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Chicago is a multicultural city with a variety of neighbourhoods to suit all kinds of new residents.

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Our guide was written by Veronique Martin-Place. Information on areas to live in Chicago and neighbourhood areas along with facilities available in local area.

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For complete convenience, get a Ventra card. One of the oldest zoos in North America, it is also one of the last remaining free zoos in the country and acres of animal fun. Looking for something different?

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Biking around town offers more flexibility and definitely beats walking. Alinea is one of the most awarded restaurants in the world and pioneered the concept of ticketed dining where you reserve and pre-pay for a meal based on a sliding scale based on date and time, much like a theater ticket. The Second City has some serious style and is arguably a first-rate shopping destination.

Moving to Chicago? Some of the most beloved Chicago traditions include the following:. The Lakefront has multiple exit points, so you can easily walk from your Gold Coast apartment to your office in River North. With more than events in total, almost every neighborhood puts on a local street fair celebrating their heritage, food and music scene. As the third-largest city in the U. While many Chicago residents have roots going back several generations, Chicago welcomes new transplants with open arms.

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Formerly known as the Sears Tower, the story building is the second tallest building in the U. The Ledge at the Skydeck offers spectacular views in a completely glass enclosure 1, in the air! Chicago is a challenging city for daily commuters with some aggravatingly long rush hours a. Held annually in October, the From the major sporting franchises to its die-hard fans, Chicago loves its sports teams. No matter which team you root for, sports are a fun and competitive way to enjoy time with friends and family.

Today, the acre park contains some of the greatest public art pieces in the world, in addition to the Jay Pritzker Pavilion, Cloud Gate, Crown Fountain and Lurie Garden.

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Chicago has the most dance music festivals in the entire country due to its house music origin many decades ago, including the largest outdoor dancing series in the U. Be sure to check out some of the upcoming events for this year, with Lollapalooza always being one of the standouts.

Below outlines the nearly limitless activities that Chicago offers its residents. You have plenty of options when it comes to transit:. While most assume Chicagoans hibernate in winter, they do get fairly active when the weather gets nice. Another view of the city for those not afraid of heights, the John Hancock Building also has an epic observation deck.

Chicago taxis are plentiful, and most accept credit and debit cards.

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Do you plan on renting in Chicago? With multiple beaches, waterfront restaurants, and an abundance of recreational activities, the lakefront offers a nice reprieve from the summer heat. Summer is when everyone comes out of hibernation in full force. During the warmer months, you can walk the lakefront to get to destinations on the East side of the city.

Submerse in the culture, explore the diversity and figure out your favorite authentic Chicago spots in no time.

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According to Zillow, Chicago home values have gone up 7. Chicago offers Here are some must-see beaches in Chicago:. The Chicago Air and Water Show is the oldest and largest free air and water exhibition. The downtown pedestrian walkway, or Pedwayis a system of underground tunnels and overhead bridges that links more than 40 blocks in the Central Business District. Despite not having access to a coast, the Chicago lakefront is a major part of city life.

For those looking to exert their individuality, Wicker Park has the majority of thrift stores and independent labels. She covers all of her adventures on her personal blog, TheDownLo, and has over k social media followers.

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Navy Pier was established to oversee the redevelopment of one of the most civic landmarks in the U. Ride the rides, indulge in the tasty fair food or catch a boat tour. Every year on St. Daley and Stephen M. Bailey, hood friend and then St. The event has become a huge attraction for both tourists and Chicago natives. Lauren Monitz is a travel writer living in Denver, CO. Originally from Chicago, IL, she has first-hand experience with moving to Denver.

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Here are a few ways to prepare for those harsh, subzero winters:. You may also like.

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Biking has become so popular in Chicago that a new bike-sharing companyDivvy, launched rental stations throughout the city. An alternative — and often more available option — is to book an Uber and Lyft ride from your smartphone.

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In Chicago, music is a long-standing tradition. It started in and features military and pilots performing awe-inspiring stunts over Lake Michigan. Here are some adventures to add to your list:. And remember: in Chicago, ketchup on your hot dog is considered a sin.

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Deanna Kane and Lauren Monitz. Life Storage offers self-storage units in Chicago for anything you may not have room for in your home.

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While the lake effect is definitely real, the nickname comes from a longstanding history of corrupt politicians and the hot air they like the spew. Since the city is blessed with nearly inches of snow each year, Chicagoans depend on street parking in neighborhoods where driveway space is limited. For those looking to drop some serious coin, Oak Street has long been a symbol of affluence for decades.

Chicago is home to live music venues that are institutions, such as the Aragon Ballroom and The Vic Theater. But keep your eyes peeled — many shops are covertly tucked away into converted townhouses. Lastly, Ravinia, located just north of the city in Highland Park, is an outdoor concert venue that has live performances from artists ranging from James Taylor to Carrie Underwood, June through September.

From the Randolph Street Market to Greekfest, Chicagoans love any excuse to be outside, drink and explore a new neighborhood. Ro and sidewalks get slick and icy during Chicago winters, so always beware of the sneaky black ice. Made a storage space reservation at Life Storage? She's explored nearly every Chicago neighborhood on foot having run three Chicago Marathons herself. Pay by Phone!

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While Michigan Avenue is now the most prestigious area, State Street is still well worth the visit. Great - let's find it for you! You simply tap the card on the turnstile entrance and the fare is deducted from your — no cash needed. More weather complainers have moved to Chicago in the last few years, and natives are sick of the far-too-familiar monologue. Be prepared for the cold and embrace it! It gets cold in Chicago — very, very cold. Keep jumper cables, a snow brush, gloves, shovels, water and provisions on hand at all times.

Pin It on Pinterest. Make sure you have several layers of clothing and waterproof boots. Others feel this is downright selfish. Shares. Michigan Avenue features a mile-long stretch of tucked away boutiques, restaurants and high-rise malls. Enjoy everything from high-end deers to local boutiques. For 15 years, she has been writing about both local and national real estate, home de and interiors, as well as restaurants and family-friendly destinations in both the city of Chicago and surrounding areas. Are you thinking about moving to Chicago?