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Lifelong friends Barb and Star embark on the adventure of a lifetime when they decide to leave their small Midwestern town for the first time - ever. Star : You've been pleasuring me a lot lately.

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Windows vista – new time settings

I've included a picture of the butt in this article, for your reference. Capcom even warned investors that a connection between in-game and real-world violence could adversely impact the company's earnings.

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Reddit Pocket Flipboard. Share this story Twitter Facebook. Microsoft has therefore applied stickers with correct ESRB rating information to the packaging of virtually all copies that will ship to retail in the U. We have been advised by Microsoft that future runs of the game will be produced without the content in question, thus negating the need for the descriptor to be displayed on those versions.

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This was the statement sent to the press by the Entertainment Software Ratings Board about the situation:. Magazines were like gaming news sites, but they were printed on paper. Allow me to set the stage: Microsoft was pushing Windows Vista pretty hard, as well as its " Games for Windows " branding. Cookie banner We use cookies and other tracking technologies to improve your browsing experience on our site, show personalized content and targetedanalyze site traffic, and understand where our audiences come from.

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We use cookies and other tracking technologies to improve your browsing experience on our site, show personalized content and targetedanalyze site traffic, and understand where our audiences come from. Halo 2 was a huge deal at the time, and creating a version with the Games for Windows branding that was exclusive to Windows Vista seemed like a great move from Microsoft's point of view but, if I remember correctly, it annoyed the living hell out of just about everyone else.

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You see, the gaming industry was just getting over a controversy called "Hot Coffee," where people found ly inaccessible sexual content in copies on Grand Theft Auto : San Andreas. The game's release was delayed, and stickers had to be applied to every copy of the game that shipped with the offending content. The game had to be re-rated as Adults Only, it was yanked from the store shelves and ultimately replaced with copies of the game that didn't have the offending content. Cyberpunk patch 1. By choosing I Acceptyou consent to our use of cookies and other tracking technologies.

Windows vista – new time settings

Everything came to a screeching halt when this butt was discovered. I don't think anyone worries about an organized media attack on violent games anymore, and the threat of video game legislation is pretty much over as well. Loading comments The Latest.

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If content was on the disc that was printed and sold, no matter how well hidden, it had to be rated. The video game industry was a very strange place just eight years ago.

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This all happened during a time when attorney Jack Thompson was on the ram against violent gamesand for a time it looked like the sales of games could be legislated by the government. A game without a descriptor for nudity contained nudity. The ESRB had to add the content descriptor so people knew, deep in the game's code, there was a bit of nudity.

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Gaming PlayStation Xbox Nintendo. Lawsuits ensuedas did changes in how games were rated and how such content was disclosed during the ratings process.

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The idea was to control certification and standards on the PC the same way it was standardized on consoles. If you have a copy of Halo 2 Vista with that sticker, congratulations: You have a sad collector's item. Movies TV Comics. A secret, hidden butt.

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There was only one problem: hidden deep in the game's code was a picture of a butt. Filed under: Culture.

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This is a strange piece of video gaming history in a few ways, and it shows how much things have changed in under a decade. Star Wars Marvel.

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So that butt was a major problem.