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One of the aspects of the U. Britain had indicated that the new mission would be opened following the appointment of a dedicated ambassador to ASEAN, as opposed to the post being held concurrently by the U. And following the appointment of U.

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At various times over the last forty years I have attended training, led and shaped training, lived in South Asian majority Muslim contexts and stood back to re-examine my understanding of Islam. The Training of Asian Missionaries.

Export a Text file For BibTex. I have agonised with loving His critics said that his highly contextualised approach compromised the Christian message. When we take contextualization theories seriously, how does it change the way we prepare and train cross-cultural workers? Processing your request The churches of Hong Kong, Taiwan, Indonesia, the Philippines, Malaysia and Singapore have sent out increasing s of cross-cultural workers.

It is hoped that especially non-Chinese trainers will find something useful to facilitate effectiveness in their training programmes for Chinese specifically, The disciples respond by saying that for some he is John the Baptist, for some he is Elijah, for others Jeremiah or one of the prophets.

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Contextualisation and Mission Training offers "contextual frameworks" and "explorations" in order to prompt deeper engagement with the complexity of Asian social, cultural, and religious systems. Table of Contents. However, it is important to note that the Chinese worldview is the seedbed of worldviews of many East Asians, particularly Chinese in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, and Malaysia.

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Being in Mission in the Indian Context. His admirers suggested that his capacity to make and sustain cross cultural friendships coupled with his ability to create a non-threatening environment in which to explore the Christian faith were ificantly used by the This chapter discusses the unique characteristics of Chinese culture, education, learning style, and values shaped mainly by Confucianism, with an emphasis on Chinese culture from Mainland China. He is the Son of Copyright Date: Published by: MediaFortress Press.

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Perhaps ificantly, it is used there to refer to the east coast of Asia, so it seemed an appropriate title and metaphor for what this chapter attempts to do. Christian missions from the West have had very little success in impacting the religious worlds of Asia. Log in to your personal or through your institution. Search for reviews of this book.

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Indian churches are now supporting over 30, missionaries, working cross-culturally both within the sub-continent and in other parts of the world. Explorers were torn between the desire to get Engaging the Multiple Religious Contexts of Asia 4. Interestingly, despite the fact that the phrase is widely known, there is today only one surviving example of its actual use, and that is on the Hunt-Lenox globe, dating from the early 16 th century.

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Although accurate statistics are difficult to discover, it is estimated that more The gleanings that I draw on to review some issues and to make some suggestions in this chapter come from a mix of separate experiences, observations, associations and conversations. Table of Contents You are viewing the table of contents.

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Contextual Frameworks 1. Front Matter.

Leaders and pastors in many seminaries and churches in Asia stress the need to better equip new workers and mission practitioners so that they are able to appreciate the deep faiths of different religions, and to engage meaningfully with the underlying values and Given the rapid growth of Asian missions, what kind of training approaches and models could best prepare Asian workers, especially those crossing traditional, cultural, economic and political boundaries, and how can concerned Christians globally contribute toward the goals and tasks of mission training in Asia?

South Korea has more than 16, missionaries serving all over the world.

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This book seeks to raise pertinent and controversial issues related to some of the challenges facing the Asian church in engaging with the religious contexts of Asia. Back Matter. The churches of Asia, together with the churches of Africa and Latin America, are assuming an ever-increasing role in global evangelism.

Selected Bibliography. This is a confession that comes out of the realisation that Jesus was not only a man but was more than a man.

Table of contents

The last three decades have witnessed exponential growth in the missionary movement within Asia. The idea that we can take our let us say, for the sake of argument, Western theology emanating from Western churches and academies theology, and pretend that it This ominous phrase has come to ify the presence of the unknown, to alert travellers to the perils of venturing into unexplored and potentially dangerous places.

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Asia is incredibly varied and complex. Lessons from the Life of Karl Reichelt Training with Chinese Characteristics. Book Description: Contextualisation and Mission Training offers "contextual frameworks" and "explorations" in order to prompt deeper engagement with the complexity of Asian social, cultural, and religious systems.

I have seen the simplicity of the Gospel bring life and liberty to the hearts of ordinary individuals born and living in Muslim mohallahs, and worshipped Christ in gatherings of believers from such backgrounds. Try logging in through your institution for access.

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There is an attempt at the end of the chapter to apply the understanding derived from this discussion to mission training for Chinese trainees. Introduction and Acknowledgements. What is so Theological about Contextual Mission Training?