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Please help us pay for the servers and web services required to operate our non-profit organization's website. It was the site of the Pharos lighthouseone of the seven wonders of the ancient world, and the legendary Library of Alexandria and was once the most vital cultural center of the ancient world, rivalling even AthensGreece. The city developed from a small port known as Rhatokis after the arrival of Alexander who laid out the basic de for what he wanted and then left to continue his conquest of Persia.

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Library of Alexandriathe most famous library of Classical antiquity. Libraries and archives were known to many ancient civilizations in Egypt, MesopotamiaSyriaAsia Minorand Greecebut the earliest such institutions were of a local and regional nature, primarily concerned with the conservation of their own particular traditions and heritage.

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Great job Hany! Really wish you had this in ml. I wish I would have purchased a larger bottle!

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I get a Polo green vibe, but just replace the ashy tobacco note with citrus, mint, and herbs. I gave away 2 of my 7 samples and those friends who were gifted also raved about the performance of this brand and the formulations being so spot on. After being encouraged by positive feedback from his friends and family, he opened his own shop in early Also working as a part-time tour guide, it was one of his duties to make sure his tourists visited the proper shops and bazaars to purchase essential and perfume oils.

King of Barbershop Fragrances. This right here is pure masculinity in a bottle.

Library of alexandria

Mark D. Shervon Parris. Best's Alexandria house by far. Extraordinary fragrance. Absolutely love iture fragrance Great all seasons and huge compliment getter. Performance is through the roof. Absolutely Stunning. I was hoping that I could surprise her with an affordable alternative. After first spraying, I thought, "This is nice. Over the years I've tried several inspiration perfumes looking for a viable alternative to my very expensive Coromandel and they were all lacking until I found China Affair!

Alain Hernandez. As time went on, he began mixing oils and creating his own fragrances. SO Classy!!


She's always shared her fun "finds" with me, I loved being able to return the favor. Great product. This is marvelous; a warm, fresh, clean, unique, barbershop fragrance. I chose Santal's Kiss as one of my 5ml sample picks because a friend mentioned that she was almost out of her Santal 33 and can't afford to replace. Alexandria ature Original Creation. We appreciate you not only as a Customer but as a Family Member and hope you are enjoying good Health and Safety during these unprecedent times. As Good As They Say! If you enjoy classy, expensive smelling tobacco-heavy fragrances, this one is for you.

Zion Inspired By Roja's Elysium 82 reviews. Cart 0.

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We love the sample packs. Cacao Dreams Original Creation 54 reviews. I tried a sample of the of og and it did not last that long in my skin whereas this beauty here lasted a good hours, being a close to skin scent after the hour mark. Sometimes my skin seems to gobble up a scent and it's gone quickly, NOT the case with the Alexandria Fragrances that I've tried so far.

Will definitely buy here again. We would like to apologize for the Lack of the Boxes and Pouches. What you get is a strong dose of green spices and herbs mixed in with refreshing mint and citrus.

History of alexandria

Great fragrances and fast service. She was so exited when I gave her this.

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Log in up. Dear Alexandria Family. Let customers speak for us from reviews.


Directly to your inbox. If you are looking for the ultimate Barbershop fragrance, look no further. I'm going to let it sit for a few months so it'll be perfect for the winter. Subscribe to our newsletter Promotions, new products and sales. I got whiffs of it through the day and it made me happy! This formulation is incredible, the longevity is so much better, no need for a touch up during the day. AsHany would help out around the shops. Well blended, very identical to the original perfume, will be purchasing from Alexandria again.

Alexandria, egypt

Alexander sample packs are a great way to discover new colognes. Ted Hopkins. Also she's stunned that the longevity and overall performance is so much better.

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Justin Charles. This fragrance is sooo good, I prefer this to the og due to longevity but they are exactly the same. Kevin Hartwell. Thank you, Alexandria Fragrances! He moved to the United States to be with his family in He decided to go back to his fragrance-making background to develop competitive luxury fragrances.

Forbidden Plum is definitely the inspiration you want, over the others, if you want a stronger, a bit sweeter, version of TF's masterpiece. We currently do have a shortage due to the COVID Pandemic and are working hard on getting them as quick as possible from our Source. This is for the alpha male who wants to get noticed. Shave and a Haircut, Scott Hamula. I have 14 fragrances from the house and I can say that it is the best by far, identical to elysium but with double performance and projection.

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It is so RICH! She claims that except for the opening which doesn't last that long it's spot on! Spot on and then some. This is well done. He maintained the shop for eight years, until he decided to move to Europe for a short time.

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Thanks Hany I absolutely love this fragrance. Inafter several years of assisting others launch their fragrance brands, Hany launched his own house, Alexandria Fragrances. Al Mattia. The drydown is woody, green, and ultra masculine.

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We are currently in the Transition of changing the Presentation of the Bottles and Boxes. Hafez Original Creation 64 reviews.