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I meet in Mission

Remarks Antony J. More seriously, let me just, on behalf of the Tri-Mission and my colleagues Jenny and Patrick, welcome you, Mr. Secretary, to Rome.

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During the 18th century, they were self-sustained and buzzed with construction, agriculture, activities, trades, and worship. Today, each Mission church remains an important part of South Texas heritage and U. Over years old, this aqueduct, acequia system is a prime example of how impressively well-built the San Antonio Missions really are. The system and dam still feed privately owned farm fields, making this Mission home to the oldest continuously operating aqueduct in the U. The stone walls and structures at Mission Espada reveal the building stages the Missions underwent during the colonial and post-colonial periods, with phased-in perimeter walls and expanded living quarters.

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Leslie Rosen Stern.

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She can ask strategic questions, create marketing materials and make everyone involved feel lucky to have been involved. Mark D. She can take a concept for a program and develop it with elegance and attention to detail. We help our clients improve their knowledge, skills, and attitudes. She helped me transition into the next stage of my career in the nonprofit realm, navigating shifts both personally and professionally.

Any Jewish organization would be lucky to collaborate with her! She provided information and analysis that helped us better understand this genre and shared that understanding with the larger Chicago Jewish community as well as Jewish communal and foundation professionals who needed to enhance their knowledge of it.

Working side by side with a professional like Leslie creates an environment conducive to healthy, team-building. We partner with individuals and organizations to facilitate growth through training workshops and webinars, mentoring sessions and strategic networking. Rabbi Scott Aaron Executive Director, Community Foundation for Jewish Education Working side by side with a professional like Leslie creates an environment conducive to healthy, team-building.

We conduct primary and secondary research to help organizations make decisions, explore changes, and implement new strategies i meet in Mission on facts and input from key stakeholders.

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Leslie has impressed me with the way she has approached opportunities and challenges with ingenuity, strategy and professionalism. Leslie Rosen Stern is a stellar mentor and professional coach.

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Talent Team. Her recommendations helped our program look and feel a certain way that conveyed important messaging to the participants, and she took special care to keep us within our budget. Meeting Your Mission is dedicated to facilitating individual and organizational growth by providing enterprising, guiding leadership to advance initiatives and increase community engagement.

Do you [ And now that it was a huge success, your next steps should be as well-organized [ For many, organizing an event can be overwhelming. Between focusing on the key elements of your event such as the venue, program, [ She sought continuous feedback and was able to make adjustments as needed. Positive, confident and a master of project detail, she is an outstanding colleague that has an incredible capacity to consistently handle a ificant workload in the best way possible.

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Leslie scheduled regular check-in meetings with leadership prior to the convening to ensure that she was on the right track as she developed the program and followed up after the event to debrief. Leslie Rosen Stern is an outstanding professional, who took the time to understand the needs and context of our project, provided invaluable insights into the planning of the research and focus groups, and was an expert facilitator able to cull important insights from focus group participants. We are experienced in helping youth manage stress, anxiety, depression, and other pre-existing mental health conditions within short term, informal, immersive travel or camp experiences.

We support and facilitate all on-site and off-site event needs including program and material development, vendor management travel, lodging, food and beverage and audio-visual enhancement. Anyone thoughtful enough to engage her will make an excellent business decision in virtually any arena.

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Strategic planning and prioritized-findings implementation are second nature for Leslie Rosen Stern. Her attention to detail ensured that every participant knew what was happening and felt sure that his or her needs were being met. The of the research were extremely valuable to our institution and the overall project.

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Working with Meeting your Mission was a remarkable experience. She is able to multi-task and has skill sets in a vast of areas. She is a rare professional who excels at both, evaluating the current scenario and coming up with a strategy to maximize resources and opportunities, as well as managing the details as she executes a project.

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She is adept at drilling down issues resulting in a clear sense of mission, core services, and the impact of the organizational culture. She brings energy and commitment to the job in addition to her friendly and warm personality. Before the digital revolution, we relied heavily on telephones and yes, even fax machines, as means of communication.

Robin Loeb. William J. Rubin Director, Special Projects, Chicago Jewish Funerals Leslie was a real boost to our symposium through her efficient and thorough logistical support that made the program day run like clockwork.

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Through deep conversation and thoughtful inquiry, Leslie deftly helped me identify strengths, prioritize goals, and prepare for the interview and decision-making process. Leslie Rosen Stern is the ultimate communal professional.

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She is a consummate professional with a desire to help and I enjoyed working and learning from her. Leslie was a real boost to our symposium through her efficient and thorough logistical support that made the program day run like clockwork. The focus groups she facilitated for us were invaluable — not only in the data she collected but also as highly engaging and deeply meaningful experiences for the members who participated.

We help social service, nonprofit, and affinity groups advance initiatives and increase engagement.

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Her thought-out decision-making ability guided my work; as she diffused tense, emotion riddled situations with the teens, my staff and I were able to focus on programming and educating them on the leadership skills we are tasked to impart. She clearly was central to the success of our planning venture. Leslie did an excellent job for us researching, interviewing, and interpreting data on a relatively unknown area of Jewish education. With her experience, professional skills, and knowledge of the Jewish community, Leslie provided the expertise we needed in a timely and thoughtful way.

Leslie is the consummate professional. We collaborate with camps and youth organizations to train staff, to provide support for a range of adolescent social, emotional and mental health needs, monitor the well-being of participants, and de strategies for teen success.

Her approach is a well-tested blend of asking the right questions, being a good listener, using organizational development tools, utilizing past experience, and the ability to prepare written materials that are concise and easily understood by the host organization.

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There are only a few individuals that match her drive to create successful initiatives and to ensure that the data is present to make proper decisions. Leslie demonstrates the highest level of professionalism in every regard. Meeting Your Misson Blog. In her work on the Camp Chi Strategic Planning Task Force, she brought a unique and well-honed skill set to the process.

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Mentorship and coaching provides a platform for professionals to explore topics of interest with attention and confidentiality. Jane Shapiro Co-Founder, Orot Center, Chicago Leslie has impressed me with the way she has approached opportunities and challenges with ingenuity, strategy and professionalism.

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Get the strategies and vital support you need today. She really was a critical component to the success of our event. Event Staff Team.