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Fairfield university dating

Does this sound like nothing more than a fantasy?

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While dating apps like Tinder, Bumble and Zoosk are easily accessible in the era of tech-overload, they can come across for some as a bit impersonal and, quite frankly, uncomfortable. Whether you prefer to fly solo or enjoy the support of friends, there is a ton of activities, groups and places to go for all single types. Here are our choices for going solo and when going with a group. Meetup — This popular site brings together singles from all across Fairfield County in very distinctive, unique ways. What better way to meet other singles than by having a mutual connection right off the bat? Coffee Shop Fix — For those with coffee running through their veins at all times, a cozy, quaint coffee shop can be just the ticket to curing those singles blues.

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Why did you choose to attend Fairfield U? How did you meet? It was two days after the Madrid bombings, but nothing was going to stop Jack from getting to Spain…not even the fact that the airline had screwed up his ticket. Erin : I was friends with a guy named Rob, who transferred to Fairfield sophomore year.

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He pulled the boat into a quiet nook in the harbor. The chances are slim and the odds are definitely against us, but get ready to believe in love again because for these two soulmates, they were able to find it. LOVE it!

We were friends for a while sophomore year before we started dating. How did he propose?

30 things for singles to do in fairfield county

How did he ask you to be his girlfriend? Do you think this is true or actually a good thing? He started saying all kinds of sweet things, and I was caught completely by surprise! I started crying and was speechless, which is totally out of character for me! You may sit at graduation and have no idea what you want to do. He used calling cards after that. Jack put the finishing touches on 10 as the sun came up.

Otherwise, we were pretty solid throughout our time at the U. Many people say college relationships are bad to have. Erin: Many!

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Erin and Jack fell in love on our beautiful campus and never looked back. You may be accepted into grad school, or your may be trying to figure out your next step. Erin : Jack and I are pretty low key, so our dates were usually dinner and the movies.

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HC at Fairfield. But one of my favorites was senior year at the Grape.

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We abandoned the Grape and made a break for his beach house, The Undertow. He went to class, and I headed home to my bed I lived at the Perch; the house at the Point with all the mailboxes on it. Jack: My brother was a senior at Fairfield when I was applying to college.

He had a bottle of wine and a couple of beers with him for us to sit in the harbor and relax and watch the sunset. I LOVE movie popcorn. You may have met the love of your life, or you may still be looking. I fell in love with the campus on the back lawn at Bellarmine, and I never looked back!

Recognize your blessings. Erin: It was Labor Day weekend a couple of months after I graduated from law school. Also, people tend to choose colleges for the values and priorities highlighted by that school. Erin: When he came to visit me in Spain. Jack : And I was friends with a guy named Joe who transferred to Fairfield sophomore year as well. He came walking through the airport carrying his duffle bag over his shoulder, and I realized in that moment just how much I had missed him, and how I never wanted to be far from him again! It may sound corny, but everything happens for a reason. I have a 10 paper on Mao Zedong due in like 9 hours.

I knew a of people that went there, and I had been to visit numerous times.

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I loved the campus, the beach, and the whole atmosphere. And no one warns you!

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Were there any fun dates he took you on in Fairfield, CT? Can you name any funny memories while dating at Fairfield U? When did you know he was the one? Manage your time wisely. Erin: Not exactly! We also went bowling every Wednesday, and frequented the Fairfield Diner a couple mornings a week.

Bottom line : Recognize your blessings.

Erin: So was his mom when his cell phone bill came in the mail, and she realized Jack had been calling me in Spain directly from his cell!! Erin : I think college is the perfect time to find love!!! Eventually he did, and everyone was so excited!

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Good stuff only! We wanna slide into your DMs but via. Having a relationship through college gave us both stability and confidence.

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Victoria Asmus. He asked me what was wrong, and I told him that there was no more butter after the first layer. That said, I think we saw basically every movie that came out between and The first time I knew I had a keeper on my hands was at the movies.

Fairfield county, ct named best place in the u.s. for singles

Erin: I had my heart set on Holy Cross, and I got in! One night we smooched, and it was just understood from then on that we were together. He got down on one knee and pulled out the ring. We started calling people to tell them we were engaged. Joe and Rob became friends through the transfer program, and we met through them.

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He took the bag and came back with a fresh coat of butter, and my adoration. What advice do you have for other girls about dating in college? Jack: Erin finally realized she wanted to date me when her friends wanted to set me up with someone else!