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Flirt 2 massage Lexington KY

Welcome to the for Massage parlors in Lexington. Have you seen some of the gorgeous escorts and massage girls in Lexington? For all types of female escorts, Lexington Shemales and rentboy escorts in Kentucky you are sure to be spoiled for choice on this .

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Please I'm me and Thanks for any suggestions. I'd like to try a nice Asian massage with extras for the 1st time.

How old am I 41
I like: Gentleman
What I like to listen: Heavy metal
My hobbies: Blogging

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If you tip well and aren't an ass, they should treat you well too. Glad I did. Stopped in Fuji today. I said I need to go to a atm if I'm getting a rub from you. Mamasan allowed under the shirt to play with her nipples. It started off good. Got dressed and left. That's when I found out she was only one there.

Decided to check this place out based on DCR's review. I've gone there and seen over half a dozen different providers over time.

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I haven't seen this AMP written about on here. She didn't, the mamasan came back. That will be last time I go. Saw her a couple years ago there and had an amazing time. Sandy has a bit of weight, but she likes to have fun and gives a killer massage. Not sure who Ruby is but I haven't been there in a loooong time.

Asian massage parlor lexington ky

The Mamasan Sandy loves me, so that could be part of the treatment I get there. Not mongering, but they were fun anyway. So I take my other hand and start roaming on the other lady. Both allowed plenty of OTC roaming. Anyone tried the place on Lowery lane near pho bc? Old guy took me to a room. They go for a while and one leaves and comes back and other leaves and they do this a couple times.

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I just stumbled into it due to my love of a restaurant in the same strip. Told to flip and they both keep working on me. I like this. Good time had and if it was worth it? I have gotten plenty of extras there without negotiations.

Made excuse wife wouldn't be happy if I did. I think she does this to gauge whether to green light menu or expansion or to keep it legit. Treat them well and they should treat you well.

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Love the visits! She pretty clearly isn't doing this anymore. Has anyone ventured to Tulip massage in Winchester? Mamasan did come in and was very friendly but didn't stay long as someone else came in.

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A note that might scare you off. And I twice had success taking out waitresses from there. Many times, I get as much as I want and then top as I see fit to afterwards. She was attractive enough and I was hoping she'd come back. Often a guy who looks possibly Hispanic is working at the front desk. Damn she was smoking hot. I saw that she was back earlier this year.

passion girls Hallie

If would have known that I wouldn't have have the fee. Was meeted by what I think was the mamasan. Once, standard HE on flip. Place has really gone downhill. Don't worry, he has never ever stopped any of my fun from happening and some of the fun has gotten pretty loud depending on my moods. Ruby is Asian with an amazing body and very cute. That was the best massage I've ever had. I'm going to be up in that area the weekend after Christmas. So I have both of them working on my back. What a women she was, wish she would come back.

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So bad I almost got sick. So, a few things. Anyone know if Ruby is back at Fuji?

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When she knows and likes you, her menu is wide open likely including FS. She moved from there over two years ago, and quit posting over a year ago. You'd know her if you saw her. Is ruby the blonde girl I think was Russian.

Depending on the extras, I have pulled out my 'tip' as I seek the extra. I waited for someone to come in. Andrea was her name. That's is when I noticed the horrible stench. A something petite lady came in to check on me and said she'd be right back. And when the rotating talent doesn't do it for me, then I will have fun with Sandy.

cute girlfriend Helen

Anyway, be kind to them. Mamasan was talkative and very jovial. Yes, I never moved, I am in Lexington. I'm assuming it was Sandy per Dale's review. And she came back and started the massage, oh well.

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Few minutes later she started trying to tease. Also, it is fairly usual for Sandy to look in and check out the customer and probably touch you. If you flirt with her and treat her well, she will make sure you are always taken care of. Smelled like that thing hadn't been washed in years. Cleaned me up and continued with massage for another 10 minutes or so.

I guess I wasn't showing enough initiative cause mamasan takes my hand and puts it on her ass. My is the same. May give it another shot and hope for better. And a damn good time I might add.

Lexington escorts

She took my house fee and told me to get ready. It is one of my favorites. Well about 5 minutes in the original lady comes back in and s in.

fit miss Shiloh

I haven't looked at the talent there in the past few months, but it has historically been pretty solid. Went in. Took me back to room gave her the fee. It was maybe yrs ago I went there and she opened the door. I did. Not sure what was different in my experience vs yours LOL but I had the petite girl and she asked "you friend tell you about massage" I replied yes thinking that would clue her in I was safe.

So, I don't believe I have ever seen this place written about on here or advertised. Got a great HE that they both helped on. Stopped by today and got a great massage but that was it. Mamasan said she liked me so I'm hoping when I go back I get some of Dale's treatment. Then she started rubbing my shoulders.

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Thought I would at least hang around for the massage. I was reluctant to share about this honeyhole on here, but I want fellow hobbyists to enjoy this place. I wanted the other but what the hell I was already naked. I wish she would come back also.