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Information displayed under the search program is immediately updated whenever a change is made to the record by the Division of Corporations, Business and Professional Licensing.

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Why does my school bus expire in 5-years? These include a valid passport, a valid military ID, and some forms of tribal IDs. TSA list available here.

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This new de incorporates cutting edge security and other features, including:. However, this type of CDL can only be used for official federal purposes while Alaska has an extension from DHS and ends on the federal enforcement date of May 3, Duplicate means: An exact copy of what was issued before the law change A card reissued to update personal information not considered an upgrade or change to commercial privileges.

In accordance with Alaska Statute Were you born in Alaska and need a copy of your birth certificate?

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Federal and state regulations continue to require the check at 5-year intervals, regardless of the duration of the CDL. Starting December 20,the expiration date of the hazardous materials endorsement will appear on the reverse side of the CDL. A new threat assessment check plus issuance of a duplicate CDL is required to retain the endorsement. Want to know what documents to bring with you? Starting January 2nd,state law requires all new CDLs to be federally compliant.

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Beginning May 3,non-compliant cards will no longer be valid identification to enter federal facilities, access military bases, and to board commercial airplanes. All applicants for a compliant card, including current Alaska card holders, must apply in-person and provide DMV with source documentation, even if it was ly submitted: Proof of Identity Proof of U. For a complete list of the Fees. The Alaska Real ID is not mandatory.

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Submit the request form with the appropriate documentation and fee to receive a copy of your certificate for a REAL ID-complaint. Visit www.

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Back to Top Minimize Menu. These credentials will now be produced using a highly secure substrate called polycarbonate.

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. Please see a comprehensive list of acceptable TSA identification here. As a card material, polycarbonate is the most durable substrate on the market today, and it houses the most level 1 security features — giving your card the highest barrier of defense against counterfeiting and attacks. Can I still get on base and fly with my current or ID? Please check with the federal facility or military base before you visit.

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Check out our online Real ID Checklist. Whether online, in line, or by mail, your DMV is faster, friendlier, and more accessible than ever before.

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For example: change of name change of address addition or removal of general driving restrictions e. Stick with the standard CDL in hand knowing that it can't be used to access federal facilities past May 3, but is otherwise valid until expiration. Were you born in another state and need a copy of your birth certificate?

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