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While Election Day is Nov. Yet some of those ballots — mainly absentee ballots — will be rejected before or after Election Day because of any of errors.

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Michigan Republican lawmakers passed three bills Wednesday that would overhaul the state's voter ID requirementsestablishing a strict ID rule for in-person voters and a brand new one for the skyrocketing of voters who choose to cast absentee ballots. The passage of the bills in the Michigan Senate marked the first vote in the chamber on a controversial series of 39 GOP election bills Republican lawmakers say would restore faith in elections while election officials and voting rights advocates say they would disenfranchise voters. All three bills passed by a party-line vote.

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To vote for those offices, fill out the bubble next to the candidate of your choice. Tables, voting machines and the ballot tabulator are supposed to be spread out so that people can maintain social distance throughout the day. Trending: Coronavirus Michigan Gov. Topic: Michigan Government.

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First, do NOT drop your absentee ballot off at your voting precinct. Michigan Government Michigan voting masks, guns, ID, straight ticket, what you should know.

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Each precinct will be given masks, gloves and face shields for poll workers and be required to regularly disinfect high-touch surfaces. Contact your local clerk and ask about your options.

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Please continue to tell us what you want to know here. Election officials recommend you go get the ballot from the clerk where you dropped it and take it to the correct clerk, or ask your clerk to spoil your ballot and cast a new one in your city.

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We report because the news impacts all of us. For example, if you vote Republican under the straight party option but then fill out the bubble next to Sen. The straight-party option will not apply to the nonpartisan portion of the ballot, including candidates for state Supreme Court, statewide ballot initiatives or local ballot questions. Share this article on Facebook.

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Share This: Share this article on Twitter. Share the article you just read on Twitter. Are voters required to wear masks in polling places? More than 1.

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If you fill in the bubble for a political party under the straight ticket section, that will be the default choice for all of the partisan offices throughout the ballot — any candidate that has a political party listed under their name. If left blank, you will not have voted for those offices. October 22, Riley Beggin. Can people carry guns in a polling place? If you show up at your precinct, election workers will reroute you there.

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As Election Day approaches, Bridge Michigan is asking readers for help informing coverage. People who have concealed carry s are allowed to concealed carry, except in buildings that already ban it such as schools and churches which are commonly used as polling places.

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The Bureau of Elections recommends limiting the of people inside polling places so that voters and election workers can maintain 6 feet of distance at all times. If you have a photo ID, you will be asked to show it to poll workers when you check in the worker may ask you to briefly lower your mask to show your face to check against the ID. Your ballot will not be treated any differently than if you had an ID with you.

Share this article via. Related Articles:. Michigan voting masks, guns, ID, straight ticket, what you should know. Print this article. Elections are administered at the local level in Michigan, so the reality may vary geographically on Election Day. As of now, people cannot carry guns openly within feet of polling places on Election Day due to guidance issued by Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson. We're not just a news organization, we're also your neighbors. Masks also are required for poll challengers who are appointed by parties and other organizations to watchdog the electoral process and poll watchers who choose to come observe polling places.

It should be the first option on your ballot.

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Election officials expect a record-breaking turnout of more than 5 million, nearly two-thirds of all registered voters. Share the article you just read on Facebook. Will you please donate and help us reach our goal of 15, members in ?

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Census Michigan has a few areas of growth, wide swaths of decline August 12, Paula Gardner in Michigan Government. If you then choose any candidate of the opposite party, that vote will override your straight party vote for that office. No, though they are encouraged to do so.

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Wearing masks are proven to help reduce the spread of coronavirus. You can vote only at your deated precinct.

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Michigan Government. Share the article you just read via. How many people can be inside a polling place at one time?

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Election workers are required to wear masks inside polling places under an order from the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services.