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Online dating as the standard way to meet someone isn't even news anymore. Nowadays, " We met on Hinge " is far more plausible than "We met at a bar. Still, looking for love online comes with nervousness, catfish paranoia, and doubtful looks from nosy family members.

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She made sure to distance herself from my friend and me. Dolores Pan. Illustration: Randi Pace. Women in technology have made ificant strides with organizations like Women Who CodeAnita Band Tech Ladies that specifically address employment and wage gaps.

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The idea that a woman needs to compete with and put down other women for this currency is a side effect of how men, in fact, decide the court of public opinion even when women may have more power on the dating scene. I thought that perhaps more women in Silicon Valley were a bit introverted or felt uncomfortable with new people who were not in their existing social circles. What do you expect?

We met up with a friend from Caltech who brought along a gaggle of his old undergrad buddies, unsurprisingly all men, as well as one female co-worker who had gone to Columbia, Sarah. As the two sole women at this gathering, we should have shared a bond or, at the very least, not hated the other person without even knowing them.

He told her that he knew I had been dating someone for years. A Christmas party in SOMA in stands out, where there were only two women at the party: a woman named Janet and me.

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More from The Bold Italic Follow. I label the hackathon queen not as a way to critique all women in tech but to document the product of a toxic environment and chronic undervaluing of women. A group of friends and I were all having a lively debate, and I noticed Janet would often roll her eyes whenever I would talk.

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At a time when our nation is confronting its problems with diversity, tech companies continue to foster a male-dominated culture. While the men talked about their careers and their college days, Sarah was elusive and unfriendly. in Get started.

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And they should be proud. When I told her that I was a product manager, she responded that she hated working with the product manager at her company, who she felt took all the credit for engineering work. After an hour, she succeeded in persuading them to help her with a new idea she wanted to pursue and just had to begin that evening. Janet was giving me monosyllabic answers.

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So they left to do just that. Perhaps if more companies invested in hiring and promoting women and in valuing the roles women traditionally occupy in these companies, negative perceptions toward us would change, and the hackathon queen would cease to exist.

Meet silicon valley’s version of ‘the cool girl’

Adrika Singh. Attention, Men! Then pat yourself on the back for…. Sebastian Farmborough. Consumerism Defined: Makeup stores and a Teenage Girl. These are some of the ways the tech sector breeds female hostility. Open in app. We decided to have late-night beers in Dolores Park and get to know each other a little more. in. My most brilliant mentors and closest friends are women in Silicon Valley who encouraged me to pursue my career in product. from The Bold Italic.

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Her response? Get started Open in app. Christina D. Warner in Authority Magazine.

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Most technology companies have a low percentage of female employees, especially in engineering and product. My first encounter with one such queen was whe n I was living in New York and visiting a female friend in San Francisco over the weekend. For hackathon queens, they pride themselves on making it in a field dominated by men. When I spoke with some of the men later, I asked if Sarah was dating one of them or felt threatened.

Rachna Srivastava Parmar. Interactions with women can be limited to talking to your office manager, communications person, or HR rep, which are roles women more frequently occupy in tech. Because women are scarcer in Silicon Valley, we can be seen as a commodity, and male attention can be seen as a type of currency.

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But the problem comes when they take on the hostility aimed toward women despite being a woman themselves. At first, I chalked this up to just one weird encounter.

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So I label the hackathon queen not as a way to critique all women in tech but to document the product of a toxic environment and chronic undervaluing of women. The tech sector breeds female hostility. She would sometimes pull the men away from chatting with us to talk about some urgent issue she was having. When I tried to talk to her, Sarah would physically turn away from me.

As a result, women in these fields spend most of their day sitting next to men, in meetings with men, and working with men.

Like this:

It was just a singular experience, after all. Sameeksha Sabharwal. My friend and I felt a bit awkward but shrugged our shoulders and went out to dinner. Get started. I worried that I sounded stupid or was appearing unfriendly, so I made an effort to ask about her life, her job, and really anything that I could find to pique her interests. These encounters occurred more and more. The idea that women may rest their value and security upon this attention demonstrates how tech culture has provided an unfair and hostile definition of what makes a person important and relevant.

I later overheard her telling her boyfriend that she thought that I was desperately interested in him. Ayushi Tiwari. But after I moved to the Bay Area inthat changed. More From Medium.