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Dating with Chicago Illinois girls

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Domestic sex trafficking of chicago women and girls

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Chicago Foundation for Women. Although 65 percent of the sample reported wanting to leave the sex trade at some point, many feared violence from their pimps, and others were anxious about being able to survive financially outside of the commercial sex field. The girls in the sample simultaneously participated in many sex-trade venues, challenging the popular belief that many prostitutes specialize in high-end prostitution activities free from pimp control and violence.

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Share sensitive information only on official, secure websites. Nathan Cummings Foundation. Based on interviews with young women currently involved in Chicago's sex trade July-Decemberthis study focused on the process by which young girls are recruited into the sex trade industry in the Chicago metropolitan area, with attention to the strategies used and the levels of coercion, control, and violence used to retain the girls in prostitution.

Also, as the women progressed through the prostitution lifestyle, they were required by their pimps to have sex with more customers, and travel to more locations.

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DePaul University. Corporate Author.

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Recommendations pertain to assisting young women in Chicago's sex trade, holding pimps and recruiters able, and preventive interventions. Author s.

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NCJ. The average age of entry into regular participation in the sex trade was Seventy percent said they were recruited into the sex trade. United States of America.

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Sale Source. Jody Raphael ; Jessica Ashley. Information and data on current involvement in the sex trade addresses the girls' interactions with their pimps, the of customers, transportation to various locations to provide sexual services, and pimp violence and coercion against the girls. In addition, they were subjected to more violence and coercion from their pimps.

Dating chicago women | united states, illinois

Availability Find in a Library. Official websites use. Information is provided on circumstances during recruitment, early prostitution involvement, and violence and coercion during recruitment. The data contradicted several common beliefs about prostitutes.

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Additional Details Sponsoring Agency. The other 30 percent entered the sex trade under their own initiative, but at the time of the interview, they were managed by pimps. Illinois Criminal Justice Information Authority.