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Black women are getting to the best universities, strongest corporations and top ranks of government offices. A provocative new book by Stanford law professor Ralph Richard Banks examines why black women are so unlikely to marry — and proposes a solution that is arousing controversy in the African-American community: Cross the color line. The shared experience that once bound blacks together — segregation — is gone, he asserts.

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None of the officers have been charged criminally for any of these shootings in the last decade, as each case was deemed justified because officers feared for their lives.

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During the October to June tenure of former Chief Andrew Bidou, a period when calls for reform escalated, the police force was the subject of legal claims seeking damages. Strong says he told the officer he was recording the encounter and that when Tonn reached for the phone, Strong pulled his arm away. Anderson alleges that as more officers arrived, he was punched and kicked, and that he heard the officers concoct a story to justify the beating.

These encounters are coming under review by state Attorney General Xavier Becerra. Strong filed a federal civil rights lawsuit. Pitts said he was taken into custody and cited for jaywalking. Bidou could not be reached for comment. He might have to have surgery, his attorney said.

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Tonn threw him to the ground and placed him in a choke hold, the claim states. Villalobos was released and not charged.

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Vallejo officials took little action on the flood of complaints when Bidou was chief. The officer is on paid leave. After Anderson got out, a second officer, Robert Herndon, ordered Anderson to put up his hands before shocking him with a Taser, leaving him unable to comply with orders to roll over, the suit says. The officers denied the allegations, according to court documents.

The men asked no questions, said his lawyer, Thomas Seabaugh. Many more disturbing accusations emerge from claims The Chronicle obtained from the city through a public records request.

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But the city issued a blanket denial of the rest of his allegations. The figures that the Police Department does release show that, from toVallejo officers reported using force in of 16, arrests. Twitter. Before Thurston was arrested and taken from her home, Tonn had verified that the car was hers, according to the police report. The city and McMahon settled without admitting fault. But to the Vallejo police officers who arrested her on Oct. Thurston is among at least 60 people since — most of them people of color like herself — who say they were victims of heavy-handed tactics by city officers.

During the period that Vallejo had claims against its police force, Fairfield had Before he left his interim post, yielding to Chief Williams, Allio said the department needed to take a close look at itself. And the of those investigations are generally not made public, under California law. The gloves press an oily therapeutic treatment — turmeric, black pepper, lavender, coconut oil — into her pores, soothing her achy hands and wrists after her shifts as a massage therapist.

But it is the actions ahead that will show whether life changes for people of color in Vallejo. Not until Augustafter protesters against police violence showed up at numerous council meetings, did the city engage the OIR Group for an assessment of the department. The city did not formally respond to the claim, meaning Whitney may now file a lawsuit to pursue his complaint. The officer fired a rifle from the back seat of a truck, through the windshield, as the truck pulled into the parking lot. By the time they realized it, Villalobos had a 2-centimeter gash in his head and a concussion, hospital documents provided by Seabaugh show.

That approach had not been emphasized in the past, the report said.

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Allio came to Vallejo after retiring as chief of police in Fairfield, a city just up Interstate 80 from Vallejo with a similar population size. He was let go when the officer learned he had served in the Marines. But, as a report by the U. When we first met last summer, Thurston, a soft-spoken and spiritual woman, said she still had pain in her shoulder and lower back from her police encounter — pain that did not respond to the concoction she uses for her wrists and hands.

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Jason Anderson, another Black man, says in a lawsuit he was making deliveries for used car dealer AutoLinx on June 9,when motorcycle Officer James Melville ordered him to pull over. According to FBI data, the city, with officers, had the highest of criminal cases per officer in the state in So far this year, Vallejo has seen 21 killings, giving it the highest per-capita homicide rate among Bay Area cities. Both Burrell and the city requested a jury trial, which is scheduled to begin in Novemberaccording to court documents.

In claims filed at City Hall and lawsuits filed in county and federal courts, people describe coming away bruised and bloodied.

