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We like maps here at PCMag. We recently surveyed 2, US consumers across the country on a variety of tech topics, and we gathered additional demographic data, including the respondents' home states. First we told you which states prefer Android or iOSthen we mapped preferred gaming platforms.

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Greensboro Public Library. The county seat was first at Martinville, located in the northwest part of the county. In the General Assembly passed an act appointing commissioners to find a suitable place for the county seat. Forty-four building lots were sold at public auction to raise money for building the courthouse and jail. The tiny village, extending only two blocks in each direction from the courthouse square, was named for General Nathanael Greenewho led the American forces at the Battle of Guilford Courthouse.

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If lines or call takers are busy with prank calls, someone with a real emergency may not be able to get the help they need. Answer the call taker's questions. What if a caller doesn't speak English? All cable providers that provide digital phone service in the Greensboro and Guilford County areas have Enhanced data. Jump to sub They can be downloaded by clicking on the icons below. Can you find them if they dial even when the phone no longer has service?

Depending on the call type, pre-arrival instructions may also be given to help the caller help themselves or others before emergency responders get to the scene.

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Why does it take so long for an officer to arrive once I call for help? After a four-year effort, Guilford Metro consolidated the former Greensboro and Guilford County centers. This will help us respond quickly and accurately. If necessary, press the TTY keys again.

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What District Am I In? What is ? We welcome you to visit or tour the center. Can my group club tour the center? Please include the following information. This additional information may change the response, provide a situational assessment, or provide a scene safety update for the public safety responders. Yes, if you have a newer cell phone equipped with location technology.

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Enhancedor E, is a system that routes an emergency call to the appropriate answering point PSAP for the caller's location, and automatically displays the caller's phone and address. How do you become an Emergency Communications Specialist? What happens if I dial from my cell phone inside my house? Prank calls not only waste time and money, but can also be dangerous.

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Why does staff ask so many questions? However, Guilford Metro is involved in a beta trial for Next Generation systems, which would allow this to happen. On average, it takes months to complete training. This is a very difficult question to answer.

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As ofcellular telephone companies are not required to provide analog service. Therefore, older cell phones given to victims may no longer work. How long is your training? With most calls, the caller's address will then be displayed on the call taker's screen and help will be sent. Cell phone location accuracy is improving every year; however, the location may be within a 50 to meter radius. Our role is to take calls based on the information given by the caller and process by using the specific agency protocol.

If you are not sure please check with your cell provider. Give your name, phone and the address where help is needed. If you are ever in doubt about whether a situation is an emergency, call It's better to be safe and let the call taker determine if you need emergency assistance. It provides our area, for the first time, a backup facility for disaster preparedness, as well as an overflow site for events that exceed the capabilities of the primary site.

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However, certain areas are off limits due to security precautions. The consolidated center began operation on March 20, The consolidation also eliminates about 65, transfers between centers. Working in a center is a stressful yet rewarding career choice.

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Should I do this? These saved seconds mean saved lives.

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Verification of information is critical to ensure that the right resources are sent in the right manner to the correct location of an emergency. One thing to keep in mind is the quality of the cell phone coverage in your home.

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What about prank calls? The severity and circumstances of the situation often dictates the response. If you want more information about this topic, please contact the center or any of the agencies we serve for additional details. It's a prank call when someone calls for a joke or calls and hangs up. A call goes over dedicated networks to the appropriate answering point PSAP for the caller's location, and trained personnel then send the emergency help needed.

Therefore, if you are in an apartment building or a multi-story building, may not get the exact location. I read some cities were working on ways to send text messages to While this is something planned for future systems, the reality is that centers nationally cannot receive pictures or videos over the current line infrastructure.

Does your cell phone work in every room? Read these FAQs about texting to I just moved here from out of state.

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What is Enhanced ? For example, Greensboro Police as with most large agencies uses a triage system to differentiate less critical, non-emergency or cold calls from emergency, in progress, or critical life safety related calls.

Typically the Telephone Response Unit is used when it is a cold call or only a report is needed for insurance purposes. I am considering changing my home business phone service to one of the new Internet cable providers. One of our many roles is to keep abreast of the changing and challenging technology trends in the telecommunications industry.

We understand that asking specific, often scripted questions may take longer, but very often emergency units have already been dispatched.

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Can still find me since my cell phone is from another state? The Emergency Communication Specialist may continue questioning the caller to obtain additional details about the victim, patient or suspect. In addition, with enough advance notice, we can typically attend community meetings or public relations events if requested. This may help shorten the time necessary to respond to the call. Free viewers are required for some of the attached documents.

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A non-English speaking caller may hear a short conversation in English and some clicking sounds as the interpreter is added to the line. My church community group is collecting old cell phones to give to domestic violence victims in case they have to dial Is this OK to do? Many people are only using cell phones today, and depending on your needs, you may or may not want to consider this option. In most places, it is against the law to make prank calls. The call taker should answer and type "GA" for Go Ahead.

Does still work and can locate me?

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When necessary, a call taker can add an interpreter from an outside service to the line. We have specific protocols for the individual agencies that we serve. In some places, you may be able to be connected with Poison Control by callingbut you should check with local officials in your area to make sure. We have a year-round application process via the City of Greensboro. This leaves the line open.

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Public safety responders are typically dispatched without delay. Guilford Metro is equipped to locate newer cell phones but older analog phones are difficult to track. The call taker will typically ask the caller to verify the information, which appears on his or her computer screen.

I am considering getting rid of my home phone and only keeping a cell phone. When should you use ? Please be aware that we cannot search on personal names or telephone s; audio recordings are purged after 60 days; and, pursuant to NCGS When did the consolidation occur and what does it mean for the residents of Greensboro and Guilford County?

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For the most part, yes! Guilford Metro handles more thandispatches and nearlytelephone transactions every year.