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Date with destiny Mission

Date With Destiny is a 6 day intensive, self development seminar with the sole intention of changing your life for the better — in just about every area.

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I wrote this post to share the key things you need to know before dropping a whole lot of dough on attending this Tony Robbins seminar. Is it worth it? Is this the right event for you? You may not even know what Date With Destiny is?! This weeklong event compresses decades of personal growth into days.

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Do you need help with your knowledge business? Good is the enemy of great. It all started for me 9 years ago, when I was a shy, depressed young boy trying to find his way in this world and felt helpless to change my circumstances. Tony Robbins says that the 1 problem you have is that you think you're not supposed to have any problems.

These softeners limit us from feeling pain.

Discover your purpose and ignite passion

Over the last 9 years, I've been through every Tony Robbins book, audio program and video that's ever been created and have taken dozens of friends to his Unleash The Power Within seminar on multiple occasions. They wouldn't be fulfilled, and life would be boring — they would be miserable. If we didn't contribute in any way, we'd feel worthless.

I found this extremely useful, as I attended the event by myself and quickly had some close friendships and a sense of camaraderie at the event. The minute we experience meaning, it triggers emotion. By taking control of these areas of your lifeyou are able to be pulled towards the life that you want and your ultimate destiny can be fulfilled. The other thing that will make us fulfilled is a sense of contributing and to be giving. Your destiny is who you are going to become and what you are going to give in this lifetime.

If you want one word for happiness, it's progress. Thank you for your support!

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Anytime you feel frustrated, you should quickly convert that into excitement. Confusion means you're about to learn somethingas your brain needs to come up with something new.

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Before attending the event, everyone had to fill out a detailed report and questionnaire that would elicit important information about how you operate, including your values and rules. I received A LOT of value by doing that, as you will see with this Date with Destiny review, as it forced me to share the material with others and drove Tony Robbins teachings even deeper into my nervous system. Success without fulfillment is the ultimate failure. You see, anything that doesn't match your blueprint of how you think things should be is what you perceive as a problem.

At the event, we learned two new meanings for certain words: frustration and confusion. There were I believe between 25 to 30 teams at the event, which means that you're not sitting with or on the same team as whomever you came to the event with.

Meaning is the force that shapes life, emotion is what colors it.

Date with destiny

Good is the slow death. What is missing in most of our lives is a sense of fulfillment. I only ever endorse products that I have personally used and benefitted from personally. I didn't believe I could change or that a better life was available to me… until I discovered Tony Robbins and his powerful programs that began to influence my way of thinking. Frustration means you are about to have a breakthrough. Are you ready to turn what you already know into next level success and impact?

Tony robbins – date with destiny review

A big component that I have added in with my Date With Destiny review is that everyone is split up into teams. You pick a buddy at the event which you work with closely throughout the 6-days and participate in the exercises with.

It's the story about the problem that is the problem.

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If we all contributed more, we'd have a deeper sense of meaning in our lives and feel more fulfilled. Date With Destiny is a self-discovery experience.

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You cannot control the events of your life, only what things mean. This was Tony Robbins 70th Date With Destiny event, and everyone in the room was more excited than ever.

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With this Date of Destiny review, you can see how there is a relationship between fulfillment, value and your success. The moment you can be honest with yourself, you have an opportunity to grow. The path of least resistance will never make you feel proud, but the path of resistance will always make you grow. People want to have no problems in life, but don't realize that if this was the case they wouldn't grow or become stronger. The secret to life is to constantly be stretching. When you are making progress towards something or growing, you feel most alive and happy.

Contribution is a law of the universe, as anything that doesn't contribute in some form gets eliminated by evolution. If you purchase a product through one of them, I will receive a commission at no additional cost to you. Date With Destiny was always on the horizon for me, but I never committed to it until I made it a goal last year as one of my New Year Resolutions.

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Anytime you experience confusion, you should quickly start to celebrate. But, I will share the best of the best and details about how it improved my life. The twin forces of life are meaning and emotion. What if problems were always gifts? Most of us didn't consciously select our beliefs, values and rules, which causes us to not move towards or create the ultimate destiny we want for our lives. There were over 2, participants in attendance, from 67 countries around the world. For this Date With Destiny review, I will be sharing details about the 6-day event and my experience of it, but unfortunately it won't be as detailed as the Unleash The Power Within Reviewsimply because I'm terrified by how long it would take me to complete a 6-series review of the event.

Here are some things you will learn:.

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Robbins talks about how there are only a couple of things that will make you fulfilled, which are:. If you have the opportunity to attend this event, or any other Tony Robbins event, I'd say go for it! It isn't more achievement that is the answer for our lives, even though most of us feel we haven't achieved enough.

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It's up to us to find the gifts. But, your Blueprint consists of your beliefs, values, and rules. You don't need to be where you want to be today, but as long as you're making progress towards it you will have a sense of happiness and excitement inside of you, something worth mentioning with the Date with Destiny review. Emotion is why someone will run into a building and give their life for a stranger — the emotion to serve, which comes from a meaning that by giving my own life, I am more ificant.

It's an event where you explore the force that controls every thought, feeling, behaviour, and decision of your life. This contains affiliate links. But we are the ones that create the problems, as problems are all relative. Every problem you have is life happening for you, not to you. The only reason that we grow is so that we have something to give.

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This is important to mention with the Date with Destiny review. Each team has a team name, cheer, and team leaders that help you make the event enjoyable and worthwhile. This is why I've decided to add in the Date with Destiny review. With more fulfillment in our lives, we will also naturally achieve more and give more, but ultimately more fulfillment is required to live a rich and meaningful life. When we give, we immediately get outside of ourselves and feel happy. Going through the process helps you learn about yourselfbut the information is more for Tony Robbins to study for each person in attendance so that he can add as much value as possible and sometimes work with individuals one-on-one.

My Date of Destiny review highlights this, as I know it is a valuable principle for everything we do. You are going to get massive by attending the Date with Destiny and it is worth doing. DWD was much longer, more intense, and jam-packed with even more content than UPW and it'd take forever for me to share everything that occurred during that event.

Date with destiny Mission is known as your Blueprint, or model of the world, which is something that we will be exploring more in-depth later. If you follow this blog at all or watch my videos, you most likely know that I'm a huge Tony Robbins fan and have been heavily influenced by his work.

What’s calling you to date with destiny?

Last year when I attended UPW in New Jersey and San Jose, I wrote a 4-part series review of the event on this blog, along with lengthy videos and details about the experience. If you can't, then you must. This is something that most people are already good at, or at least those that were in attendance of the event.

God knows you are not made to be comfortable, you are made to grow. But people use softeners or certain words to avoid feeling how they really feel — all to avoid the truth and to be comfortable. Most people perceive problems to be bad.