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Creative dates Alexandria

We discovered a total of 12 date ideas in or near Alexandria, Louisiana, including 1 fun or romantic activity in nearby cities within 25 miles like Marksville. Interactive exhibits have kids learning about science, engineering, and adult careers while playing with their parents and peers. Visitors can a 16 screen movie theater with stadium seating and high back rocking chairs at The Grand 14 - Alexandria.

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I love this place. for the airport website. You can walk the Mount Vernon Trail in Arlington, or you can head right here for a memorable picnic. If you commute to work which is likely to be a half hour or more!

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Quite possibly my favorite place in the world. I love the access that I have to so many amazing places.

This is also a fantastic proposal spot! Read my full disclosure policy here.

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This is one of our favorite date nights! This is both a powerful and awe-inspiring place that will make you really appreciate one another. You and your date register for free at this websitethen type in the zip code you want to head to. You can for updated information. Meet up in Sky Meadows State Park on ased nights click the link to check the schedule to look at the night sky with both amateur astronomers and astronomers from the observatory. They have dollar nights for every Monday night home game for their websitewhere hotdogs and tickets are each a dollar.

for the Bowl America website. They have ponds and deep woods and the bathrooms are all clean am I the only one that thinks about these things?

We did this not too long ago. Learn how your comment data is processed. And of course… Pack a picnic! Is it a little lame? If you take the Metro up just a few dollars and take the nosebleed seats, you can go to a game very cheaply. This trail winds along the Potomac River and offers breathtaking views and tons of greenery. for more info.

Pack up a picnic, beach chairs or camp chairs and take them out to the airport. You can plan an amazing meal right into your grocery budget. If you look out of the ordinary there is so much for this area to offer you, especially in the name of cheap love! If you have a bit to spend and want to splurge a little! This post may contain affiliate links. I swear I could see duct tape on the door of an overhead plane once.

IKEA is like my vacation home. If you have particularly cool friends, have them meet you with the same. You have 1 hour to spend exactly that amount of money on your partner in gifts. The treasure might be anything from a log book to an Xbox.

I was so excited about this date, I wrote a full write up on it… for that. You can do some of the food prep work ahead of time if it helps. This amazing place is completely free if you do it right! All done by hand. for their website. This develops the same team building skills as the cooking date night and gives you something in addition to just your memories for your money.

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But I love heading to P-nats games. Cooking together is fun, sensual, and builds team work skills which really, team work skills is pretty much essential to a good marriage.

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My dream cooking date night meal would be sweet and sour pork with vegetable eggs rolls, fried rice, fortune cookies and pistachio ice cream. We did that and had a blast. Are you a yogi? for more information. for their movie schedule.

More great date ideas

It can get really hot and crowded there in the summer. Arlington National Cemetery: This is both a powerful and awe-inspiring place that will make you really appreciate one another. You can find their website here.

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These are typically only available in the summer, so plan accordingly and follow the facebook of National Harbor found here and Stonebridge found here for updates. Friends from out of state gasp at how much we paid for a square foot townhouse.

Where they really stand out is free entertainment. Start here! This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Tough week at work?

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Free outdoor movies at tons of places! The reviews say it all. The views from there are stunning and occasionally of accidents on I and both sunset and sunrise will take your breath away. They even have glow in the dark balls! How to Budget New? Great Country Farms is my favorite because they have blueberries!

You can bring a picnic or your own snacks, you can bring the kids this is perfect for a toddlers first movie! If you spread out your blanket and lay down, the planes fly directly over your head closer than you would think! Are the shoes pretty goofy? I should mention that geocaching rules state you must leave something of equal or greater value if you take the treasure.

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Each of you is given an envelope with the exact same amount of cash. We LOVE getting a babysitter and heading here with our best friends for a double date game night. Head over to the sites for Lorton Work House Arts Center and the National Harbor to check for updated information about their free yoga days.

for directions- The link goes to the yelp for the park, which has both directions and the reviews.

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Both are done outside during nice weather and would be a great date! Cosmic bowling is when the lights come down and the glow in the dark features come out. The absolute best time to go is off season we went on an unusually warm day in February and had the time of our lives. Sick of traffic? Geocaching is the epitome of frugal entertainment.

Pack a picnic to bring with you. We spend hours playing monopoly, trivia, risk or even some of the lesser known geek games. Head to Ikea to plan your dream home then stay for hotdogs! Outdoor movies are amazing for so many reasons! If you plan to head up to see the cherry blossoms, take a good camera or at least an iPhone and check out some of the free monuments. This park is right on the shores of the Potomac River and offers beautiful views of the DC monuments. Set yourself up in the grass before sunset and pack a blanket to keep warm.

This is also several beautiful spots for a picnic.

You can get some really cool photos with the planes overhead as well. They have tons of tables and space, a free arcade machine and board games at no cost. Read the full instructions her e but to date, this has been my favorite date night ever!