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Outstanding in their fields, Women to Watch are leaders, influencers, business owners, executives and mentors. They are women that others look up to and respect for their history of success and perseverance.

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People are more spread out, and large pockets of nature lie between urban centers. On the bright side, as much as Nevada has beautiful deserts, lakes and waterfalls, it also has amazing entertainment and dining hotspots.

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In order to live a full life, I believe one must continually change, improve and develop. These women have shared insights and advice in the following s.

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My husband and I both have demanding careers and we are privileged to be able to work in environments with employers who recognize our value and provide flexibility to allow us the time needed to be engaged parents. We are battle born and our great state was formed to help end the Civil War, slavery and inequality. As a female in the sports industry, you must be able to hold your own, but also be compassionate to others around you. Do not get discouraged with the hard work, you will have people cheering and helping you when you least expect it.

This is a motto I live by, when you are crystal clear on what you value and who you are, your life gets easier. The class of Women to Watch represent this classification of female business executive. It is extremely important to grow with the times and learn to adjust to those you work with. This experience taught me the power of policy and how it impacts the health and well-being of our families, friends and communities.

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Coming to Las Vegas and being part of launching the Vegas Golden Knights — from the logo unveil to engaging with the community — has been a huge accomplishment. When I was a young nurse, I was fortunate to work closely with a progressive and courageous doctor named Betty Tu.

She taught me how to be brave when I felt unsure of myself in challenging times, and she demonstrated a graceful calmness in extremely stressful situations. She taught me everything is possible. There is not an off season in the sports industry. Weekends, nights and holidays can be spent with family, but also with your work family. Without question, my mother.

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When I began in the sports industry, I was around men. She was the most courageous woman of her time, had the most perseverance to accomplish her goals and went on to break many ceilings for women in her life. I love the opportunity to make a difference. After leading three turnaround efforts to success, I know how to take a low performing mess from failing to success.

Her work has had a ificant impact on the southern Nevada community, and she has helped countless Nevada youths with diverse needs as they fight through debilitating illness. My toughest lesson was to learn to not take things personally, and to focus on what I want to accomplish.

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Billie Jean King — she was a legend on the court and made huge strides to lift women up, on and off the court. From a very young age, I knew, whatever I wanted to do, I could, I just had to focus. I love the sports industry because the days are always different.

I was able to unite stakeholders around a focused vision for student success. I found my way to Nevada Health Link, and everything clicked.

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Our state has such an amazing story. The Nevada tax advantages are wonderful too. I loved working for children and their families each day; it never felt like work. Support other women — shine a light on their success and that light will be returned. Chase has supported the northern Nevada community through thoughtful connections between individuals and their homes while serving others on boards and in nonprofits.

Healthcare is a dynamic field with endless opportunities to address big problems. Buck is an advocate for school choice and has worked to create scholarship options and workforce development opportunities for young Nevadans. I hope that when people remember me it is with respect. Keep your perseverance and stamina, while moving forward in the good days and especially, in the bad. I am proud to be leading an amazing team of highly skilled professionals who care deeply for our mission and vision.

There were a good of naysayers that told me Cure 4 The Kids would never succeed. Today offers tremendous opportunity for women in business.

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She has an infectious personality, and it makes her a dynamic and loving mom and human. To this day, when I find myself in difficult situations, she is the voice in my head. Our legacy continues by what we do for others. Korbulic has successfully navigated legislative processes, government red tape and complicated systems to help the community get insured.

Nevada State Senate Senator. I love to be the shining grace of God, breathe life into others, serve the community and network to create amazing connections for others. I love the grit, glamour and mystique that Las Vegas is known for, one that brings millions of tourists to our state. Nevada Health Link Executive Director. I will continue serving others. From northern to southern Nevada, and everything in between, Nevadans are amazing, diverse people. Frank has nearly 20 years of experience in the sports industry.

If your values are clear, your decisions are easy.

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If you could meet any woman in the world, past, present or future, who would you meet? The Women to Watch were chosen by a committee of judges who reviewed their histories, legacies, leadership and careers. When we get out of our own way, we discover just how much power and wisdom we have and then, magic happens. From a very young age I knew I was going to be a teacher.

These women have proven time and again that limits can be pushed and determination is essential to a successful career. I love adventure, travelling, nature, extraordinary homes and extraordinary people. I love everything about this state — especially the bright blue skies and humble nature of the people who live here. To each their own.

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There is an off-season but that is when you plan for in-season. She had over 25 years in hospitality prior to ing the RTC and her experience gave her a solid understanding of how to combine the best of private sector work to the public sector and achieve successes. More recently, she was elected to the Nevada Senate.

Real estate offers the opportunity to do it all.

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I want to leave the world a better place than I found it. Everyone has different preferences, experiences and a different way of doing things. The wins are rewarding but learn from the losses, on and off the playing field. Besides raising two amazing children who I am extremely proud of, to date, my greatest accomplishment has been taking Cure 4 The Kids Foundation from an idea to what is now — an extremely successful and highly complex clinical operation.

I would like to be that change agent to make a difference for a disadvantaged community one more time. Carrie Ann Buck has served 25 years in education. I went to college at Montana State University and moved to Nevada to teach, as they were hiring 1, teachers each year. There will be struggles in life and those who can rise above them like eagles will always persevere through it all. I had the absolute privilege of serving children and their families in many school communities. We are only here for but a wisp of time, and then we are gone.

My career with the state began as a long-term care Ombudsman where I advocated for people who live in nursing homes or group homes. Vegas Golden Knights Foundation President. Sometimes, we are our own worst enemy.

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Someday, I would like to be superintendent of one of the worst districts in America. I would love to meet Amelia Earhart. My mother is one of the strongest examples of a leader I have ever met. Nevada has the best of both worlds — vibrant urban settings and diverse outdoor spaces — which makes it ripe for adventure for almost anyone who visits or lives here. I truly enjoy tackling big problems that others feel are not solvable or too overwhelming to try. She has a passion for real estate and her organization has been recognized globally. It was amazing to see what she was able to accomplish.

I live for and love that work of making a difference for children and their families. I followed her career from college through my early years. Since moving here nearly 15 years ago, Heather Korbulic has dedicated her career to helping Nevadans in the healthcare space. The connection to the land constantly reveals hidden treasures that one would not find anywhere else.

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Congratulations to all of the Women to Watch. She is still helping women in sports today. You are multitasking every day. Nevada Business Magazine and City National Bank are proud to recognize your achievements and contributions. I plan to take these lessons and grow my skill sets to focus on my strengths while also improving my weaknesses. Annette Logan-Parker has worked in healthcare for over 30 years and helped start the Cure 4 the Kids foundation, an organization dedicated to supporting children with cancer and catastrophic diseases. My next project goes hand in hand with Cure 4 The Kids Foundation.

I love all of Nevada and I love serving all Nevadans. These differences make the universe so much more interesting and make every experience a learning opportunity.

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The Pinecrest Foundation President. She knows how to build and energize teams, work with diverse groups of people and have fun all along the way.