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Reverend James Huckinsthe first Baptist missionary to Texas, was Baylor's first full-time fundraiser and the third founding father of the university. Although these three men are credited as being the founders of Baylor University, there are many others who worked to see our university established in Texas. After the University was chartered on February 1,four communities made bids to be the location: Travis, Huntsville, Shannon's Prairie and Independence. Independence was selected, and classes for preparatory students began in May with college courses offered the following June. From humble beginnings in Independence, Texas, the campus has grown to approximately 1, acres in Waco, Texas, annually educating more than 15, men and women to pursue their individual life callings.

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The valley has become a landscape of prayers, graves and sorrow: hospitals built temporary COVID wards to care for hundreds of new patients, scores of bodies lie stacked in refrigerated trailers and hundreds of contract nurses, some dispatched from as far as Florida and New York, have descended on brush land communities clustered along the Rio Grande.

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A former hospital staffer posted claims on Twitter this week showing substandard equipment and a female patient in a COVID unit with ants crawling on her back. She was quarantined across the hospital in a maternal coronavirus ward. Melendez ordered the start of county schools be postponed until September, even as Abbott has threatened to withhold state funding unless they open for in-person instruction next month.

Their mother Ofelia Aguirre, 67, was hospitalized and placed on a ventilator. But they were more afraid than ever.

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Facebook feeds are full of death. Hand sanitizer replaced holy water at entrances. The reception, which had been planned forwas postponed. After getting his DNAhe messaged a stranger: I think you might be my father. Outside another hospital in nearby McAllen this week, more than 50 people from two local churches formed socially distanced groups in the parking lot to pray for their year-old pastor, Gerardo Garcia, who was hooked to a ventilator.

Above, a team of medical workers provide care.

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More Stories. Within weeks, many were quarantined, hospitalized or dead. Follow Us twitter instagram facebook. She lost her year-old parents — high school sweethearts — to the virus this month, days apart, then fell ill herself.

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His hospital last week was treating COVID patients, 62 in intensive care, about half on ventilators. He had to hire men to shovel them by hand. Business Visionaries. Bridesmaid Roxy Perales, a nurse practitioner, was nervous to attend. Many were vulnerable from the beginning, and as Texas reopened in May, extended Tejano families went back to work, even though many were uninsured and suffered high rates of diabetes and obesity, putting them at greater risk of dying from the virus. All Sections. Dozens lay unconscious in one of several new makeshift COVID wards, where visiting nurses scooted between curtained rooms, adjusting beeping ventilators.

Joe Vargas, 43, a deacon in the Diocese of Brownsville, Texas, is conducting three funerals a day while wearing an air purifier around his neck to help protect him from the coronavirus. Their uncle died, then their father.

In , 35 delegates to the union baptist association meeting accepted the suggestion of reverend william milton tryon and district judge r.e.b. baylor to establish a baptist university in texas.

About Us. B2B Publishing. His younger sister, who hosted the party, fell ill soon afterward. His doctor told him it was too dangerous for him to keep visiting patients at the local hospital to administer last rites.

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So far, they had tested negative. Anytime there is an excuse for our gente to have a party, a pachangawe worry. All 50 in attendance wore masks, except the bride, whose face was hidden beneath a lace-edged mantilla veil.

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But the nurses took photos and video of him. Catrina Rugar, 34, a Florida-based nurse who deployed first to the outbreak in New York City, then to the Edinburg hospital, said she had seen the claims and that nurses had faced shortages of supplies and support. It has taken pastors and farmworkers. Every other pew was taped off. Roy Snipes, 75, stopped baptisms and first communions, but was still performing gravesite funerals, weddings and daily Mass. On sweltering weekends, families gathered for church, pachanga parties and beach vacations on South Padre Island.

A plot waited for her next to her husband, beside another fresh grave. Times Events. Hot Property. Many also suffered from morbid obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure and other chronic conditions.

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Times Store. Her husband, daughter, aunt, uncle and cousin all got the virus, although only her aunt was hospitalized. At La Piedad Cemetery in McAllen, where the first ornate graves were erected instaffers were digging so many this week, their backhoe broke, manager Jose Mata said. She was barred from holding, nursing or even seeing her son, beyond the photographs and videos nurses let her glimpse from a computer screen.

Above, a man is transported to a hospital on a gurney.

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The virus has cut through generations of families. Greg Abbott met virtually Tuesday with local leaders, promising to send more resources, even as he prevented officials from enforcing stay-home orders.

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More Column One Storytelling. Most of the hospitalizations and deaths this month have been in the heart of the valley in Hidalgo County, where all 2, hospital beds are full, said Dr. Ivan Melendez, the county health director, who returned to work last week after recovering from the virus. Garcia persuaded friends and relatives not to return to work, even after authorities cleared them, because they still had symptoms.

So workers like Jesus Torres, 75, were hired to shovel them by hand.

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Deaths here are multiplying, crematoriums are backed up for weeks, and at one cemetery, so many graves were dug that the backhoe broke down and men had to take to shovels. Molly Hennessy-Fiske.

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Transport companies that once moved 10 bodies a week were moving twice as many in a day, around the clock. Column One: When in Tokyo, forget everything you know about 7-Elevens and convenience stores. Tokyo Summer Olympics. She said conditions at the hospital had improved, but that nurses still faced shortages of medications and respiratory staff to help with ventilators.

Freddie Aguirre and his other three siblings kept their distance, waving instead of hugging. She walks past pews blocked off for social distance. She wailed as she placed a white rose atop the grave. Now her husband is sick, too. A graduate of Harvard College, she spent a year as Middle East bureau chief before returning as Houston bureau chief. Facebook Twitter Show more sharing options Share Close extra sharing options. Since the start of the pandemic in March, it has admitted COVID patients, of whom died, including 96 this month.