, so there was always a good community feeling. We had a small altercation by mail. Bethine : Well, we got together at the church and after church went out skiing on terrible equipment. Jim : Tell what that was like growing up there, because that's really where you grew up, you didn't grow Idaho blossom dating asian countries in Boise?

The only thing he didn't sell was the ranch in Stanley Basin. He loved people and I think the reason I've always loved campaigning is my father taught me that everybody, whether they were in the kitchen, whether they were helping out, whether they were attending something, they were all equally important, that you should go talk to all of them and be part of whatever they, they had as problems or cared about.

Even after — I was a year older, I had laughed years later and said I helped raise him, but he, he was not affected by my politics because even though his family were Republicans he had changed his own mind in high school and I used to go to the ROTC dances with him even after I was out Idaho blossom dating asian countries BSU I was going with him — even after that all of his friends were still coming on Sunday evening and we would raid the ice box and talk non-stop about the world and the war, all the things that were going to happen.

There were people on the fringe in Idaho Falls that my mother would help out and that just never got on their feet. I came over here with the people who were elected in school, and my best friend was the student body president and she still to this day I talk to her in Idaho Falls and she's still one of my best friends. I remember getting a black eye just before one of our, I think it was my junior high dance, and my mother made me a patch to go over it to match my dress I was going to wear, so we went out anyway. So he put all the money that he had into that. Bethine : Well you know it was really funny.

He'd give her, he gave her an extravagant watch for Christmas one time and I remember her saying, Oh this is really beautiful Chase. So people that worked for them — Mary Lou Burn's father was named Diamond and he worked at Falk's so there were always these connections. What do you think? Bethine : It was really always there, it came apart various times. Please note that this content is no longer being updated.

So we were never printed. It wasn't like the early pioneer days when it was such a struggle. My two best friends from Idaho Falls came over for the inaugural ball and we were all dressed up like princesses. Jim : You talk about you moving here from, from Idaho Falls.