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A witness said it was covered with a polka-dotted blanket.

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We offer a safe and wholesome after school environment for kids ages 5 through 18 to have fun and learn each day. During summer months, we offer a day camp for our youth to stay active, engaged, and learning when school is out of session. Our professional staff and dedicated community partners deliver a comprehensive array of high quality educational, social, and recreational programs.

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Car containing body of missing paterson woman could be 'treasure trove of evidence'

Paterson is working on it. See you Friday.

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Charles came to Paterson three years ago looking for her long-lost father, then got lost herself. As local makeup artist Zhanasia Johnson applied foundation and added gold eye shadow with glitter, another man, Karol Israel Soto, urged Charles to focus on what he called "her ideal self.

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She looked glamorous in the burgundy jumpsuit that Semertzidis gave her to wear. Her mother has custody of her five kids — something Charles bitterly resents.

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She lost her home, her kids and herself. I'm from New York, where every school has a budget for an arts program. She plans to sing Friday night, as one of 10 contestants in a talent show produced by Semertzidis at XS Studios that will be live-streamed on YouTube. Paterson woman on the street seizing chance at stardom at XS Studios Video.

About 40 people turned up for the first audition, on Aug. Semertzidis envisions the show evolving into a cross between "American Idol" and "Saturday Night Live," with singing and sketch comedy, streamed live via the website at xs-studios.

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Semertzidis put down his video camera and cooed a few more encouraging words. Show Caption.

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The winner of Semertzidis' show, to be announced on the Oct. Charles is one of 10 contestants in the running — if she can keep things together. Richard Cowen NorthJersey. Feel good story: NJ Transit police reunite homeless man with family after 24 years.

But a YouTube talent show could be her big break. To me, you are a beautiful young lady with a lot of potential," he told her.

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As Soto sees it, the major problem people have is that they let others define who they are. She was a bit bashful in front of the camera, giggling, flitting her eyes, shifting uncomfortably. Charles said she has used drugs in the past but is sober now. Her dream in high school?

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Facebook Twitter. Paterson: How can a police department riddled with scandal earn back public trust? Charles left the studio with her gold eye shadow and new hairdo, to re the homeless enclave down the street.

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Tall and statuesque with high cheekbones, Charles looks a little like a young Dionne Warwick. Share your feedback to help improve our site! Two days later, she was back at the studio, this time with a black eye. Eat right and take care of your throat.

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Still only 26 years old but adrift in a whirlwind of abuse, Charles has lost custody of her five kids and just about everything else that mattered to her — except her voice. Semertzidis, who wants nothing more than for Charles to believe in herself and take control of her life, was quick to interject. But she has something. She moved out of the house and in with friends at the age of 13, and wound up in a group home for troubled girls in Burlington County, where she attended Rococas Valley Regional High School in Mount Holly.

She lost her home, her kids and herself. but a youtube talent show could be her big break

But how far will she go? Charles belted out a credible a cappella version of Michael Jackson's "Rock My World" — credible enough for Semertzidis to invite Charles back for Friday's show, which begins at p. Readers help support these efforts with their subscriptions.

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For Semertzidis, the bi-weekly talent show is a chance to break something big; for Charles, it will be a moment to look above the streets to the stars. Support local journalism Covering our local communities takes time and resources. Covering our local communities takes time and resources. Semertzidis, 31, from Astoria, Queens, quit his job two months ago as a teacher of special needs students in New York City to dedicate himself full time to music and video production. In Semertzidis' Paterson studio, if for just a moment, Charles was something more than the homeless woman who wandered in off the street.

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Support our journalism and become a subscriber today. To become a natural hairdresser, she said. Like countless "American Idol" contestants who have dared to be great with seemingly the whole world watching, Charles found the groove, and there's no doubt she can carry a tune.

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Semertzidis tried to calm her down. Charles has lived on the streets of Paterson, scrounging for food, sleeping where she can. I've been singing all my life, and I'm going to keep on singing. She spends most of her time in downtown Paterson, hanging around the 7-Eleven on Main Street or camped out on a brick plaza about a block from Center City Mall. She never knew her father, DeWayne Howard, and was raised by her mother, but said they never got along. Charles said she's the oldest of eight children and grew up in Elizabeth. She started hesitantly, but then her voice swept high, and then low again.

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Last week, Semertzidis brought Charles back into the studio for a makeover and photo shoot and allowed her to practice a new song, "Love Come Down. for our special offers. So if there was a weekly livestream that is about an hour and a half long, and if shows up on their algorithm, then I would be a success, and so would the contestants on the show. Paterson doesn't have these things.