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Joe Millionaire is an American reality television show that was broadcast on Fox beginning in January It was broadcast in the United Kingdom that same year.

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The West Midlands has 11 billionaires going into - up one from last year see who else ranks among the most wealth in our region in this year's Rich List, published in association with Quilter Cheviot. Here are the entrants on the Birmingham Post Rich List - the organisation in brackets is the brand they are most closely associated with. Egyptian businessman Sawiris, 58, is executive chairman at Aston Villa and he and Wes Edens each bought a

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She has participated in the sale of several million-dollar plus homes since she started in business four years ago. Because membership is limited to golf-hungry rich people, initiation fees are taken on a sealed-bid basis.

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Lots of it. First Baptist Church. For high-rise condo living, no other address in town can compare to one along Turtle Creek. Check into ing the DCC. Lots of DCC members do. Highland Park. Just about everyone has a rich uncle or a claim to a piece of property somewhere that could produce a windfall fortune.

John Stemmons prays here, as does construction magnate Henry C. Highland Park Presbyterian.

Options abound in every category. The advantage is the proximity to downtown and the nightlife and semi-bohemian atmosphere of Oak Lawn. Charles Freeman. The strategy is really quite simple: Start small but elegant in most areas and work your way to the top, step by step.

What you must do with your first million is make trade-offs, skimping in some areas and laying out a lot of cash in others. Ben Briggs. One of the biggest and oldest churches in Dallas is also one of the most affluent. Enormous mansions north of Walnut Hill.

It has all the same basic advantages: lower city taxes, personalized city services, and it shares the Highland Park school system. Preston Hollow. You could have worked your fingers to the bone; you could have won it in a lottery; you could have stolen it as far as most people are concerned. You could probably find a house on this street for as little as a million dollars, but it would be a complete redo or a teardown.

The homes are simply turned over to an agent who discretely finds the right millionaire to buy it. Better still, a million dollars a year for life. Preston Trail. Minks and All Cadillacs -by catering to the blue-collar crowd. Want to feel humble? There are almost millionaires in Dallas.

In Dallas, church is one of the best places to meet the right people. Temple Emanuel.

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With inflation, a dollar is only worth 20 cents today. Well, almost anybody. Or do you? Strait Lane. All paid less than you will, because they bought into Highland Park before inflation drove the prices through the roof. Trim of Windsor Association, Inc. Inflation can kill you, just like everybody else. To your former peers in middle-class suburbia, you are instantly somebody. Turtle Creek.

Ten years from now you can sell your house for enough money to buy Costa Rica. Brook Hollow. You have to learn that your goal — The Deal — will ultimately come through the friends you make at the country club you got into through the friends you made in the service club, which you got into through the friends you made in your North Dallas Sunday School class. There are as many ways to win as there are to win at Monopoly. Criswell is among the most powerful men in the state for many reasons; one is that he has lots of millionaires in his congregation who follow him, religiously.

While less prestigious than the Turtle Creek condos, Preston Tower has been a good address for some time. One of the first things you want to be able to drop in a conversation with your new friends is your address. One member claims the three best investments he ever made were Vail, Southwest Airlines, and Preston Trail. The area of Preston Hollow west of the Tollway to Marsh Lane is rising rapidly, while the once hot area east of the Tollway is cooling off.

Preston Trails. One of the added attractions at Preston Trail is Renfro, the locker room man. Highland Park is home for oil man Ed Cox, megabuck developer Trammell Crow, and a list of monetary luminaries that is almost endless.

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She prides herself in her discretion and in the fact that her firm handles the highest priced listings in Dallas. This area and the area on Inwood Road nearby has some fabulous mansions, set amongst some beautiful trees. Ellen Terry. Ben and associates have been handling Park Cities properties for decades and have a reputation for knowing where the good six-figure buys are found. Lots of wealthy men in the throes of divorce have condos there.

It boasts several million-dollar homes, including that of millionaire Mayor Bob Folsom. Many say Lakeside Drive, which runs along the banks of Turtle Creek and dead-ends into the Dallas Country Club, is the most prestigious street in Texas. It could happen to anybody.

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Ralph Porter Co. It is through the church, and many times the Sunday school class, that you will make the connections which will help you in other areas -social clubs, arts and charities, and of course, business. Pat at the Dallas Country Club, Bruce at Brook Hollow, and Billy at Northwood are known for the same type of services, but Renfro still has the reputation of king of the locker-room men.

Beautiful neighborhoods, but, alas, inside the Dallas city limits and not as prestigious as the Park Cities or Preston Hollow. The point is that a million dollars a year for the rest of your life takes you right to the head of the class in most circles. Michael and All Angels Episcopal. Preston Trail has proven to be solid from the investment standpoint. Algur Meadows. Bluffview and Creenway Park.

Freeman sold the house at the corner of Northwest Highway and Inwood to its current owners, the Irvin L. Mona Biscamp. Both are still in the City of Dallas, however, which means higher taxes and busing for your children if you choose public schools. Your first investment should be a house in Highland Park. Mona works for Henry S. Miller date a millionaire woman Midland has a reputation for listing some of the most expensive homes in Dallas. Preston Tower.

All share the precious zip code. Every part of the Dallas social structure is interrelated to all the other parts of the social structure. Those same young men have now grown old, rich, and prestigious. That Highland Park address is going to help you in every area — clubs, service organizations, the whole bit. It will also put your kids in the Highland Park school system, which is academically one of the best in the nation.

A million dollars.

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University Park. The multiple components — home, clubs, civic affiliations, church leadership position, status schools for your children — all must be used in concert with each other. This year-old club is almost as prestigious as DCC and hence just about as difficult to. And the home owners pay for that.