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He has difficulty sleeping and has numbness in his fingers. The officers wrestled him to the floor. He opened the door and pulled the 5-footinch woman from her car. Burrell, who is suing Vallejo, said he suffered a concussion from his head striking a wooden porch pillar. Based on my research, indicators of trouble in the city are numerous. Riding with Barreto that day was Officer Jarrett Tonn, the police report said.

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She told Barreto that his manner made her uncomfortable, and rolled up her car window. Robert Strong, a transit aide for people with special needs, says Vallejo Officer Jarrett Tonn threw him to the ground and placed him in a choke hold for unclear reasons when he was walking to his car after dropping off a client on April 19, Nickolas Pitts, for instance, alleged in a lawsuit that he was carrying trash to the curb of his apartment on April 4,when Officers Matthew Komoda and Ryan McLaughlin jumped out of a car with guns drawn, then punched him in the head and ripped out some of his dreadlocks, drawing blood.

She feels police targeted her. Their stories raise an array of questions. About two months after he took over the department, I asked Williams whether he was concerned about the of use-of-force complaints. Delon Thurston sometimes drives home from work wearing disposable plastic gloves.

Monterrosa, who police said was crouching in the lot, allegedly had a hammer but no gun. Nobody was in danger. He then pushed her to the ground, scraping her nose and forehead, Thurston says in her lawsuit. Monterrosa was the 19th person killed by Vallejo officers sinceaccording to the Solano County district attorney, an unusually high for a city ofpeople.

Otis R. Taylor Jr. His columns typically appear Mondays and Thursdays. My efforts to interview private lawyers who represent Vallejo officers in internal affairs investigations have also been unsuccessful.

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A shift in tone — maybe. Police stops that were initiated for minor infractions, or for unclear reasons, often turn into violent encounters in Vallejo, a Chronicle investigation found. Jose Villalobos, 47, was at St. Catherine of Siena Catholic Church with his wife and three children on Nov.

Villalobos, a pipe layer who has no vision in one eye, said he thought he was being robbed by criminals.

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Vallejo, in response to the ongoing lawsuit, acknowledged the undercover officers contacted Villalobos near the church restroom, believing he looked like a suspect in a criminal case. More than a year and half later, Villalobos still experiences pain in his left shoulder. At City Council meetings, angry residents have frequently aired their complaints about police, sometimes in shouted frustration and protests, to no avail.

Residents, some backed by video evidence, accuse police of dragging them from cars, attacking them with dogs and pummeling them with batons, boots and fists.

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He said the officer thanked him for his service. This story draws from interviews with dozens of Vallejo citizens, activists, attorneys and current and former city officials and a review of lawsuits, police reports and almost complaints filed with the city against police. He was unarmed.

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Sixty of them alleged excessive use of force or civil rights violations, according to a review of the claims by The Chronicle. Some complaints are over issues like damaged property during police car and foot chases, but at least 60, from October to Juneallege excessive force by Vallejo officers. More officers arrived, and a female officer patted her down.

Robert Strong, a year-old Black man working as a transit aide for people with special needs, says in a complaint against the city that he was walking to his car after dropping off a client at home on April 19, He says Tonn drove up and asked him what he was doing in the neighborhood. Complaints about these encounters are part of a severely strained relationship between many citizens and cops in a city with immense racial disparities in police interactions.

More on by Otis R. Monterrosa died from gunshot wounds during an encounter with police outside a Walgreens in Vallejo Monday night. Their silence makes it impossible to fully understand the perspective of the officers involved in these events.

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He recounted hitting his head as he struggled. In August, reports released publicly by the department showed Chief Williams had moved to fire McMahon in connection with another fatal shooting last year.

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The city moved to dismiss the lawsuit. Since44 Vallejo police officers have shot people, and 14 have been involved in multiple shootings, according to police and city records. Now, state Department of Justice officials will be doing the looking. Marine veteran Adrian Burrell says he received a concussion when he was unjustly detained by a Vallejo officer on Jan. He recorded much of the incident. In many cases, Black men said Vallejo officers aggressively detained them for dubious reasons. Nobody had been injured.

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